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Too many words to list

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:23 PM
A poem I was to write, till it grew out of site and had too many words to list, so with out further a do and a contest I blew because I couldn’t bring myself to deduct any of my memories from back then…..

Fashion show displays were the fun of the night, when Grandma & Grandpa would turn off the TV at night. In our long sleeping gowns, minus the crowns, we would dazzle the grandparents by twisting our gowns. We would name each display on a whim you might say, Ahhh those were the days when grandparents were still grandparents…unlike today.

From mowers to tillers & chickens abound, on my grandpa’s lap- yes! He would let us drive the tractor around. From Oliver to Jenny & all those old cars, nothing was more fun… than my grandpa’s farm.

With slumber parties in the orchard amid dozens of friends to coyotes that scared us back when we were kids. My grandma & grandpa they cherished us much, but dealt with us swiftly by warming our butts. When respect & honor was the deal of that time…you must not falter or your arse would be on the line.

Salt-water beaches to drift logs galore, yes, that was fun too when we went out to explore. From sand dunes, sand shrimp, sea onions & more, we played until dark then my mother would bark for us all to come in-doors. Then sun up would come, yes once again & off we would go to play with our friends.

Those were the days when you could go for hours un-missed! We’d walk into town & just loaf around with soda bottles to trade for a prize. We pick Chick-o-sticks, Pop Rocks, candy cigarettes & juicy Bubble Yum! Then came the rumors that ruined our yum. From spider eggs in bubble yum to pop-rocks blowing children up, my mother forbid us to have them…God that was really messed up!

Bicycles with banana seats to the click-it-tee-clack of playing cards that made such a rack! There was no limit to the imagination back then, everyday was an adventure with no video games to jumble our minds, we were self-entertaining & we had a good time!

I was scared of Vampires, Rook-a-rooks, Werewolves, Getchya-gommies & Monsters that prey. The werewolf man under my bed, gave me many of hours of insomnia at night, to go potty in the dark was a brave endeavor back then…I had to stand on my bed and jump for dear life or the werewolf would grab me & then eat me up!

Sometimes I wonder about children today? What do they experience? If by my asking…. will they say?

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