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Are you HOPING for a complete collapse and chaos to happen?

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:41 AM
double trouble.

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:43 AM
Materialism is a disease, when you have a disease you get sick.

I think everything that is happening now is exactly how it's supposed to be, it's a natural process of evolution I think, why all the bad stuff? That's evolution I suppose. The state of the world could be thought of as a reflection of global consciousness, and It is a crisis of consciousness, A state of the global mind.

Unfortunately whatever area you look in, humanity is headed for a crisis and more than just economically. A crisis is absolutely necessary, it should actually be thought of as a balancing act I believe. All empires crumble under their own weight in time, so yes there will be chaos, but what is also true, as we have seen, is that very best of aspects of humanity also appears in times of despair and survival.

So yes I want the system to crash, bring it on I say. I want archaic revival. Although I want cooperation to reign rather than chaos. In the end humanity can only survive through cooperation.
Natural law 101

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:47 AM
I really think it is out of our hands whether or not there is a complete collapse as the crumblings of the snow shield at the top of the mountain began years ago.

The ensuing avalanche has just begun.

There are some realities that need to be faced here. We expect too much, we have too great a feeling of entitlement. We are too greedy.

Face facts here . . . we are animals. Not in the sense of manners, rather as a species. However we evolved or were created, our purpose is clear . . . born . . . survive . . . find a mate . . . reproduce . . . age . . . die . . .

It is simple, but in the thousands of years of our existence, that somehow has changed to be . . . born . . . be raised in a cushy environment void of anything that may/may not cause harm . . . get a formal education by going into debt to pay for that education . . . get a job . . . covet and hoard so your pile of stuff is bigger than that of your neighbor and go deeply into debt to do so . . . . . . get married . . . have several kids . . . get divorced . . . get more stuff and go further into debt to get more stuff . . . get married again . . . have more kids . . . go further into debt making sure your kids have all the trappings that the commercially driven mainstream media tells them they need . . . find a job that makes more money to pay for the stuff you already have and leverage whatever equity you have to get enough credit to buy more stuff . . . buy a boat . . . buy a cottage . . . buy an RV . . . retire . . . get old . . . get sick . . . die . . .

All your life you've paid interest to . . . BANKS.

The life cycle of business is similar . . . start business . . . grow business . . . make business bigger . . . hire a bureacracy to run your business . . . leverege your business to make the business even bigger . . . take on more debt to keep business going . . . eventually get overburdened by debt charges . . . business dies of starvation . . . people out of work . . . no jobs . . . nobody to buy stuff . . .

All through the life cycle of a business . . . interest is paid to BANKS.

Banks keep loaning money to whomever they can to continue to feed their greed enduced hunger for more money . . .

Now, all this money is based on . . . um . . . NOTHING.

Our system . . . our way of life . . . damn near everything we own is based on NOTHING and the house of cards in which we live has been exposed for what it is . . . worldwide we have NOTHING.

So now those who own the banks are coming for their money and we've got NOTHING.

The government is stepping in to put more money in they system to make sure the bankers get their cut but the new money in the system is also based on NOTHING.

The whole system is starving itself because there's nothing to support our way of life, our expectations, our greed, our quest for morebiggerbetterfastershinier.

With bailout money to the financial sectors disappearing without a trace and with NOTHING left to support the regrowth of our way of life, the ultimate collapse is inevitable.

Whether or not we hope or want it to happen, it is here. The onset was actually so gradual, nobody really sat up and took notice until . . . well . . . we started to not be able to buy everything we want, live the lavish lifestyle we want and do as we damn well pleased at our leisure.

In short, the only reason we're noticing it now is because the collapse is happening as we speak. I doubt that anyone can say it isn't here. We're losing more than 500,000 jobs each month. People can't afford their homes. More than 30 million people exist on food stamps. The only way we keep our goverenment going is to print more money and pass legislation to keep government going in absence of a spending bill because, quite frankly, there is NOTHING upon which to base the money the government needs to spend to keep everyone fat, dumb and happy.

There ain't nothin' left, folks. Get used to it as it is only going to get worse. People don't have moeny to buy stuff, jobs are disappearing at historic levels, manufacturing is at a standstill. Bottom line here is that our ship is dead in the water with no fuel and there's a fiscal torpedo running straight for our midsection. We're out of fuel and we can't get out of the way.

We're in it bad and that's just the way it is.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:47 AM
Of course I do. Most of the members of this site have come here for a reason: They want to know the truth, and they realize that it may hurt. A collapse will be no different. If we went back 250 years, I'm sure we would be hearing the same arguments against a total breakdown of government.

