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your thoughts on the reality of these 'beings'

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by kidflash2008
reply to post by fallenangel97

15. Ghoul: A person who eats dead people. Not mythical, and I am sure there are sick individuals who do this.

We basically do that to to other animals, and really what's the difference between eating a dead cow and a dead person? Same thing for all intent and purpose.

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by fallenangel97

Excuse my unknowing, but what is a bestet and fae?

Line 2 asks the same question!

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 11:19 AM
Think of this as you will. but i am a firm believer in vampires. and i would just like to put down some reasons why I and many others believe in what we do. my name is Bella but don't think im a twilight obsessed fan im only in this because i am a vampire believer and always have been:

1) If vampires are truly as clever, intelligent and evolved as myth and legend make them out to then is it any wonder why they haven't yet been properly discovered and have been able to blend in with the scene of the normal day life of a human with out a hitch?

2) think to a few years back, when scientists said that absolutely nothing could live to a certain point in the ocean as the pressure at the bottom was so strong anything that went down there would inevitably ... die? well years later they found a whole new species! aquatic creatures that we would never of dreamed of. and that shows that people get it wrong, it shows that scientist can be wrong sometimes... dead wrong.

and yes what if vampires have tried reaching out to us? Like if a newly created vampire is lonely and wants, needs to tell someone about him/her so it can take the strain off them, but by the time they try to convince us, a fellow vampire or a coven member has told them the dangers and has convinced him/her vampire that they cant tell anyone or else? and then the lonesome vampire has simply agreed.

4) the last and most puzzling but true reason. Shouldn't we be finding ways to prove why they cant exist not ways to show they do? i mean there is more proof showing they do, from sightings and odd events and history staitments. There is no proof that they don't exist accsept from the fact that there isn't any to show 100% that they do. so if anyone ever says they do not exist then ask them for the proof. I bet they cant show you any and never will. I don't know if we ever will know if they 100% do exist but look at the facts and the science of it all. we have prodigies, physics, and extrodanary people in this world which should be impossible so why not vampires?

Thanks for reading

Any questions that are sensible i am happy to answer


posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 12:28 AM
ok im goona tackle this huge list its a good one and im bored so here you go my take on your list.

1.vampire --- ok just about every culture has had stories, myths, legends and religons that accepted some form of vampiric creature heres a small sampling copied from another post of mine "well according to most folklore on the many variations of vampires their bite has very little to do with becoming one. usually in the western nations reasons like dieing with out being baptized, having red hair, dying with out the last rights being performed, not getting a proper burial.

in ancient Sumaria there was the ekimmu a form of phantom psychic vampires who were created by a violent death or improper burial.

one Hindu vampire called the langsuir was created when a woman would die soon after discovering her baby was stillborn and she didn't have fangs she sucked blood through a hole in the back of her neck and could even become human again if someone cut her hair and nails and stuffed them in the hole in her neck.

the Tibetan book of the dead describes 58 blood drinking deities that live in underworld they were referred to as those wrathful deities.

there's also 3 related vampires. these are the hantu saburo a vampire who commands packs of dogs to hunt his victims then feeds, the next is the hantu dodong who lives in caves and feeds off the blood of animals. finally there's the hantu parl who searches for wounded people and then drinks there blood while there helpless

moving on to china we come to the chiang-shih a nocturnal creature who was created by a person dying a violent death with his spirit unable to be at peace he would rise and hunt down his victims and rip them to shreds and feed on them, he was also hard to catch or confront because he could fly, its similar to some western vamps in the respect that garlic and running water would keep them away and fire was generally considered the best way to kill them, the strangest thing about this variation of vamp is they cant dig out of their grave it would have to escape before its body had been buried.

going south in the pacific to Australia the aboriginal people believed in a strange vampire that wasn't undead or even human it was called yara-ma-yha-who it was a short creature who lived in fig trees and would jump out on to people and attack them with its suction cup like fingers sucking the victims blood.

