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Fuzzy Thinking And Possible Outcomes

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 12:56 PM
This is my first post...go light.

As has been discussed, there is a severe divide in philosophy regarding what is and is not reality. I propose that everything is a degree of said reality, and that there are no real absolutes. Aristotle was wrong, something can be both A and not -A at the same time. Things are neither true or false, but rather a degree of both. This "fuzzy thinking" views the world in shades of gray rather than in black and white. (Unity.)

So, in that vein, I have decided to attend a free "Weight loss and stop smoking" mass hypnotherapy session. I have no real conviction regarding the pending success of this endeavor. It may work, it may not, it may work to a degree.

It forces the consideration of why it may/may not work.


1. Could the sound vibrations be having an impact on genetic expression?

2. Could the shared "consciousness" of the group contribute to subliminal acceptance of the ideas?

3. To what extent do sound waves, energy, and group consiousness contribute to individual "evolution" (remember your fuzzy thinking) of thought and self?

4. Is group consciousness really vastly powerful, although immeasurable, and is the work of Princton's GCP (see tons of other threads) really just the smallest tip of the iceberg in this reguard?


1. Could an unconscious unwillingness to accept ideas prevent the change from occuring?

2. We are all operating within our own, well defined context sets. Some can be shared and some cannot. Could a lack of shared context prevent success?


Shared consciousness is playing a major role in eveything that happens. The bit that is measurable is well documented and scientific. When we examine the success of mass-meditations and their outcomes, annother justification for this possibility is found.

The DNA of the single cell bacterium E-coli containes enough information to fill all of the books in any of the world's largest libraries. That is a lot of information! What knowledge we have gained regarding our own DNA indicates that there is the possibility for change. What if our genetic code is really the much larger information system participating in shared consciousness? Modern information theory recognizes genetic code as language, and what of "JUNK DNA"? What else about us is undiscovered?

Key to this argument is that the message of DNA is independant of the medium, (chemical make-up), for what does A(adenine), T(thymine), C(cytosine) and G (guanine) have to do with the content of our DNA? Nothing.

It is possible that our genetic make-up is in a constant state of change, and that when we examine it we are looking at a moment in time of genetic expression. (All things possible).

We know that there are many variables that affect genetic make-up. Of course there are things that have an impact that are as of yet unidentified. What might those other factors be? What of conscious intention and its role in the future of mankind?

As is the nature of "fuzzy thinking" there are more questions than answers. If the hypnotherapy works, I will still not know why. If it does not work, I will not know why. If I am open enough to active intention, do I even need to try hypnotherapy? Hmmmm....

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 10:56 AM
All right, horrible OP. Well, I have a response to myself: if EVERYTHING is a relative shade of gray, then there is the inverse possibility: global consciousness does not exist. There is no shared experience changing our metaphysical destiny. Hypnosis is for the weak, and it only ever works for people that will BELIEVE in its power, because they don't believe in themselves.

If all things are interconnected, then they must also be seperate. Existensialism is a lie, and the God of books (Bible, Koran...) is worthy of our worship. What harm in that? (wars/opression in the name of God excepted).

We have already uncovered all we need to know about genetics. If we don't yet know something, it is probably not that important. There is no link between our DNA and our counsciousness evolution, because maybe we are not evoloving.

I will still be going to the mass hypnosis. Einstein said "I have no particular tallent, I am merely inquisitive."

I am really not trying to assert that things are "set". In fact, the ideas I expressed in this OP are really a set of possibilities, and this is really how I view the world. Possibilities.

I thought this would be RIPPED TO SHREDS, not ignored. Oh well, I guess in the true nature of fuzzy thinking dictates that there is no projected outcome. For what will the NOW hold, if not the NOW?

I'll write someting a bit more firm and concise for my next attempt.

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