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Amaterasu's The Abundance Paradigm: The Introduction (NEW!)

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 10:52 AM
I have tweaked my book, adding an introduction, correcting a typo, and making a few clarifications. I was hoping to merely replace the file out on the ATS Media server, but it looks like that may not be an option.

So rather than delete what is there and repost the work, I figured I would offer the introduction here, and if any want the whole, updated file and are brave enough to U2U an email address, I will provide the newer version.



To my reader, fellow Individual of Sentience,

I am finding it hard to reconcile what I see of people around me with what I see in the world.

Around me there are people who just want to get business done, to be left alone or to get together and shift consciousness.

Some groups shift consciousnesses in the spiritual vibration of shared dogma, others within the love and trust of the people they’re with. Some choose the common vibration of a drug. Bars are a prime example, as are groups of friends passing around a joint.

And yet there are a relative few who are choosing to suggest that war is a solution. War on Drugs as much as War on Iraq. War is only a “solution” if there is money to be made. And though a Human heart would go to all costs to find a solution that did not justify a war, a Lizard heart would try to find a profit in war.

What I tried to do in my book is present why the differences between those I see day to day exist as they do, compared to people who choose to profit from war.

Some of what I present will sound “out there,” I assure you, but I used these aspects to convey to you, my cherished reader, what we on our planet are now – and JUST now – in our history, capable of doing if we just…got the word out, and did it.

The Terra Papers, Gary McKinnon, the effort to “sanitize” the internet, and all other such specifics I bring up are on the internet, and I saw that they could explain things very well around me, and also saw the opportunity to build a solution around what I had with those data to consider.

The truth of these sources is yours to judge. Type them into search engines and you will find them – Gary is video, and the Papers are at All I’m saying is that it does make sense. And I think we can make abundance happen, the truth of some things notwithstanding.

As for the efforts to take over the internet, read internet news and you will see stories about it in a number of places, with details you can look up.

The level of robotics is where we are at. Yes, now. The “locust-brained” robot exists. (That in quotes, because it is measured data from the impulses recorded from a locust and then used in the programming. NOT a real locust brain! [grin]) And I recently watched an awesomely nimble robot that righted itself, as it moved around, even after being kicked and nearly losing it. Just like a critter.

So I conclude that we have arrived.

The assertion that this planet has plenty comes from the fact that if each individual was given ¼ acre of land in Australia, there would still be a good chunk of Australia left over. And I thought, well, sure, not every ¼ acre is good to support a human off of – though a great many are – but then there’s the whole rest of the world.

Combine this with energy from the plenum, and abundance shows its basic nature in the Universe.

So if you find things in my story hard to accept, understand that what I show you can be ours whether the “odd” things are true or not.

All I might ask of you, my dear reader, is to immerse yourself in the first two chapters, enjoying the scenery – put yourself in the experience – and brace yourself for The Diary in Chapter Three.

Then ask yourself when you are done reading what it is you would do if all transportation and tools were at your disposal, within informed willingness. Play an instrument? Play games? Sail on the seas? Make a comic book? Climb the Andes? Program a robot (open source, mais oui)? Box in a ring? None of these? All of them?

And then, if you understand the value of my book, allow it to touch many others.

Thank you for reading.


(My book is linked in my sig.)


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