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Are events a Game - WWIII about to be in play?

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 03:42 AM

Both Biblical prophecy and the Illuminati plan state that Israel is the key


i have watched many documentaries regarding the careful planning of WW2 in which the outcome is simple.

Wealth for a select few (NWO) and a cleansing that sees the strong prevail in tough times.

Now not that long ago we were living our daily lives with only a few large scale worrying things happening, like Allied Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and threat of terror attack and rising oil price. (yes this is bad but hold on..)

that has lost its significance now, its not scaring us as much now, so whats the next phase???

now within the last 8 months or so , have things not just completely through the roof or what.

world financial collapse, depression, food shortage looming, open talk of NWO on CNN,

its textbook preparation for bigger catastrophies folks.

ok, now lets mention war,

at the moment we are seeing heaps, i mean HEAPS of countries all getting angry with each other, signalling bad intent and even going to war....

North Korea preparing for war with South Korea or Japan (not to mention the fact that N and S korea are still officially at war since the 50's)

Israel already blasting Palestine and still doing so

Israel ready to attack Iran

Iran ready to attack Israel

USA ready to Attack Iran

USA heating with Venezueala

Colombia vs Venezuala

Russian and US satellites colliding

French and UK Nuke Subs Colliding

China having a go at US surveillance vessel

US attacking Pakistan tribal regions

India and Pakistan still aiming nukes at each other ready to go for it about kashmire


now step outside this Earth Daily Bubble for a Second and look at this from a distance. its like a huge board game here. we are all pices/pawns being moved into position.

each nation is using the rules to their advantage and when the word "GO"

is said, its gonna be "LETS PLAYBALL" time. "GAME ON"

these NWO folk will be hedging bets, sitting back and lapping up their planned game.

whoever wins or loses, it does not matter, for the NWO will still remain at the top of the pyramid with a clean playing mat, ready to start again with a refreshed set of players.

it seems we are at this "PLAYBALL" stage to me. it happening. get ready.

i have attached a great link about NWO planning

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 04:28 PM
I agree with you completely.
All my friends and family that I try to enlighten as far as our world situation concerns, refuse to believe me. However I've convinced a lot of people to watch for the next phase of this global takeover and unification, I think we are all going to know when the button is pushed to launch the next set of events.


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