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Some may need to read this, some may need to post here, or not

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:33 AM
I'm going to describe as much as i can about what is
happening on my life on this thread, i hope this can be
used as a sorts of a dreams/experiences/really-don't-get-it diary, not
only by me, but by those who happen to have similar or related
dreams/experiences/really-don't-get-it to the ones i will be describing
here. but first, a little introduction to what all this thread is all about:

I can't sleep, i've been unable to sleep since about
8 or 9 months ago, i sleep about 2 or 3 hours at
most, i don't get tired, i can spend all night up
and then on the morning i feel ok, go about my usual
affairs, sometimes i sleep, but seems to be more
because i feel nostalgic about dreaming, than because
i really need it. i feel peaceful, happy most of
the time, but this is not entirely true, there are
several things that worry me, several things that
destroy that happines, and i feel them as something
that is coming from the exterior, i don't feel it
inside me, like when you feel sad or depressed, you
know that feeling very well, it comes from inside
you, it eats your happines from within, but this is
not like that at all, this comes from the outside.

I can feel something very wrong happening right
now, on earth or everywhere, really couldn't
say, there are times i am very sensible, i listen
to the earth, the air, the people's feelings, there
are times that my mind 'opens'(lately, it happens
every other night), and then chaos invades my
soul, so to speak, i can feel a lot of chaos, there's
definitely something very wrong right now, and i
don't think i am the only one who can feel this, i
think there are thousand of people who know exactly
what i am talking about, and this is not the first
time i have sensed it, there have been other
times, not all of them related to physical events
happening on this world, but some of them did happen
at the same time or very close to events that changed
our reality somehow.

The reason i can't sleep is this, once i get to
sleep, i will be able to 'see', and although
sometimes i can take it and understand, other
times, it is overwhelming, i can't cope with it,
i just don't feel that strong yet, so i have to
avoid seeing, sometimes, after i have posted
some of my experiences and/or dreams, you will
understand what i mean by 'see', but pretty much
it is something like this, when i close my eyes, all
the usual descriptions of what people
describes as astral travel or whatever they call
it, all those things happen to me, very easy, so
much easy that sometimes i don't even realize it
until 'its too late'
which means, i don't control
it, it just happens, always.

I can tell you what has happened with me, i use to
be able to see and understand, and i was strong enough
to deal with it, no matter what was and no matter what
i use to feel at those moments, but i rejected it, i
forced myself to live an ordinary life, rejecting all
those visions, images, feelings, whatever, i got tired
of it all, really tired, i screamed to the earth and
the heaven, i screamed to all those entities i could
feel on the streets, on my house, on my friends
houses, i yelled at them to leave me alone, and then
i went and lived a 'normal', peaceful life.

I went to the movies, to the country side a lot, tasted
and enjoyed each and every drink out there, smoked,
practiced alternative sports and other not that
alternative, got into accidents, almost died one or two
times, read a thousand books, forgot about the spiritual
world, learned to talk to people as if i was the same, no
paranormal stuff, no spiritual anything, nothing, just a
plain, simple, boring, regular life, as boring and plain
as anyone you can meet on the street, with regular things
to worry, pay the rent, buy some shoes, pay bills, gotta
left some money for fun and gas, buy some food if there's
some more money left, gotta send some money home, etc etc.

And then, after about 5 or 6 years of having fun living a
normal life, it has come back, on its own, now i can't
get out of it, or to put it other way, it has gotten
back, and i can't turn it off, no matter what i do, it
just doesn't turn off, i can feel it, always, no matter
what i am doing, i can feel this coming way too strong
and overwhelming, over me and over everyone i can feel near me.

Now the thing is, somehow i have remembered something i
wasn't supposed to have forgotten in the first place, and
now that i'm awake, i am not as strong as i should be to
handle all of these things, seems like i messed up on the
way, lost on the ordinary life without any real worries and just
having fun and not caring about the rest of the world.

