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Is it just me??I have had a weird feeling for months

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 11:27 AM
It's as if Something is about to happen and it makes me sad.

I am not mentally ill folk's lol
Nor have i ever been.

And i am not religious..

But it's like certain event's have happen that seem like deja vu.

Like a counter ticking time off to a event so horrible i get freaked trying to put in word's what i think it may be.

If that make's any sense what so ever.

But has anyone else had this feeling for around the last 2 to 3 months ...
It's a real strong feeling of knowing something is about to happen that you don't want to happen...But you know even if you knew positive what it was you could not stop it.

I know it's sounds crazy but im telling you i can't shake the feeling ...
Something really really bad is gonna happen.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by TheAmused

Listen to the feeling.

Trust it and find out what it is.

Somethings calling you, will you listen??

Take it for what it is or leave it.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by XXXN3O

I know what i think the feeling is.
But as i told you i am not religious..

So i have ignored it.
But it's getting to the point of everyone will see it soon i feel and there will be no reason for me to speak my mind or what i think any ways.

As i said nothing i say or do will change what i think is about to happen.

That's why i wanted to know if anyone else is having roughly this same predicament.
So it can help me make my mind up

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:04 PM
nope, it's just you...sorry...get some help...all the rest of us are just joyful, and bliss is everywhere you look!!

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:07 PM
Look at all the NWO predictions etc on this site.

Look at all the things happening in the world.

Look at everything any way you want because in the end it is all the same thing.

Look in the mirror.

It all leads back to the same thing.

You just answered your own question with what you replied to me.

Did I mention religion.............think about that as it is not a direct question.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:09 PM
I am not dismissing your concerns, and think what you describe is explainable. I think these feelings correspond a lot with the timing of your membership here. Maybe you harbor these feelings because you are reading about all of these topics that Main stream media like to ignore, by being here you are becoming more aware.

I would try to work on my thought process if I were you. Instead of focusing on something is going to happen and fearing it, try to think in a solution based manner, it empowers one and does a lot to erase fear, which is the culprit for your feelings. Also, thinking positively and deep breathing daily exercises will help bring inner peace.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:09 PM
i know exactly what you mean. i think many people at the moment, especially with all the negative events in the world at the moment, feel something big is around the corner.

i feel this for sure. its not so much dejavu for me, but more like, something has to happen. its like earthquakes. the longer it goes without one, the worse the quake in the end.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:14 PM
We're being bathed in bad and ominous news daily. Things are sliding down the chute as the economy and world unravel. This is going to heighten anyone's sense of an impending 'event'. Everything is leading to 'something', right?

Not necessarily. It may 'feel' that way. It does to lots of us. But that doesn't mean there actually is any endpoint to all of this. We're programmed for events to evolve following predictable patterns. That notion is constatntly reinforced (subtly) by our television programming and music. That carries over to our processing of event trends. It's a learned behavior. But that in no way guarantees that anything specific is going to happen. It just 'feels' that way.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:33 PM
I would have say the same thing, I too have been having this awkward feeling of potential dread. Things just seem like they have been falling into place for something much bigger then any one person on this earth could possibly be aware of... But, Then again...It may have to do with the medications I take for my Back/nerve issues, they kinda make me loopy and off the wall sometimes. I really hope its just the meds, if not I pray mother earth shelters us from the coming storm.


posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

Well. You should always trust what your feelings are telling you. In this case you have a feeling that something is bound to happen to us somewhere in the planet right?

It would help if you told us or me what exactly you think is going to happen. I had this feeling for a couple of days or so before and that was half a year ago and nothing from my knowledge happen and I felt a feeling of something big was going to happen. Even though it may not be around that period where I felt something happen doesn't mean it will happen in the future.

Perhaps your feeling of something bad will happen was the same feeling that I got. I too felt the same way before and I am not sure what it was. My feeling was that I believed that something was to emerge and it would harm a lot of people. Such as death. It may have already came to past after the fact. But, now I do not know if it is yet to happen.

You should try and meditate on this and see if you can provide some information on what you feel, to what you see during your meditation process. It doesn't have to be fancy meditation. Just listen to your favorite music or something that calms you down. I would say something that puts you in trance and just lay on the floor of your house or an open space and meditate on this feeling and see if you can see it.

It may not happen instantly. It may happen in a couple of days or weeks or months. But, eventually you will start to see the things that come to you. Because I want to know. If not you can just tell us what you think will happen or what you feelings are telling you what might happen.

Is people going to get harmed, by this?
Money problem?

What else?


posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

Wow thats weird cause we was just talkig about this in chat lol

i have certainly been having this odd feelig of anticipation for a very long tie sometimes i get it really really bad like an incredible feeling of somethnig happenin, like something big lol

i used to have deja vous a hell of alot aswell im talking a few times a day which i personally thought was pretty cool

so dont worry about it seriously your not the only one

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 01:19 PM
I think one only needs to spend about 1 minute on ATS to see that many people have the same feeling and many things are happening that are ignored by the MSM that seem to be pointing to something bad. While this can be a little scary, the thing to do is to not assume that the bad thing will happen, only that something may happen and be prepared for it. Learn some survival techniques and stock up on some essentials. Several places online to learn things from as well as shows like Survivorman (Les Stroud is amazing) will show you a few things. That way you are somewhat prepared for a survival situation if you need to be and if nothing happens, you have extra food for when you're a little short on cash and extra skills for camping.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 02:25 PM
I Know the exact time i started getting these feeling's.
They have just got stronger last 2 too 3 month's.

Let me try to explain this from the may sound flat crazy as all get out.

