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ET's replied to SETI

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 04:36 AM

Originally posted by Mortal Monk
reply to post by DaMod

That picture puzzle thing is interesting. However, there is still little evidence on it. I would like to see that crop signal from an aerial view from the sky instead of pictures of a drawing.

If that picture is real then it would be amazing.

Here is a link with some aerial photos of bouth Chilbolton 2001 and
Crabwood 2002.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 05:13 AM
reply to post by SaviorComplex

Okay, torches would work (flashlights) but surely someone would see them? And most circles appear overnight, as I am sure this particulr one did. Would you not need a large number of people to do so? You have a problem with traces left behind by the makers.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by Clear

Not at all.

If you think about it, Humans are idiots compared to aliens. If they wanted to show themselfs to us, no government on Earth could stop that information coming out...simply because they would have appeared in a massive scale.

To me, you are far away, we don't have any contact. Still, we are on the same continent. To aliens that's like crossing the street... If they appear, they know what global scale is...

But it's possible that they did respond, and sent it only to someone specific (at these days, I don't even trust SETI), and that person was silenced, or was even working with the government.

UFO community must do a refresh on the best theories around the world. I mean, we are talking about (like someone said) doodling on the ground, when we ALSO claim that aliens CRASHED in 1947 in the middle of the desert...

If they came down flying, passing "intergalactic police radars", speeding like mad aliens, and crashing on Earth, wouldn't they know, by now, we are here? We have radios and machines and all sorts of technology...

If most of us believe in Roswell, why are we even debating this crop-circles/formations?

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 07:17 AM
Did you ever think that maybe there is another Sun (smaller if we could see it) hidden behind our Sun and Planets that go in the opposite direction and we are a mirror image to one another.

Food for thought

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 07:22 AM
Just been looking at the Circle Makers website. For this particular circle they make no claim of creating it themselves. Neither do they take responsibility for some other very interesting ones in that year.

A lot of people ask, "If aliens are real why haven't they just shown up somewhere important for everyone to see?" My reply has always been to inform them of the three day "flap" by multiple UFO's over Washigton D.C. in 1952. I tell them that we have been allowed to forget what was radio news around the globe then. It doesn't matter what someone today says about the event then, it has been hushed so we forgot.

When the English sailed to other continents and met Indigenous people they spoke to them like little children, drew sand pictures, etc, and basically tried everything they could think of to open communications. Well, prior to shooting them of course.

So, maybe if this particular crop circle was made by Aliens then they might be trying to communicate with what they think is far less intelligent, and trying like the old English to communicate.

Why should Alien technology, if it exists, be free from glitches? None of our's ever is, so perhaps tech is tech everywhere in our universe and it stuffs up at times?

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 09:35 AM
Hey hey, I not saying that their tech would be free from glitches, how could I know? What I ment was why they did not send the reply to, let's say, SETI, can have been because they wanted the reply to be open for everyone who was interested and had an eye out. Also, I think they know how this world is run so if it were their purpose to lay out some hints or whatever, they wouldn't do it towards anyone specific.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 09:42 AM

Originally posted by DaMod
Daisy did you read the article and look at the data?

Sorry for not responding sooner, but yes I did read the article.

I've seen magic tricks, and just because I cant figure out how they did it, I don't feel I need to go around and accuse them of witchcraft or sorcery, just they have a way of doing what they do without letting the cat out of the bag.
It's exactly the same for the people who do crop circles.

I appreciate crop circles for what they are, a work of art, or vandalism depending on your mindset, and not for who could have done them

New Crop Circle

Its a crop circle

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by Tayesin
Okay, torches would work (flashlights) but surely someone would see them?

Not necessarily. They were some distance away from the array and would have been obscured by the crop.

Originally posted by Tayesin
And most circles appear overnight, as I am sure this particulr one did.

As far as I know, there is no information on that. And there is a difference between someone noticing it for the first time and "appearing overnight."