Time seems to be running out, for something, somewhere, that
seem will be happening soon, and the worst thing is, i don't
have a clue where, when, and what i have to do, if anything
at all, or what someone else has to do, or we all together,
really, i don't have a single little tiny bit of a clue on what to
do about all this, and that's funny because i feel and share
the worry with some other people, but we all seem to be on
the same spot, totally on the dark and without any clue on
how to turn on the light.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:36 AM
So now that i have explained all that stuff, i will follow
with some of my latest experiences, also will relate some
dreams, and then i hope everyone that sees this, can say
something or share some of their own experiences, and
hopefully we will get to something here.

I believe i joined ATS about one year ago, give or take a
few weeks/month, the main reason was just to look around and
waste some time, but also there was this same reason, to
try and seek some knowledge and maybe find someone who
actually understood and knew about all this things, i
usually don't post, i don't care about people who rip their
skin off because of some dumb issue that nobody really cares
about, so i usually just read a few posts and then go away
to something else, lately i have been posting more but, following
my policy of "shut your mouth and let the others speak and kill
each other, have fun watching it all", i avoid talking too much
about all these things i am talking right now, i just don't feel
compelled to open a thread and have 300 pages of madness, just
because of some crazy guy who posted a lot of nonsense about how he's
ready for the loony house, in fact i have posted two or three
thread, none of them of any use to anyone and i really don't care, i
just did it because i was bored and well, just because

But anyway, since i really don't care, why not post it already and
get over with it? so here i am, also, i want to remind everyone i
am posting this thread because as i was saying on my first
post, there seems to be something very wrong, i can feel it, i
know lots of people here do so as well, and there doesn't seem to be anyone who knows what's up, time seems to be running out, and we gotta do something, at least, try to understand what's going on maybe?

I know there are those who speak as if they were enlightened, but
no, most of them, don't have a clue, and for those people, please post
on this thread as much as you can, as i have said other times, i invite
you to taint your soul, it is free to do, we all have the right to do it, we all suffer within ourselves once we have lied, and once we get use to lie, we all enjoy it as much as the next guy.

For the people who know what they are talking about and have seen
and keep seing, please also come here post as much as you feel is
right, i wil be glad you did and will thank your for that.

For those out there who know the answers but will keep it to themselves, its ok, we know you know, we know you can't say, we know you are not
saying because you may not not be allowed, but if you can, post something, not need to be the truth, plain and terrifying, just clue us into it, we will not want everything spoonfeed to us, but instead, give us a light,
and we will manage to understand how to turn it on.

I have prewritten this text on a text editor, so formatting may not
be the usual from ATS, my apologies for that, but i have experienced
in the past software crashes and/or net failures that take all the info
to the void, so i use an external editor and saved this on the hd before
posting here.

Ok so much blah blah, now i will get to business, by the way, i am writing this on the go, so expect a little while before next post, these posts will be
rather long, don't fall asleep! yet.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:53 AM
Kaifan I think there are many of us who are feeling this, having dreams of catastrophe and chaos, I mentioned on a thread earlier tonight about waking up yesterday about 4 hours into my sleep with a feeling of dread so strong, I checked my phone to see if some terrible call had come about a family member then checked the news to see if something catastrophic had occured, and this has become typical behaviour for me. I hear people going on with their lives like nothing is out of place and wonder how do they not know that we are on the brink of something? How can they not all feel the wrong in this world that I am feeling? I sense that at any moment word will spread of something......what it is I don't know, but I know it is not good, and if my dreams are any indication of what it is then I am sure that it will be something no one can escape. There are many of us.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:58 AM
reply to post by space cadet

Thanks for your reply, it is exactly as that, a few nights ago i went through exactly the same experience as you, i woke up at 4 am with a feeling that something really terrible had happened, the feeling was so strong i couldn't get to sleep again, the sadness was not of this world, and the air felt heavy, life went gray, if you know what i mean.