there you have a very small selection of various vampires from non western areas as the western especially the European vampires are easy enough to find loads of folk lore on. you see unlike the movies that Hollywood has produced and the imaginations of fiction writers which have very lil in common with most folklore and history of vampirism, the vampire is not a tragic anti-hero seducing young men and woman and bemoaning their solitary existence in the shadows (oh the angst, woe is me). the real history of vampires is varied and sometimes horrific and sometimes sacred as with the Tibetan and Nepalese lords of death or the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth kali. "

2.werewolf ---- werewolves is again a extremly varied myth set. shapeshifters have been talked about by many many cultures through history with wolves being only the tip of that iceberg. the norse had berserkers who dressed in bear skins and supposedly could even change shape in to a raging bear. the loup garou was a person who was said to change in to a wolf usualy using a belt made from wolf skins, the selkie were humans who changed in to seals by once again donning a seals skin, witches were supposedly able to change shape as well. so tales of people becoming animals are very common in history and folklore.

3.chupacabra --- there is evidence to suggest that the chupa is a real beast but the discriptions vary largly depending on the area sightings take place in in the usa sightings tend to be of unknown canines but the reports out of south and central america describe a much stranger being that doesent match a description of any known species, the large amount of dead animals left in the wake of sightings does make one wonder just what are people seeing.

4.alien ---- i belive aliens certainly do exsist and come in several species the evidence for this one is rather large and well detailed.

5.angel---- i belive angels do exsist as another poster said as a interdemensional species possibly with the ability to appear to onlookers in a guise based of the persons belifes as a form of disguise. i also belive angels are as the myths and folk lore suggests much much older then christianity and the other abrahamic religons for more info on angels id suggest looking in to zorastrianisim it may open your eyes to other interpratations of angelic beings.

6.fallen angel--- as another poster said i belive a fallen angels is simply a christian construct and that such a thing is redundent remember theres a reason the angels almost always say "be not afraid" because there the bringers of judgement and punishment often in the lore.

7.banshee --- the beansidhe is a variation of the sidhe from celtic lore. see my answer for fae.

8.bastet---- im goona go ahead and gues that your meaning werecats when saying bastet (a term used in the world of darkness roleplaying game for shape changers who become cats). so ill say see my reply for werewolves.

9.bigfoot ---- there is overwhelming evidence that hairy hominids exsist.just about all over the world there are sightings and historical records of such beings. dog/hellhound ----dogs have featured in myth and folklore surronding the underworld. the modern concept of hell as we know is extremly diffrent from its origins as sheol or land of the dead. the greek underworld hades has a three headed dog named cerebus that gaurded the gates, the celtic tradition had the hounds used in the wild hunt, im unsure as to the reality of these beasts but i belive phantom hounds are common enough in lore that there may be a basis in reality.

11.demon ---- once again a hugely varied myth set. the chinese demon and the buddhist demon are so diffrent from the abrahamic religons demons as to be diffrent creatures all together. i belive if there is such a thing the truth of the matter lies most likly in a interdimensional being as with angels they may even be the same after all if a angels showed up and killed your friend youd think it demonic so likely angels and demons are the same beings just colored by human perception.

12.dragon ---- i belive dragons may have exsisted and possibly still do but just like the vampire has been so altered by fiction and movies aswell as games to be unrecognizable. i belive that large reptillian creatures possibly winged did or possibly still do exsist but as a natural animal not a firebreathing , english speaking monster who hoards treasure and eats virgins.

13.fae --- ah the good folk, i belive that the original potrayels of the fae as being who lived in a "otherworld" and occasionaly show up in our world to entertain themselves or possibly abduct someone, the amount of variation of species of fae leads me to belive that there are various interdimensional beings that cross over from there dimension to ours for what ever reason. and that they as with angels and demons have the capability to customize there apperance to suite there purposes and that they may all be of the same interdimensional species.

