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I Find The Idea Of "White Pride" To Be Ridiculous

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 09:08 PM
for the same reason I find the idea of “Black Pride”, or “Mexican” pride to be ridiculous. White Nationalists want the same right that minorities have, and that is the right to be “proud” of their race, their heritage and accomplishments. Right? You think if you announce that you’re proud to be white, you will immediately be labeled a racist. Well, that may be true of people who like to jump on the bandwagon so to speak. But anybody with common sense will see that if minorities have the right to be “proud” of their race, so should whites… Its only common sense, but many argue that because of what the whites of generations ago did, whites should be excluded from the “proud of my race” club. But, think about this logically… Why be proud of something you didn’t work to achieve? You didn’t choose to be white, just like a Mexican doesn’t choose to be Mexican, or a child born into a poor household didn’t choose to be born into a poor household where he would starve. But Mexicans, blacks, and others can proclaim they’re proud of their race and not be labeled racists… Well… There’s nothing I can say to that, for the moment that’s just how backwards society is.

Every “race” has its faults, and I don’t even know why I’m using the word “race” to explain this, it just shows how the brainwashing I’ve gone through hasn’t yet worn off. What I am saying is I don’t think “white people” are to blame. For me to be able to blame the entire white race for those whites that brought Africans to this country in chains, I would also have to blame every African for those few that betrayed their fellow country-man and sold them to the whites. No “race” in particular is to blame for anything, just individuals. I don’t blame the “white man” for those little girls that died in that church fire all those years ago, I blame those racist murderers for committing that crime.

I’m black/Mexican, and throughout my life I’ve had Black friends, Hispanic friends, White friends etc… you get the picture right? As corny and cliché as it may sound, (and its going to sound corny) I’m not for black people, I’m not for white people, or even Mexicans or any other “race” of human, because we’re all part of the human race. I believe that aliens from other worlds exist, let’s say hypothetically, if an advanced space-traveling alien race were to start a war with us. Do you really think they would choose which “race” of human to destroy? It may be a bad example, but to them we would all be worthless, violent, and selfish primitive beings.

For those of you who may actually read the entire post, and not just classify me as a 'n-word' and ignore the majority of this, I’ll also address another issue that seems to be a big problem for you. Interracial relationships. I know you consider people who date interracially (like my mother & father) to be race traitors. Judging from some of the posts I’ve read here, I truly believe some of you have zero qualms with black people aside from the interracial aspect, and wanting to preserve your “racial identity” as you guys put it. But… really, I don’t mean to offend you but what is the logic behind that? What is the logic in wanting two human beings who are attracted to each other to hide their feelings for one another? You are who you are, and attraction cannot be controlled. That’s a fact… I don’t know how true this is, but it is said that eventually everyone on the planet will be 1 color, due to all of the color mixing. I, for one, as much as I respect the contributions of Malcolm-X and Martin Luther King and other great revolutionaries, don’t care about racial identity. I think a 1-color planet is the best thing that could happen.

What is racial identity anyway? I feel as uncomfortable around a gang of mischievous blacks as I do around a gang of mischievous whites. When it comes down to it, I look out only for myself, those in my immediate family and for my friends. I don’t care about black people. I don’t care about white people. I don’t care about Mexican people. It isn’t about race with me, I’ve gotten into arguments with whites, blacks, and Mexicans, to me its about the individual. If you’re cool, I’ll hang out with you, if you’re an assh---, f*** you. I’ve met cool people, and assh---s of every color. The whole idea of “racial identity” is a ridiculous one. The term itself sounds ridiculous. The only identity you should defend is your own, not the identity of someone who shares your skin complexion. His identity isn’t yours, he has his own.

I respect the history though, I respect the black people of long ago that suffered at the hands of racists. I also respect the whites that were enslaved and made to suffer. I respect the millions of Jews that were killed under Hitler’s rule, and the Armenians that suffered through a genocide. I respect the Japanese that were sent to camps during World War II. Every shade of human has suffered a great deal…. All those horrible things I mentioned were long ago, today, nobody owes anybody anything. The white people of today shouldn’t be made to feel sorry for what their ancestors did. They don’t need to apologize. Black people today who were never enslaved, or suffered need not complain and should not ask for reparations.

Here’s another thing… if you guys want to be taken seriously, I highly suggest you get rid of the people who have no idea what white nationalism means, and only signed up to this site to bash minorities. A while ago, Abraham Biggs, a black teenager, committed suicide while streaming it online. He took some drugs, fell asleep and died. This was just a few months ago and I read the news thread here on Stormfront when it was posted. At first a few were sympathetic, and felt sorry for the kid… Yeah… that was until they found out he was black… I read on without commenting, and after it was revealed he was black, there were nothing but insults and all the sympathy quickly vanished. Regardless of his “race”, he was still a human suffering from Bipolar disorder, which is a disorder anybody can get. So, let me reiterate, if you want to be taken seriously, and not be seen as a bunch of racist pigs full of hatred, get rid of the racist pigs that are full of hatred. It might clean up your image just a little bit, and maybe you won’t be lumped in with ridiculous websites like Niggermania.

This is just something I wrote while browsing through Stormfront and reading many of the comments there.

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