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by observe50

Well, you can always assume the conspiracy theory that we don't know what space agencies/governments really know... Not all of us are experts on looking up to the sky and knowing what we really are watching (and that explanation actually covers a lot of UFO sightings).

BUT, still, there are enough people around the world that can tell you how our planetary system works.

It's impossible that there is another sun on our system. Why? Gravity. It's mathematicly proven that there is a massive celestial body in the center of each solar system, and that imense body captures the other objects around it. So, if you had ANOTHER sun, we wouldn't have the day/night sequence that we have, nor even the year or planetary seasons that we have, and with most certain, we would see that other sun.

reply to post by Tayesin

In theory, I actually agree with you.

But, think it this way...

In that era, there was that infamous radio show, based on the "War of the Worlds" that made people think we're being invaded by aliens.

Although we can assume that after that people started loosing grip of that kind of news (even if they were "real"), we would still have the records, and ufologist would have picked it up, in the same way they did with a lot of other reports.

Adding to that point, that back then people weren't that familarized with UFO and aliens, any sort of public exposure would have caught a LOT of attention.

Besides... There weren't that much of network channels, and the ammount of news restricted to the very important.

And I have my own opinion about aliens showing to humanity. They are intelligent, and they can assume (the same way we think of obvious ways to show ourselfs to other civilizations) a way of showing up without getting forgot or unoticed.

But, it's all very vague. My bet is that they actually showed up, and provably even made contact, but that contact was silenced by government agencies back then...

Although it's not a serious example, the movie M.I.B. actually throws a very plausible cenario, actually supported by a lot of reports of people that they were "silenced" by MIB's.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:15 AM
That looks like the Raiders of the Lost Ark game from the Atari 2600.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:49 AM
I have to agree a star in a mirror sort of revolution would not be plausible. A planet on the other hand could be possible. If you look at the way the moon revolves around us you notice it's always facing the same direction (ergo we cant see the dark side. I know everyone knows that) so a planet in a synchronous orbit with us (or slightly varied) could be possible I suppose. There are more far fetched ideas out there.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by DaMod

I think that this crop circle is overlooked by people or they don't realize it's significance. It's such an awesome deal. I never heard about it in the mainstream of course. The whole crop circle phenomenon is a big deal. It's a definite communication from E.T. Thanks for the post.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:14 AM
The 'official' response from SETI.
Official response.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:21 AM

Originally posted by riggs2099

Originally posted by _Phoenix_
reply to post by riggs2099

It's also a little bit idiotic to assume we know ANYTHING at all about how aliens would think, what they look like, and exactly what subjects they are intelligent with?

[edit on 10-3-2009 by _Phoenix_]

Exactly....humans would put crap in why would beings who would be more intelligent than us do it. They have to be more intelligent other wise how did they get here.

Well my point was, we don't know how they think. Maybe they are more intelligent with travel, but not intelligent with human social skills

It's impossible to guess how they communicate etc. Unless of course you have met one.

Maybe they are shy, afraid, maybe they can't communicate through physical form, or even talk, maybe symbols and pictures is how they communicate? See where I'm going? We can't really dismiss anything, because we have no idea what aliens look like or how they think.

[edit on 11-3-2009 by _Phoenix_]

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_
Maybe they are shy, afraid, maybe they can't communicate through physical form, or even talk, maybe symbols and pictures is how they communicate?

And yet they can pick up the Arecibo Message but not reply the same way? That doesn't make any sense at all.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_
reply to post by riggs2099

It's also a little bit idiotic to assume we know ANYTHING at all about how aliens would think, what they look like, and exactly what subjects they are intelligent with?

I see a lot of opinion about aliens based off what we see from human nature. But we really just have no idea.

They will be more intelligent than us in respects to their abilities. We send a radio signal and they send us a message back in the form of a crop formation? A sense of humour is a fine quality in a being lol We can crush your corn from here so

They are intelligent enough to build a radio receiver that can receieve our radio signals so I'm ASSUMING they've built a transmitter too. Why build a receiver withou a transmitter? I mean even these advanced aliens may have at some point used this as a means of communication of some sorts, transmission of data... so being these advanced aliens wouldn't it be prudent to send a message back by the same method?

