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The Gatekeepers of Dimensions - "Insiders"

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 10:45 AM
I have noticed an "Insider" trend - well, not trend with only three examples that I'm aware of, perhaps, so maybe "outbreak" might be a better term. These are posts from ones who claim to be part of the Families that run this planet. I only recently became aware of the three outbreaks, and I am in the process of studying them.

I got to one question asked (well, comment, really), and the response, and felt I needed to respond in forum, since this conversation took place last October. Here is the question and its answer:

“Unfortunately, its connotations also alleviate the 'NWO' of most accusations.”

That depends upon your perspective. Does it alleviate the Negativity we have perpetuated? No. Does it alleviate the pain and suffering we have caused, and are causing upon the planet? No.

Does it alleviate that we are closing our End Game scenario, and soon to openly come out and offer publically to "save" the failing political and financial institutions with our esteemed Leadership? No.

Does that mean that you should give into and feed the Negativity? No.

Does it alleviate that we will have to spend a Cycle in Karmic restitution, to balance this lifetime of overt Negativity? No.

Does it mean that you should use the Negativity as the tool that it is, to show you that which you are not? Yes.

Remember, always, that this is a beautiful Game that we are playing here and co-creating together, with our Infinite Creator. And that "off stage" (between lives) we are the very best of friends, and that no one really "dies" and no one really "suffers", except in the Game. The Game is not Reality. Reality is Reality, and you have the Power to Express your Reality within the Game, once you have learnt how to do so.

(From: )

Now, I say that the End Game is still uncertain. I know I bring a pardigm of "salvation" in the eleventh hour, but this is when I was given to bring it. The fact is that, as Humans, we have the right to take control of this planet's resources, given our royal heritage. We carry Ea's blood.

This does not mean we are above the Lizard Hearted, you who would "harvest" us, but that we are not beneath you either. And I would offer peace and abundance to each of you as I would offer it to all of any blood. I have to ask you, being as I am that "not," that positive you admit you work against, is it not positive to settle this in peace if I can?

As long as the Law is kept, that of no harm to others, no taking or damaging others' property, and no fraudulent behavior...we will interact with you as equals. Get on with your lives, and we'll get on with ours once we have established the best uses of what we have.

This is what I say to you as First Ascended Queen Human of Eridu. It is my goal, for all here now, to bring this different end to the game. I speak from my reality.

Why should I care that you want this harvest when I believe it unnecessary?

Meanwhile, in my study of these outbreaks, I see truth mixed with lie, for though you tell us the truth that we can make our own choices, you give us no direction. Direction, of course would allow us to change radically what you are aimed at. And you reinforce the concepts that have enslaved us here for so long.

I wrote my book, and truth be told, I had been awaiting its arrival all my life, only realizing my purpose was to write a book specifically a few years ago. I wrote it because I could see so well the Game, and knew that there had to be a better solution. I spent my years trying to formulate that solution.

My style may not appeal, and I may show signs of my novicehood, the beginning may seem too slow - but I ask that you chill and enjoy what you see, and wait for The Diary in Chapter Three - and the ending too fast, but my book brings what I see as another solution to this end we're at.

So... I guess in my own humble way, some might call me a Lightworker, but I think of myself as one much to Earth.

I ask people to read my book, passing it on, and make thier subsequent choices based on what they took from my offering. That is all I can do. It addresses exactly what you offered here, and shows how the Royal Family of Humans take their collective step into the Throne of Eridu.

Really, I am one of a most beautiful and loving species, but for the pressures and pains of living in a money economy. If I can shift it over to a resource economy to the benefit of Our Royal Selves, as Humans, in a peacful and respectful manner, not only do *I* win, we all do. And frankly, I believe that with an honest effort, and not money interests driving what our race reaches for, we will be astounding.

I think it is wretched that we are told, again and again, that we are so low on the Galactic Society level and we must wait "billions of years" to arrive at what I describe in my book. "We are so far behind..."

Well I don't buy it. I can look at what is before me in this world and it is extremely clear that things on the books don't balance with what I see in this world. Not by a long shot. So I know someone's hookwinking Humans.

So I'm asking all concerned to read my book. And I may seem a pest at times, and if so, I apologize. But you see, there isn't much time for this to blossom in the infosphere.

And if this is the Game - which I am inclined to believe is so - personally, I like playing "good," and so that's what I'm playing. The Game isn't beautiful if there is no chance for beauty. And I'm counting on leaders to emerge.

Who's with me? (Disregard this last question if it's in any way seen as a violation of the T&C. All ya gotta do is read my book and think about things. I'll count that as "with me," as it really is, in a manner of speaking. And I am here as the messenger. It's my job.)

The further we spread the idea that we can benefit all/all benefit - a simultaneous serving of Self and Others - the more likely we are to succeed, and this is why I pester. Time is of the essence.

On the basis of ethics, let Individuals of Sentience free.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:01 AM
Have you ever heard of the term "Lightwarrior"?

I am curious since you mentioned "Lightworker"...

Good post BTW. Unfortunately a lot of this 'new age' stuff doesn't get much attention, as I believe it should.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:57 AM

Have you ever heard of the term "Lightwarrior"?
I am curious since you mentioned "Lightworker"...
Good post BTW. Unfortunately a lot of this 'new age' stuff doesn't get much attention, as I believe it should.

All "Lightworker" stuff is BS. Seriously- most of the people who spread "love and light" are horrible, ego driven, materialistic dark selfish souls.

If you really want to make a difference in the world- stop meditating and astral projecting and start by joining a soup kitchen, volunteering for hospice, or helping run fundraising to help fight human disease.


[edit on 4-5-2009 by xynephadyn]

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 04:58 PM
A lot of what people are now calling "new age" is really just rehashing of what was the old age biblically. The Pharacees were the first sunworshippers, and Nimrod was the first to attempt to build a new world order, and God destroyed him. We are now witnessing the "new" phase to an old game, which is world dominance. In the days of old, people traded animals, skins, furs, grown food, etc for stuff they needed from others. Money was not even a thought back then. An economic system and fiat currency is not a new idea. I think the chinese were the first to try and make paper money work, and they failed miserably. The op's thread is a good read and should be an eye-opening train of thought for us all, for we are the ones who control our destiny, not some tinhorn who has the means to print out more and more paper money that is worthless! Satan deceived adam and eve, and this writing points directly to that, not adam and eve persay, but to the guise of "deceitfullness". Being negative is the new positive, which is the message that is hidden in the new age teachings of today. The only way to balance the innersanctums of this world will be when people stand up and begin taking responsibility for their actions! When people stop drinking and taking drugs so they always have a crutch to fall back on, then we might be on the road to recovery! But until then, the road to destruction has no speed limit, and we're all on the same bus!

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