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Are we reaching the bottom of the recession? what can stop or boost it.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Dear readers,

If there is a question that appear with more frequency among the people that express interest on my predictions on these days, is precisely not if I can see the end of this recession, something many think it is really premature to predict, but if at least we have reached the bottom of it or not.

The problem here is that for the majority is so difficult to identify that the core of this economical crisis in America is located not in the way in which the demand or offer of products is balancing in the market but in the very lack of spirituality of our times and moreover in the impact of this moral crisis in the incapacity of the American people to think in Great.

The people has been thinking too much time only in material things, but primarily from a very stingy point of view, we have lived to long time thinking only in how to get more and more money at any cost, that includes the social one, just to satisfy their selfishness or egolatry, that is probable the most important legacy of the Globalism.

In this era of decadence of moral values even the religion became like a business, the churches have been almost all the time trying to market themselves like to promoting products, and the most bad side is that they believe, each one, that they can sell to the public a ticket for the paradise, something that has nothing to do with the truly way in which God works. So it is not surprising that now the statistics show that we have the biggest number of people declared to be not religious or atheist of all of the History.

But how can this trend be different when we can see that even the pyramid methods of marketing that have been operating in the market in all the spheres of the economy, from the sales in internet until the big manipulation of the saving or investments are also being using to promote new religions or "churches", that are practically using their followers as very aggressive promoters of their cults or style of life, one of such example is the attitude of figures like Tom Cruise publishing all the time his so called Scientology every time he release a new film.

One of these days I believe we are going to see this Star doing the job of minister of the scientology through his movies, in the same way Kirk Cameron is all the time doing so through the TV for the some evangelists or why no to mention the so many "spiritual leaders" that are every day giving the most pathetic tv talk shows trying to fish more and more followers for their particular denomination, through their own tv channels.

This is the great dilemma that we have reached during the Bush epoch in America, to have a religion turned in a Gold idolatry, using the same techniques that are characteristic of the global marketing.

This lack of truly spirituality has weakened and damaged in a so grave way the ethics in all the sectors of the national life. The recession is perhaps the most representative example of this, we are living a crisis that was produced by the speculation with the prices of the gas, and that was done by the most powerful economical groups of wall street that were storing the gasoline for years in order to create the impression that there was not enough supply in comparison with the demand.

Many important rich men of Wall street , very well known multimillionaires or bankers among them, were manipulating the price of the commodities to increase their fortunes, they didn't think in the nation, they didn't take in account the negative impact that this was going to produce to the market economy, this crisis was created artificially, it was not the result of any cycle of the Economy as many thought at the beginning, but caused by the uncontrolled ambition.

People like the GP Morgan Group, Madoff, Standford are in debt with the American Public as the originators of this huge recession, they were using the free access to major reserves of the petroleum that American got with the war in Iraq to speculate for their personal interests putting in risk the patrimony of millions of honest workers and professionals of this country that lost great part of their savings invested on mutual funds and pensions in the fall of the Stock market.

The uncontrolled increment of the Gas prices for a year finally collapsed the capacity of the American public to affront many other important economic compromises as for instance the ones related with the payment of their homes, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without houses and without all the money they invested on them.

Finally well the government didn't do its job to interfere on time in the Market. The former President Bush allowed all those corrupt and so ambitious and selfish private interests to make crazy the American economy without doing nothing.

In his Presidency George W. Bush showed an incredible incompetence to stop the speculation on time to prevent all this disaster, even he was, instead to do that, all the time making up the economical indicators to deceive the public opinion that the economy was performing better with the war! it was incompetence or complicity? well for the ones that still have doubts, let me recall the only prophecy of Nostradamus that clearly referred to this man in his quatrains saying, the one that said that about the 2000 year the Idiot would be King:
Century 1, Quatrain 78
D'vn chef vieillard naistre sens hebeté
Degenerant par sçauoir & par armes,
Le chef de France par sa soeur redouté,
Champs diuisez, concedez aux gens gendarmes.

To an old leader will be born an idiot heir,
Weak both in knowledge and in war.
The leader of France is feared by his sister,
Battlefields divided, conceded to the soldiers.
[Found through this site's Nostradamus Search Engine]

To an old chief will be born one with dull senses
Degenerate both in knowledge and in weapons:
The chief of France feared by his sister,
Fields divided, conceded to the soldiers on horses.
[From: Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies by John Hogue]

To a leader will be born an idiot heir,
Weak both in knowledge and in warfare.
The head of France is feared by his sister,
Battlefields divided, conceded to the military.
[From: The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham]

So my friends, we hope that the new Leadership that Obama represents could cure all the consequences of the lack of leadership of the previous years, but let me say that such a miracle will occur only when a big change come to the mind of every American, when a drastic change of the collective mentality break the trend of ultramaterialsm in which we have lived during the last sixteen years. This could be possible only with a return to the actual spiritual values that make the people more generous, less selfish, more compromised with the cause of justice and respectful of the rights of other people, able to think in Great, to share their goals with other Americans, to see that the only trully prosperity is the one that covers the whole nation and not only some few privileged sectors.