Why is it predominantly England these messages appear? Why not the original source? I mean if they can send a message from light years away into a binary coded image by clinically "heating and folding and forming" corn, flattening it then surely they can get it to the sender?

It's not about things from a human perspective. it's about logic. They would want their reply to reach it's destination. So, would it be a radio signal? Well they know we've the technology, or crop formations....oh how do they know we have crops? We may be carniverous... there's so many holes in this thread I'm going trawling for fish.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by azureskys
reply to post by zorgon

It might not take so long if traveling through a black hole,
Or by some other means, as we really don't know everything.

Light can't escape from a Black Hole so what makes you think a radio signal would? I'm sure Black Holes are to enter and not for leaving. And you're right we don't know everything but what we do know is that this thread, this crop formation is the work of hoaxers...unless the aliens copied it from a book?

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:04 PM
"They are intelligent enough to build a radio receiver that can receieve our radio signals so I'm ASSUMING they've built a transmitter too. Why build a receiver withou a transmitter?"

No offense, but that is the funniest quote I've read on ATS in a while...

Who, exactly, are "they" and WHEN did "they" build a radio receiver?
Why build a radio receiver?

Why assume that they would even recognize radio waves, which are native to earth, created by a species that has a rather underdeveloped sense of hearing (even relative to other earth species')?

See...that's the type of little detail that people always want to ignore...the idea that aliens would/could communicate with us using human conventions is patently ridiculous. It assumes that they're basically a lot like us, with eyes, ears, noses, etc. Often people are content to assume they speak English too, and can respond to us in English. People also often assume they are carbon-based lifeforms, like us. My favorite is the baseless assumption that aliens would HAVE DNA, when we have no reason to believe that amino acids exist anywhere besides planet earth. For all we know they could be completely inorganic...hell, they may not even have physical bodies!! It's not something that should blow your mind to consider, though I understand it's a lot more fun to believe that aliens may have encoded a message in a crop circle, using human conventions like spatial measurements, atomic tables, and number sequences............ridiculous.

I keep repeating this - but I thought we were supposed to DENY IGNORANCE here on ATS. Well....let's start by reading and thinking more critically, huh?

Perhaps there should be another forum for people who want to perpetuate science fiction...but mature discussions of phenomena like "alien life" necessitate letting go of childish ideas, and thinking critically...

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:14 PM

Originally posted by DaMod
Too many nay sayers. I posted this to provide a piece of interesting information. Obviously some of you didn't read the article. It wasn't about staring at the data it was about the data being not only in the same format as the way it was sent but modified to their specifications. People assume everything is a hoax. Plus when your that close to a radio array that people work at every single day its hard to pull that off over a few nights with it going un-noticed.

Comparison image of our broadcast and this crop circle.

Better view.

When it shows what planets they are from, ours is obviously the 3rd one which is earth, but what if they show that they inhabit the 3rd, 4th, and 5th planets in their solar system which just so happen to have the same amount of planets as ours.sooo.....

What if they are from here and they inhabit Earth ( 3rd), Mars (4th), and Jupiter ( 5th)......

It even shows the 5th as being different from the 3rd and 4th planet, jut like in our solar system we have rocky and what we think are gas planets.

There is more information to get out of this than initially meets the eye. Keep digging

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:23 PM
This really blew my mind when I read about it here on ATS awhile back. I really want this to be true.

Originally posted by waveguide3
I think they should stop wasting millions of dollars running the SETI telescope array and start making crop circles straight away. ET seems to understand those far better than radio communication.


reply to post by waveguide3

LOL! You know you're right! IMO, if aliens are responsible for crop circles (clearly not ALL, but some), they respond in such a manner, because this is how ancient human beings attempted communication with them, i.e. Nazca lines... Maybe they think this is more easily understood and gets their message out to more than just scientists via electronic/signal communications. Who knows!

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