14.ghost ---- i myself highly belive in the exsistance of ghosts. but thats because i belive in the concept of a soul and if the soul exsists then sience it has no mass that can be measured must be a form of energy and sience energy cant be destroyed only altered i belive a ghost is just that, a alteration of the energy of the soul after the death of the physical body.

15.ghoul ---- ahhh the ghoul one of my faves, i belive in the possibility of ghul's but that they were probly wiped out our went in to hiding as humanity grew beyond the campfires to citys.

16.mermaid---- i belive that mermaids, and bishop fish were misidentified fae and that as with the fae are interdimensional which explains lak of physical remains.

17.mngwa ---- probly large unknown feline or mutation.

18.phoenix ----i belive that the phoenix and the other "fire birds" most likely are either long extinct sience sightings have preety much died out or never exsisted physicly and were either religous or spiritual metaphors or misidentfied phenomena.

19.poltergeist --- same as a ghost except pissed off or bored.

20.nessie----- possibly a prehistoric animal locked in the area, chances are its either a species we know very lil about or a species we dont know of at all i go with the former personaly its possible its a single animal with a outstanding life span (not to hard to belive when the giant tortoise lives well over a hundred years in captivity and a unknown period in the wild but suspected to easily double that ) or it may have had young and the young have taken its place in sighting s of the beast and hasent over populated because of the size of its habitat.

21.sea serpent ---- the oceans are huge and the amount of serpent sightings so vast and well documented there almsot certainly a real species or collection of species.

22.thunderbird ---- large mystery birds have been seen all over the world from the thunderbird to the roc of myth and lore. i belive they probly exsisted at some point have become extinct or nearly so in the last few centurys.

23.jersey devil ----- i belive there certainly is something unknown in the pine barrens and surronding areas is it the leeds devil? no one knows but the reports continue to come in so something is there.

24.if it is possible to become any of these and how---- frankly no one knows vampires are made according to lore for everything from lack of proper burial, having red hair, comming grievouse crimes and the list is infinite. shapeshifters origins usualy point to a occult source such as magic spells, curses, and item. personaly id rather be human were strange enough without adding vampirisim or shapeshifting but hey to each there own.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 12:39 AM
1.vampire - possibly. there was a race of giants mentioned in the old testament of the bible referred to as rephaim. the final translation of the word ends up being "the undead" and has an alternate connection to healing, like a physician who heals the dead so they arise as the undead. it has a distant reference to blood drinking (not sure how this applies because of the physician/healer reference - could just as easily be an example of blood transfusion. i really don't know
2.werewolf - not sure.
3.chupacabra - hybrid?
4.alien - yep
5.angel - yep
6.fallen angel - yep
7.banshee - maybe
8.bastet - possibly
9.bigfoot - hybrid ? dog/hellhound - not sure
11.demon - yep
12.dragon - yep
13.fae - not sure
14.ghost - yep
15.ghoul - maybe
16.mermaid - hybrid?
17.mngwa - ?
18.phoenix - not sure
19.poltergeist - maybe
20.nessie - hybrid?
21.sea serpent - hybrid?
22.thunderbird - not sure
23.jersey devil - eh. not sure.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 04:49 PM
Okay, I'll bite...

