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Proof that Brittney Spears is a Republican.

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 09:09 AM
By 2006, Republicans had lost both houses of the Government.

2008, Republicans lost the Presidency.

Since the majority of the public have voted Republicans out of office, you would think it would be obvious the majority of the public is not buying what the Republican party is selling.

So, you would think it would be time for the Republican party to step back and do a serious analysis of why the majority of the public has abandoned the party. Hopefully that would lead to them reorganizing their party into something the public will buy in the future.

So, is the Republican following this obvious path?

Not no. But HELL NO! They have decided instead to continue along their path of self destruction with a vengeance.

They would rather watch our beloved country go down in flames than to make an attempt to help a Democratic President / Congress try and turn our country’s downturn around.

So, the R.N.C. Chairman says that Rush Limbaugh is JUST a radio talk show host. Rush complains. 51 minutes later the R.N.C. Chairman feels obligated to publicly apologize to Rush. So, who really IS the R.N.C. Chairman then, Michael Steele or Rush Limbaugh?

As it turns out 89% of the public thinks that Rush is nothing more than a blithering idiot. And the head of the Republican party feels obligated to apologize to him for suggesting He’s not REALLY the leader of the Republican party?

Now, the Democratic party is taking up this issue and making every attempt to help further the idea that Rush actually IS the leader of the Republican party. If they can convince the 89% of the public that thinks Rush is an idiot that the Republican party considers Him their leader, then there is no way Republicans could hope to get back into power for the foreseeable future.


So, now what?

If the R.N.C is not allowed to chide their illustrious leader Rush, how can they hope to divert all this negative attention from themselves?

Easy, call in a favor from a fellow Republican.

Republican Party:
“Brittney, can you help us out here? We need something to take the media attention from our bungling idiot cohorts”

“Dude, no problem. I have a concert tomorrow night. I’ll flash some beaver and “accidently” say something nasty when I “think” my mic is off. The media will be off you guys for at least a month.”

Cue the voice over guy that sounds like Cartman:
“AHHHHHH, my p@#%$’s hanging out.”

Republican party (next day):
OMG. Brittney. You saved the day.”

2 + 2 = 4.

Therefore, Britney HAS to be a Republican!

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