Thanks for posting again, i hope many people here can read this and post about them, maybe if we can get together we can, as a single global consciousness, understand a little more about what's happening, at least i feel we need to do something now, the time to wait is over.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:59 AM
I do know what you mean. There is so much doom and gloom I feel and trying to have a positive outlook just isn't working.

You are stronger than you think right now. I am feeling there are those who know on some level what is going to happen, but those also have the knowledge of what to do when it does, just aren't aware of it just yet. The answers will come when it is time.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:13 AM
On this post, i will try to explain one experience i had back then, before i decided to go to 'sleep'.

About 8 years ago, something very similar to what i am experiencing right now started to happen, i couldn't close my eyes without things happening, in short, this is what i use to live with in those days:

- I could feel entities, even while awake, i could feel them coming close to me, i felt the air cold and heavy, i could feel them walking around me, it was as if someone comes very close to you and you can feel that other person body heat? exactly like that, but i could feel lots of 'people' moving around.

- Sometimes, when i closed my eyes, i could see them, but they weren't regular people, those were shadows, black shadows moving in something i just can describe as a 'red world', which means, all i could see what red, red all around, the floor, the sky, there was nothing but a red world, and formless shadows moving inside that red ocean, that's how i use to see them, i think sometimes they use to notice i was aware, so they would come and stand in front of me, just like that, without doing any movements at all, i had to force myself into waking up otherwise this kept going on endlessly.

- Other times, i could feel someone approaching me, once that entity was next to me, they usually did things like, grab my arm, my head, my stomach, some of them just stood there, next to my bed, the world then turned into infinite sadness, emptiness and void, i could feel a void so big that is felt as if the entire universe was just as small as a tiny grain of salt, and at the same time, there was no distance from where we were to the end of that void, does this make sense?

This has been going on since i was about 3 or 4 years old, with some little lapses where nothing use to happen, basically the past 5 or 6 years all went without anything weird happening, maybe 7 years i don't remember very well, i have a lot more memories of things like what i have described here, but i don't think that is really important to say or to make known, i believe right now there is something more important that we need to somehow identify and understand, so i will move one and write about the past few months instead of my past.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:20 AM
reply to post by opal13

Thanks for your reply, i also believe that just trying to have a good optimistic life is not enough anymore, seems whatever is wrong is taking a hold of things and people need to react in some way to this.

The reason i said i was not strong enough, is because i know worst than what i can feel today, but i use to be able to handle it without feeling bad about it, the most close i can describe it is, i was sad, but i also was at peace, i had more faith than i have now, i could understand and leave with it, now i can feel a sense of hopelessness like never before, and that makes me very sad and worried about we all, also i feel powerless to stop it, while before i use to feel empowered and 'pure', in the spiritual sense.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:59 AM
I had this series of dreams for about two or three weeks on a row, some of those went away, some didn't, which means, i woke up because of the dream, after a while, went to sleep again, and the dream was waiting for me to come back
over and over again

First one:

There was a void, pitch black void, then there was this big thunder like light, very white and powerful, and then it grew bigger, the earth was visible now, it stroke somewhere on the land and divided into three smaller lights, i could see this in full color, unlike later on, when everything went black and white.

After it divided into three lights, those lights took consciousness of its own, like they became sentient being, and two of them remained together, the way i understood it it, it was a single being, but somehow it became three separate being, and once it became separated, each one became a single entity, and somehow i knew, they have forgotten who they came from.

As i said, two of these being came together and stood together, the third one went away, later on, i could only see those two beings, which by the way, had no human form, or any other form i can describe that makes sense, i can only describe them as the 'were', what i want to say is, i can't understand how they were, i can't describe them, but i remember them, it doesn't make any sense i know.

So anyway, after a while, there was more beings, all equal to the first two, but something that was happening was, each being, once 'born', couldn't remember where it came from and took a consciousness of its own, in my dream, they all realized the original entity from where they came from was no more, and that they were parts of that entity, and that they were loosing that knowledge about who they were and what was the purpose of all the things that were happening at that time.