1.vampire - I believe there are those who 'feed' on the energy of others. These people are not very nice.
2.werewolf. Nope. Feral children, maybe? Remember a "lunatic" is one who is adversely affected by lunar cycles. Lots of folklore/fairy stories rolled together.
3.chupacabra - Unsure. See below*
4.alien - Pretty sure that we are not alone.
5.angel - All comes down to definition. Winged and holy? Probably not. Benevolent/Malevolent spirit manifestation? Possibly.
6.fallen angel - Are we talking Nephilim? If so, possibly e.t./missing link
7.banshee - Spirit manifestation.
8.bastet - no idea what this is, and not researching.
9.bigfoot - Unsure. See below. dog/hellhound - No comment.
11.demon - Possible spirit malevolent manifestation
12.dragon - Unsure. See below. However, there's too many coincidences through history to absolutely refute. Possibly allegorical myth, possibly an extinct species (not going for 'fire breathing'. Spitting cobra parallel?)
13.fae - Possible spirit manifestation.
14.ghost - Possible spirit manifestation.
15.ghoul - Like Jeffrey Dahmer?
16.mermaid - Unsure. See below.
17.mngwa - Not researching. No comment. If cryptozoological, see below.
18.phoenix - No. Allegorical myth.
19.poltergeist - Usually a manifestation of energy from an individual. Psychokenisis.
20.nessie - Unsure. See below.
21.sea serpent - Unsure. See below.
22.thunderbird - Unsure. See below.
23.jersey devil - Unsure. See below.

Cryptozoology: I'm leaving all this in the 'unsure' pile. There was a case recently where the lowland gorilla was thought to be seriously threatened, with very few left in the wild. Then, 3000 in one troop suddenly appeared.
So, it's entirely possible that there are creatures on earth that we really have no clue about. We just haven't looked that hard for them. It's also possible that there are creatures of et origin. We have rats on ships, right? Only logical that if et exists, there are odd creatures stowing away on their ships. I'd love to see more evidence, like a real body, or such, but we're too busy sending rockets up to really educate ourselves on what is on this planet. There's also the possibility that some of these are spirit manifestations.

Spirit Manifestations: I do firmly believe in this. These can take many different forms, but usually it all comes down to some kind of communication of some description. Some of these forms may be driven by what the recipient is expecting or is capable of acknowledging due to social, religious, or environmental restraints.

ET: Yes, I believe. Not sure that every grainy picture or video is proof, but I feel that we're not alone in the universe.

We need to try to educate ourselves as well as entertain ourselves. The 'Hollywood' versions of any or all of the above are never going to be even close to the reality.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 05:22 PM


Most likely has some basis in fact (Vlad the Impaler, Elizabeth of Bathory, Porphyria victims, etc.) and then was later greatly exaggerated once folklore was added into the mix.


Some basis in fact but, again, perverted with folklore. In some occult circles, there are those who grow out their body hair, do not bathe, eat raw meat, are extremely violent and feral, etc. They are sometimes designated 'werewolves' and are often avoided and feared by other occult members. But they don't shape shift at the full moon, in other words.

21.sea serpent
23.jersey devil

They possibly exist. In my opinion, they're simply some mundane species not fully discovered or known about yet. Back before the gorilla was discovered, witnesses told some of the craziest accounts and gave some very far-fetched descriptions of the creatures. After officially discovering the gorillas, they accounts were proven to be highly embellished. So if any of the above creatures exist, I have a feeling it would be along those lines.


Possible but I don't know. Aliens- possible. Ghosts- could be the deceased or some form of demonic manifestation. Poltergeist- could be the deceased, demonic activity, or some form of phenomenon caused by telekinetic energy.

6.fallen angel

Due to my Christian beliefs and some personal encounters, I believe the above exist.


Possibly existed at one time but the accounts were greatly exaggerated. Or they still currently exist (some form of reptile or dinosaur throw-back) but were greatly exaggerated.


I don't believe any of the above do or did exist.

8.bastet dog/hellhound

I'm not familiar with any of these things.

24.if it is possible to become any of these and how

Well, if they actually exist, the only one I could see you becoming is a ghost. lol You could pretend to be a vampire or you could display the actions of the werewolf I described above and, sure, if you want to go around to graveyards eating the dead then be my guest. But it would be my opinion someone who did such things would be forcing themselves into that role while pretending. It wouldn't be the genuine, stereotypical belief of those things like a human who changes into a wolf at the full moon or a vampire who is allergic to the sun.

Fun thread!

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