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Proposed public works ordinance (Probably in preparation for stimulus money)

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 01:11 PM
My mom is the secretary for an alderman in my city. She sent me this asking what I thought of it (It's not passed yet). Methinks you'll be seeing something like this in other medium/major sized cities.

This ordinance makes several changes relating to the requirements of the participation of city residents in public works contracts, requirements for developers receiving direct financial assistance from the city, local business enterprise contracting standards and sanction and penalty provisions for these matters. Participation of City Residents in Public Works Contracts This ordinance makes several changes to the requirements under participation of city residents in public works contracts. The changes include:
1.) The definition of resident is changed to include all persons who maintain their place of permanent abode within the entire city, not just the CDBG area.
2.) Worker hours is defined and excludes all hours performed by non-Wisconsin residents.
3.) The definition of unemployed is changed to include low-income individuals regardless of employment status.
4.) It is required that 40% of the worker hours, unless the department of public works determines there is sufficient reason to impose a lesser requirement, shall be performed by unemployed residents and that the contractor give fair consideration to all segments of the population including women and minorities. The number of hours subject to the 40% requirement is based on the total number of hours associated with a contract excluding all hours performed by out-of-state workers.
5.) The residents preference program established by this section shall be reviewed by the common council, in consultation with the mayor, on or before October 1 of each year. Community Participation in Development Agreements This ordinance applies to any developer of a project that receives $1 million or more in direct financial assistance from the city.

Remember that thread about white male construction workers?


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