From the Loyalists.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:51 AM
nice question, ok i`ll try & answer as best i can.
first insane things that need to stop.
mass immigration
the spread of islam telling host countrys what to do.
the war against drugs
wars in general
police state
mass production of cars = polution
political correctness
human rights
media used for brainwashing masses into thinking pop idol is more important than life its self.
fast food = early grave mentality
stock markets for obvious reasons to every one now paying the price.
driving cars with empty seats in a traffic jam WTF !!
schools teaching any thing & every thing accept common sence !!!.
animal habitat destruction for short term profits & greed.
old growth rainforest destruction done for short term profits & greed.
the none promotion of sustainable life styles.

now heres what needs doing & why (its called sanity to people that can see more than just short term profits)
mass immigration needs to be stopped, why ?, because it is disreptful to the majority population & can lead to getto style areas become no go zones for native population wich is a form of ethnic cleansing, & helps segrigation to strengthen, long term effect, civil war ?.

the spread of islaminto host countrys is a one way event islam must be surrendered to by the host country, this brings uneasyness to societys, & islams spread throughout europe is seen as an attempt by islam & its muslims followers to take over countrys & force sharia law upon new cultures to become islamic states. you will have to look into this for your selves but the evidence very much points to this being the true motive of islam.

war against drugs, is a huge waste of money & it has never worked, continues to not work & in future will not work, why ?, because people enjoy taking drugs, this problem is best dealt with in terms of education about medicen plants which is where these drugs come from, & help centres that help people withdraw from to many drugs. this can also mean things like cannabis production on a huge scale can be done, leading to many thousands of jobs & the many products that be made with cannabis can also support many other trades, all this would add to very large revenue for people & would also remove media hyped fear of cannabis
cannabis should be put to work in industry like it has been in the past.

wars in general, this can be answered very easy, because wars dont much any sence to people, wars do make sence if you happen to design & test weapons. if you have to use those weapons & as a result lose your life because of those weapons then where is the sence in that ?.
war = severe lack of common sence.

police state, another easy answer, well who wants to be harrased mmm ?
no takers ?, well we do need our police to stop stupid behavior, stabbings/fights/thieves & the like, but it seems many countrys now have become police states, where the police are no longer protecting people, but have become a tool of fear used by governments to enforce policy.
our friendly helpful police at this point in reality become an enemy of the people.

mass production of cars, ok lots of like cars, who can blame them ?, cars are fun, well arent they ?, our dependance (that means being addictid) to oil has put us in a dificult position, we want cars, we dont want our fun buggies to ruin the entire planet, if you cant put a plastic bag over your head without it killing you, it stands to reason, by putting billions upon billions of cars in our very thin atmosphere you we are going to kill our selves !!, both us the drivers & the fun buggies needs a solution to this, we drivers need use our cars less on short journeys, & our cars need an engine that runs of nothing like a searl effect generator, i dont know if the seg works or not, iether way our cars need an engine that runs from nothing, no such thing ?, well invent one then inventors !!!!.

political correctness, now this one makes me mad !!, mr coon cheese in australia was asked not to call cheese mr coon, because its apparently rascist, although mr coon has been mr coon for many years, this is a good example of political madness, islamic terrorists cant be sent home, i mean we dont want terrorists do get hurt do we !!!. such careing people.
brown bread & white bread should be banned as they are both rascist words.
political correctness should 9 times out of 10 be over ruled in favour of common sence.

human rights is another mad society that needs throwing out, human rights
are very often abused by twisted opinions, by stopping a deportation of a person with a terrorist past & instead human rights dictates that a terrorist must be looked after/housed/payed compensation/opologised too,
& this human rights madness, doesnt always suport the victims of terror.
im sorry, if i had my way this human rights has seriously lost the plot & no longer fit for purpose, unless you happen to be a terrorist.

media used for brain washing, murdock the media mafia boss, what he sais goes, if the world is falling apart or a politician needs to save his own back side, quick call rupert murdock, & murdock will dazzle your eyes, with po idol !, big brother !, depressed enders !, & the news well news stations are allowed to report news as long as its not real news, or it must be news thats iether bad news or is in line with government news, all this media bombardment of drivel will mong you out, & affermitise that the situation is hopeless, there is nothing you can do to change it.
phew !!
no wonder rupert murdock owns your brain & free will people !!!.

fast food, well not long ago the creators & inventors of fast food where so happy they could hardly count. but then over time, blubber has entered the room, when i was a child, you were iether fat or thin, no no, not any more, we have created a whole new word for this extra size, obese & although fast food is still conting the money as fast as it can, governments are now starting to see all that money is now having to be spent on the growing number of obese victims, befor long this obese treatment will cost more than fast food makes, ohh dear !!!, well expect more adverts like exercise today, eat healthy, join a sports club, mmm looks like the fast foods scam is back firing !!!!.

stock markets, bernie madoff, hero of the year, i lost count of the debt some time ago, good luck people, were going to need it.

empty seats in traffic jams, share your empty seats & reduce traffic by 50%

is there such a thng as a worthless qualification ? yes......why ?