So they started to save 'bits' of knowledge into other beings, because one thing is can clearly remember is, once they divided into smaller entities, they kept on changing, becoming more like something else than what they were at first, evolving could maybe describe it better, and they forgot who they were and were they came from, at least it seemed as if each one knew different things than the rest, but they somehow were ever changing and evolving, so that their past memories were being lost in the process.

At this time, i started to see everything black and white, not sure why, but oh well, i didn't really mind about that, about this time, i woke up with a very weird feeling, i felt eerie and confused, i stood up for a while and then tried to get back to sleep, and i came back to that same dream, this time, i felt tons of time had gone by, and now there was millions of beings, all saving a bit of the original knowledge, all loosing the knowledge of who they were and what was the purpose.

That was when i kind of realized this could be a dream about us, or the living things, not exactly just humans, then i got, somehow, an idea introduced to me, about all living things being some sort of 'archive' of the original being, which was no more, and then on my dream, i was directed to think, we were being destroyed, so as to prevent the original being from becoming one again, and since we kept on evolving, each one of us had a little bit of knowledge or 'piece' that would be needed to reform or merge into that being, if at all possible.

In short, this dream took me to a place very dark and eerie, i could feel the electricity on the air, some form of peace mixed with fear and cold, i could see things so clear that it was imprinted on my mind, as if it was some sort of picture i can see when i close my eyes, and it doesn't go away.

I woke up and felt out of place, couldn't get it, and nothing made sense, everything felt like it didn't belong there and reality was very confusing.

The feeling didn't go away for some days and i couldn't feel anything at all, pain or whatever, i felt out of place, that's just how i can explain it.

Crazy stuff.

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by Kaifan

You say it very well, Kaifan, this describes what I have been feeling also. I think my third eye is beginning to open, through it I can always see faces looking at me, watching me for some unknown reason. They smile, so I am not afraid of them, whomever they may be, perhaps the Watchers? Maybe ETs? I do not know for certain. I can sense that the great change is near, so near, in fact, that it is upon us. What this change entails, nobody knows for sure, although many guess at it. Wars and rumors of wars are all over, brought about my the magnetic field surrounding the Earth changing up all the time, even animals can sense this, birds fly north in winter, dolphins beach themselves, and dogs attack their masters, as with people killing their children and children killing their parents. What will happen, you say? You know as well as I.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Thanks for your comment, i do get attacked by some entities, or maybe i am approaching or receiving them wrong and what i tend to interpret as attacks, in reality is my own doing against them, but it is not clear enough at this time if i'm the one to blame, the problem is that i have felt several times how all my energy is taken out, to the point i fall asleep almost 24 hours on a row, and eat as if it was the last time i'll get some food, and all that just to recover and feel good on my own body, so after those experiences, i tend to reject those entities when i feel them getting closer.

What will happen, you say? You know as well as I

Yep, very true, maybe it will become clearer as the date approaches, i just feel something is not right when i see a lot of people who simply ignores this, they don't even have a clue, while other's seem to feel it very clear and get to worry about it.

Whatever it is, i guess we must have faith and become stronger by the day, for our sake and maybe for the ones who can't understand as well.

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Edited because i can't spell

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:56 AM
i had a dream two nights ago that i was picked up by aliens, and they took me to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, some where in Tennesee, New Orleans and they were all ruined. i mean destroyed. they said this is what will happen in 3 years, not all at once, but natural disasters created by our government and mother earth. This was JUST A DREAM THOUGH!!!! so please no one take this as a prophecy, it was just a weird eerie dream i had.

to add, all dreams dont always happen. Keep your strength , keep a dream journa!!!!

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by ziggyproductions05

Hi, i remember only one dream about the end of the world, it was several years ago, in most of my dreams, i am alone or watching from the distance, but i have never had other prophecy dream about anything.

In that dream, i was on the street along with lots of people all where watching the sky, and we could see how the sky was turning black, like if the atmosphere was being wiped out, and the sky was black, we could see all the stars very clearly, and it was a perfectly blue sky before that.