When about 15 years old i had the same dream for 5 day's.
The dream was always the same.
It was a Woman that i meet fall in love and have kid's.
It was always the same woman.. but different event's..and we aged but we was the same people just aged some.
After 5 day's of nothing but dreaming of her i could remember everything about her..face body hair eye's voice ect.. When i woke up even day dreamed i remember a few time's because the dreams was so real like.

But on the 5th day the final day of the dreams something happened.
Something i can't write in word's..Just because it pertains to what i call biblical end of the world stuff.
And as i said before i am not even remotely religious or have ever been in my life.

But after a few days i let it all pass and wrote it off to a childhood dream.
Never to think of it again.

Now i was 25 years old when i met my wife.
And have plum forgot about any dreams i may have had..and had no reason to even dwell on it.Why would i you know.
Something seemed odd and familiar about her as if i knew her.
But i blew that off as to i was getting the good' know what i meen lol

Until one day 1 week after we was dating.
Was driving down the road and she turns to me and say's something.
For some unknown reason i knew exactly what she was gonna say...EXACTLY...
So i was looking at her like Wtf it must be daja vu or something...

Then i realize she is wearing the same cloths as the girl in my dreams 10 years ago and look's just like her..even sound's like her..and i remember her asking me that exact same question...
For no reason after 10 Years i get dragged full circle kinda from a dream to reality.if you can get what im saying lol
And it hit's me like a brick the second i realized i do know this girl.
At least best way i can explain.

I can't and have not even tried to explain this to her.
But i did tell my mother my dream i was having when i was 15 and once i told her what the kid's name's was and the girl i was with.
I asked her last month after 18+ years of the dream if she remembered me telling her the names of the kids and wife i had in my dream.
She said not off hand but i wrote it in my diary..i write everything. in it.

The next day she call's me to come look what she wrote down...
But told me if i looked on the other pages she would kill me.

It was my wife of 9 year's name..
with both of my kid's i have now for real...names wrote down all those years ago.
Plus+++ i let her name the kid's i had no decisions in it what so ever.
Spooky to say the least at least for me.

But alot has happen off and on with the deja vu from the dreams once we have been together.
And to be honest i still don't see it coming till it happens..
There is no fore warning Like tomorrow i bet she does this or today this will happen.
But when it happens i automatically know it was from that dang dream i had at age 15.

Dread so to speak always follows because i am a rational man.
If i know for a fact i was showed all of the event's with my wife and kid' age 15..i know it sounds crazy..hell i admit that.

But it's happening.
Does that not meen the 5th day of my dream will soon come to pass?

Logically speaking if all the other event's happen.
Logically speaking the other would to.
And that is what i think is eating me up...WHAT IF???

I will not say exactly what i saw on the 5th day.
I will not say how old me and my wife looked in my dream.
I will not even say how old my kids looked n my dreams when it happens.

Because this is not intended to try to predict the future or what not.
It just happens to me.

You can call me the crazy man ...hell i would if i was in your boat's.

Either i am a madman..or it's real.
And if you knew me . you would realize i am not crazy or mad.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 02:33 PM
I noticed you joined ATS about 2 months ago. Are you sure you're not letting what you read on here get inside your head? It's easily done, I do it myself (on purpose, cos I'm freaky like that)

Maybe you came here after acting on these feelings. In which case I'll just go stand over here.... ( I have had a strange feeling before, as have many others. Mine's more exited that scared though)

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 10:37 PM
I too sense something huge is about to happen in the near future.
I'm unsure what that might be but I do sense in the end its gonna be some sort of massive awakaning of epic proportions. I always sensed this was a superficial world since I was a very young lad. At times it seemed everything in this world was fake and I had troubles seperating truth from fact seeing how almost every known fact was really just a theory. I guess thats what happens when you are part of a race that hasnt gotten the slightest clue of our very own existance other than theories and tampered religions. I feel like the truth and knowledge is deliberately hidden and withheld against our will and until we fight for this truth we will never evolve into our full potential and end up killing eachother to the brink of extinction. Perhaps thats exactly what I'm sensing and I've answered my own question. I'm what I'd like to call myself as.. a truth seeker. I hate being lied to and I want the truth and I will die fighting for this unknown truth I seek as messed up as that sounds. The truth is at this moment; we are cattle and some of us are starting to realize that and are straying away from the herd. I'm tired of being manipulated through fear or because of a lie and I didnt know any better. We as people are treated like fools. We are lied to, manipulated through so many different methods, our foods are being poisoned along with our air we breathe and the envirnonment around us, over taxed and its taking its toll. No wonder there is an awakaning. We are all finally waking up and noticing we're all slaves. We have corporations like Monsanto poisoning our food and trying to patent life. We have the FDA thats suppose to protect us and is allowing our foods to be contaminated. We have Religions we're suppose to beleive in used against us in war like the 'good' versus 'evil' propaganda. I see more and more priests raping young children in this day and age it makes me wanna vomit. Religions have been involved in almost every war. We have Banks and massive corporations running the government. The government sacrifices (murders) its own people to get where and what it wants. Obviously somethings gotta give. We can only be cornered and poked with a stick before we finally either give up or do something about it.

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 09:24 AM
Everyone watches movies. And we're all aware of how the director will use certain musical themes, lighting and camera angles to build suspense. To telegraph that something is about to happen. The same phenomenon is playing out in the media today --- both broadcast and online. We are all battered by a relentless mantra of doom and gloom that gets worse every day. The 'pattern recognition' mechanisms in our psyche assemble all this input and attempt to ascertain an outcome. We're all left with an uneasy sense of foreboding. That's not to say that some event may not be on the horizon but that our sense of something coming is manufactured internally.

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 12:04 AM
I know how you feel.I too have had the same feeling that something is in the planning stage that will effect the whole global community.

Maybe something like this?

The decision has been made.The process has begun.

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