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:53 AM
For all of you claiming to desire to see a complete collapse...Know this. You probably won't survive very long after the collapse occurs, so why don't you just kill yourself now and that way the living can implement a more constructive transformation process.

Fact...In the event of a "Total Collapse" of global society and descent in Anarchy, a Nuclear exchange would occur within Hours at the very most and most likely minutes, as it should be assumed that the people who want a breakdown have already targeted the places to be reduced to flaming heaps.

So, for all those who want society to collapse start with yourself...I understand that Freight trains can be a quick and easy way to achieve your objectives.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by silentthought38
Of course I do. Most of the members of this site have come here for a reason: They want to know the truth, and they realize that it may hurt. A collapse will be no different. If we went back 250 years, I'm sure we would be hearing the same arguments against a total breakdown of government.

From the Loyalists.

Not even a comparable situation. That was a war between ideologies, and confined to an area of the world.

Even the affects of the collapse we are talking about would be drastically different.

What we are talking about is much like the fall of the Soviet Union, but globally. Many nations couldn't even produce enough food for their citizens and importing would nearly cease. Famine and panic would ensue, with crime and lawlessness not far behind. It may be like Mad Max, but close enough to make it exceptionally scary.

So again, comparing the American Revolution is pretty far off.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:54 AM
Collapse or not, I'm ready for a change.

I've enacted my own change in my home, by how we live, what we watch, and living by what's important to us as a family. Getting back to basics.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:58 AM
It's really amazing how many persons are wishing the same thing. I also think that the world really needs some earth shaking event to happen in order to change. Some kind of "CTRL+alt+del" to restart everything. Unfortunatelly, things can get really scary and we all may suffer in a certain way. That's why, like most people, I think, I have conflicting sentiments about this, because even wanting something to happen, like most people I don't want things to get too ugly.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:00 AM

Originally posted by Asherah
Collapse or not, I'm ready for a change.

I've enacted my own change in my home, by how we live, what we watch, and living by what's important to us as a family. Getting back to basics.

Sounds very positive and I hope more families are doing the same thing.

Thats whats so crazy about govt's response to much of this crisis. Their solution is to try to restart the debt system so people can spend stupidly again, and American consumerism can be reborn.

Consumerism and the need for instant gratification were like a cancer that spread through the world. What we are seeing now is the cancer shutting down organs. This thread if whether or not we will see complete cardiac arrest......

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:01 AM
Do I want a collapse to happen? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,
I don't. The first thing that comes to my mind is how many people will die
or be affected by change and I do not want that. Since, to me everyone
is truly equal, I will never understand how people don't care anymore
about other people's lives. It's like our world is decaying before our
eyes. There are people dying everyday fighting for, "change" and no one
seems to care about their familys or if that person even had a proper

However, I can't fight the feeling inside me that something is going to
happen. I don't know what or how but most likely something will happen;
just hopefully nothing catastrophic. I am concern as well that this dooms
day telling will bring out the worst in some people and bring them to kill,
steal, rape, and more because they truly believe the world is coming to an end.

Hope we all come out of this with a big sigh of relief that nothing happened.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:23 AM
Wild fires wipe out everything in their path to make way for new life. Shortly after the fire, shoots begin to grow and animals return. There will be victims and casualties. We are the victims of this economic wildfire but our future generations will reap the benefits of a fresh start.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:30 AM

Originally posted by Republican08
I personally do.

But I don't know why, I'm really just tired of what the world has come to.
But also a part of me doesn't want it to be chaotic. More discussions on this around the site though.

This is a disquieting first response to a serious question.

I have another question. Do you have kids? People that depend solely on you for every need? If so then I'm kind of shocked that you would wish that complete chaos will prevail.

I fear it. I have worked hard to eliminate my fear. I have had rough experiences that used to scare the hell out of me. I am past them. However, when it comes to my children and their well being I still have this fear.

Chaos means that tens or hundreds of millions die. Most from starvation. If you had kids that would be and unbearable thought.

I know that something has to change. That there are forces that feel they are above us 'normal' people trying to pull strings so that when everything is said and done they are holding all of the chips. However, I also believe in the human spirit. A spirit that these 'people' above us don't seem to have. Theirs is a spirit of greed. The 'human' spirit is what I have faith in.

If things get bad (not to the point of everything going to crap and the bulk of the population dying off) then I feel that the smaller communities will take care of their own. As long as there aren't evil jerks out there that will send military forces into these communities bent on the destruction of them I feel that we will survive this upheaval.

Beware what you wish for because you may get it. And when it arrives you may very well regret it.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:31 AM
There is no "economic wildfire". It's all on paper. It's "our" creation. Greedy humans at work against each other.

Houses are still there, empty, while people will live in tents.