Then i remember everyone was watching very peacefully, and my brother was asking me, "what's going to happen to us?" and i remember i said something like, "don't worry, our bodies will float away, but we will not be here by then" or something like that, and nobody seem to be bothered by what was happening, we kept watching as the sky turned completely black, then i woke up, i was about 12 or so at that time.

Maybe we spent too much time on ATS

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:29 AM
plz read y the calling in resent posts..any thing the same?

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:38 AM
yeah maybe too much time on here
. the "aliens" that were in the dream were the smoking hot model looking blondes in weird jumpsuits, and they kept saying they were aliens because i didnt believe them and kept asking. this could be true, or just a crazy dream, im not sure.
but when i saw the ruined citites, i didnt see anyone dead, or anyone even hurt.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by SavageStillBorn
plz read y the calling in resent posts..any thing the same?

Well i have seen the tall guys, they also have not been good with me, at all.

I think you should do as some of the posters on your thread said, be strong and don't listen to them, ask them to go away.

I've had contact with some beings like that, and not a single time they were good or made me feel good, and I've also had contact with other beings, those who i can't look at the face, they are always looking some other way or approach from behind, those are usually the ones that feel ok, and usually when they approach, i don't feel i'm in danger at all, quite the opposite, i have never found out why i can't look them directly at the face.

Someone told me long ago it had to do with they not hiding their true nature, and since we are mere mortals, we couldn't handle that level of truth, so they hide their faces for our own good, while the 'bad guys' if there's such a thing, tend to mislead us into thinking they are someone else, so we can look at them directly without any problems, or something like that.

I think you just need to be strong, and have faith in yourself, don't follow them anymore and don't believe, if they are the good guys, you will know.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 09:23 AM
I wrote something like this on another forum about a year ago. I have some of the same symptoms except I am sleeping fine.

There are some days I feel a pressure, stress, and anxiety, which I can't explain because my life is good.

I asked member of the other forum I had posted on if any of them were feeling that something is wrong. "The Pages of Time are Turning Faster" - Blessed Virgin Mary...

My nighmares seem to be of some great chastisement, but I've also seen and experienced visions of sorts that could indicate that something is coming and it is or will be here soon. These happen while I am awake.

You are not alone - Something is happening and I fear that the initial wave will be beyond our comprehension of what death and destruction really is. But I also feel that those that are left will be enlightened, free, and without worry.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Yoda1

Can you post a link to that thread you made? maybe we can find interesting stuff there.

Funny you mentioned "The Pages of Time are Turning Faster", because
for me, time almost slowed to a stop since a few months ago, only lately i have been feeling it has speed up, but last year, since October or so, i started to feel time went by very slow, so slow that several times my friends reminded me that it was a week ago that we had seen some movie or things like that, while i was 100% sure it had been weeks or more than a month, only lately it has changed again to a faster pace, sadly

I use to sleep very well as well, but since a few months ago it also changed to lots of sleepless nights, still don't know why.

Last few days i have had some incredible experiences, but i am writing them down, only things is, it is kind of hard to write so that when people read it, they can feel or sense the same experience, i guess not all of us were born to be writers
, and i want to share those experiences with as much detail as possible and in a way that people can actually understand the feelings and experiences i have.

I don't have visions like the ones you are referring here, but maybe that's something you can handle while i wouldn't be able to cope with it, and so my visions come in a different way?

Have you tried to take control of your nightmares? i mean, like when you are having a bad dream, stop for a moment and 'decide' you won't allow the dream to continue the way it is happening? i have made that a few times, but time seems to stop at that moment and then i can feel extremely weird things around me, dark beings around me and sometimes, when i am dreaming about someone or there are more people with me on my dream, and i force the dream to stop, some of them turn around and stare at me, they focus on me like if i were our of place or they were surprised at my actions or response.

If you get to try this please let me know, it would be really interesting to know someone else can do it as well.

Thanks for your post.

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