If those changes don’t occur I can say without doubt in my heart for the ones are expecting the bottom of the recession that my best suggestion is to inverse some of your money in a good parachute since there is still a lot of abyss under us.

Thanks your friend,

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 09:56 PM
Sixteen years?
Yeah right. Try going back to Nixon.
Going off of the gold standard was our big screwup. Then the USA printed trillions upon trillions of fiat money that financed this mess. The republocrats have been balooning the govt. and in bed with big business and banks the whole time. Now they are printing trillions more as if that will stop the economy from imploding because our cash is basically worthless.

Sure, it'll all be great.
Our money is worth almost nothing, our economy produces zilch, we owe the rest of the planet tens of trillions and seem to think that we can subsidize it all along with policing the whole planet at the same time.
Obama has already approved 3/4 trillion in spending and has another half trillion in the works. It all comes from the printing press at the fed and includes an interest rate that exceeds what we could ever cover with our taxes. This is before the yearly bills need to get paid and the 12-14 trillion debt we already have is addressed.

The bottom isn't here yet. It's a long way down.

It reminds me of that story about the guy who jumped off of a 30 story building.
A guy on the 15th floor had his window open and heard the jumper talking to himself as he fell past.
He was saying, "So far, so good."

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 03:42 PM
The Peace of God To all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

I hate to say this but the occurrence and latterly the evolution in a so negative way of this huge economical crisis that from the last trimester of the Bush Administration the experts dared to classify as recession, although It is evident that it was that from at least January of 2008, has been exactly in the way I predicted to occur on my posts and threads of the summer of 2007.

I say that I hate to recall this since at that time many people reacted in a so aggressive way against me, saying that I was predicting a so obscure future for America, but the facts have proven I was not wrong.

What can I say now that, from my perspective, it is clear we are so close to the bottom of the crisis?

Well my dear readers, I think also the last decisions publically disclosed by President Obama the last week also show that the remedy of this crisis is in a serious reevaluation and adjustment of the whole globalist model of the economy. We are slowly but firmly turning from a global economy to a one more controlled by the State and regulated also to protect the social interests that were sacrificed in a so cruel manner for the last three administrations.

There are many of my contradictors that accuse me insistently to be a protectionist, like if that adjective would be a crime in our days, this from my several comments in previous threads that there will be an end in the global economy, as it we have known it until now.

The new decisions of the white house to interfere in the market on time to prevent and control new speculation waves are entirely correct, I pointed that it was the only possible exit of this crisis from 2007, in my first threads predicting this mess that we have now.

Think only in this important fact:

more than seven millions of jobs were exported by America toward China in the last two administrations! And now there are still globalist gurus’ sayings to us that it is not reasonable to continue being global phobic? How could economy don't arrive to this terrible moment when many important productive activities were transferred to countries that now are the new Tigers of the world?

It is time to reconsider the economical model, it is time to repatriate the millions of jobs that were sent to abroad, as well of the trillions of dollars of American capitals that were attracted with the relative "freedom" of tax exemptions that China is constantly offering.

Only when we finish with the delirium of false greatness that was characteristic of the supporters and ideologists of the Globalism, we would see the end of this crisis and the return of a sane market economy guided for the high values of the social interest and not only the brutal money predation.

I predicted once in 2008 that China is not going to allow easily the return of all that enormous flow of Capital and jobs to America, but if there is no attempt to go ahead in that drastic decision latterly could be more painful for millions of Americans.

I don't have doubt that the reactions will be fierce against my words, specially from the side of the ones were profiting a lot of the low costs of production in China, but it is time to think not only with patriotism but also with wisdom.

To pact with the evil forces is a serious business in life, after all many of those apparently licit business relationships are based on agreements with a the most colossal Communist country ever existed, that can give such extraordinary conditions since millions of people are living almost like slaves over there, without any freedom to get better laboral conditions & forced to obey a State that is clearly non democratic and totalitarian.

To think that the average Chinese citizen is really getting benefit of the commercial agreements with he West is to ignore that the real recipients of such a progress are precisely the Communists leaders that now act as executives of companies not only trading but also speculating in all the markets.

Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

[edit on 3/29/2009 by The angel of light]

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