This is a nice prophecy for the future. Our ancestors like Jules Verne who could only see "progress" could ask why. Are the people of the future crazy ? Kind of. More asleep I say, life was good and they all fell asleep.

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:40 AM
well with what we're doing to our planet and the animals on it, somethings gotta give. i think its karma. and i dont think the earth will let us destroy it. If we dont respect the balance of nature then i think we're about to be put back into line, one way or the other.

Also we do need to realize what a mess our society's in and how to change it for the better. i agree - we need to see the people who are running our country for what they really are as people - and all people in positions of power; and we need to see whats in ourselves that could be improved too- to make the world a better place. i dont think serving the interests of the self is going to get us anywhere - either as a species in the long run ;or personally in terms of fulfilment. why should we be happy, when we cant run our societies (and ourselves) to ensure that no child is ever starving to death, and no animal is suffering cruelty.

i will feel bad when everyone starts to suffer though.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:47 AM
i think it horrendous that any child or animal should suffer.

i feel bad when plants suffer too.

for some reason this seems to happen in this existance. maybe theres a way we could stop it , if we all put our minds to it.

or at least stop our own actions causing this suffering.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:59 AM
i agree - instead of paying more money to bankers, spending more and getting into more debt, why dont we fix the problem?

why dont we stop corruption?

or better still - like the poster above said - change our lives for the better (if everyone in the country took the warning, and changed their lifestyle, the whole world would change, and maybe we would survive this mess).

changing lifestyle would be : planting a vegetable garden, catching your own rainwater/having a dam; owning chickens for eggs; planting fruit trees; (being self reliant and reconnecting with nature/plants/planet); not being wasteful/ending consumerism - buy only what you absolutely need. recycle; dont buy new clothes all the time; dont buy new handbags/shoes, just live simply, with what you need to survive and be comfortable. try to use green power - (governments should be helping people achieve this).
turning off the tv more often and refusing to watch rubbish/be hypnotised by the mass media or really dumb tv shows. research things, read books, surf the net - dont believe anything unless you've done enough research on both sides of an issue to convince you of something.
cherish our children and family. otherwise whats the point having kids if you're never there to look after them. (dont have them if you cant)
take responsibilty for overpopulation on theplanet. go back to zero populn growth for a while - only have a kid to replace yourself and/or your partner; no more. be aware of the rights of animals to live undisturbed in their own habitat. we are not more important than other animals on this planet. nature doesnt think so. if we kill them all, i bet that she will kill all of us.
have systems in our society that ensure that children enjoy their childhood/time at school; that society looks after its sick/injured/elderly etc. that no one in society is allowed to go poor/hungry/homeless. if one person lives like this - what does that say about the rest of us; and do we really think that we aren't affected by this? we are all bound together. if one suffers, we all suffer. i think. i think its in our own interests to make sure none are suffering that we could help.
have respect for animals. if we wouldnt like to be in a cage, dont put them in a cage. if we wouldnt like to be moved from a tropical reef into a tiny fishbowl, dont do it to them. assume they have more intelligence than we realise - they probably do.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:01 AM
I most definitely do.

I want to see a return to a agricultural society but spread out enough so no entity will be able to claim governance and enforce taxation.

Essentially I want to be left alone on some healthy acreage. That's all I've ever wanted but currently there is somebody looking to "tax" and otherwise extort from me at every turn. I just want to be left the hell alone to live and die as I please.

Let it all burn down and let all the rampaging urban dependents kill themselves and each other with their own stupidity.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:06 AM

Originally posted by johnny2127
Interesting. Almost everyone WANTS this to happen.

People are hoping to live in Mad Max, The Postman, Post Apocolyptic world.

Guess that tells you one of two things:

1) How bad things are that people prefer what would come


2) How ignorant people are of how bad it would be

I guess my fear of #2 is why I want a more minor collapse. Something to shift humanity. Like burning the underbrush to prevent a catastrophic forest fire.

Then again, I do get why some people say a complete deforestation is needed. Scary

If US is collapsing, or US citizens are the ones that feel most their country is collapsing, (what should African countries say for all these years of poverty) BY ALL MEANS LET IT BE A LOCAL collapse people. No reasons to bring the whole humanity in to it.
You want doom?
You want destruction?
It is fine by the rest of us who don't live in the US.
Do your thing among your own people, since you all agree in this general doom and gloom, and leave humanity the hell alone to deal with its own problems.

So long and thanks for all the fish

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:10 AM
Pretty much asking for the Obama quote on change there!

I'm just hoping it won't be the change the top levels are after and more of a big kick in the balls for 'em.

I think some form of change is necessary to bring everything into balance every so often.. doesn't mean it has to be bad though - Just something big enough to wake up absolutely everyone
(thats politicians, skeptics, self aware robots included)

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