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The Spread of Fear?

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 10:08 AM
It seems to me that everywhere we turn in our country we are constantly bombarded with fear. Planes are falling out of the sky, 2012 end times, murder, drugs, home invasions, crime, meteors, the economy is failing, confiscation of guns and ammunition, FEMA camps, mind control, wars, bailouts, food shortages, gas shortages… ad nauseum.

The entire time, we lock ourselves inside our homes and cower in fear. I am sick of fear and I can no longer stand to watch the network or local news. “News” no longer informs, but instills fear to the masses. The journalists are no longer witnesses to news but participants in the indoctrination of the masses.

Television stations openly try to get business by advertising their own market penetration which translates into mind numbed zombies who tune in to their programming. They are so eager to indoctrinate others for you in exchange for money. “What? Your product is contaminated? No worries, we will just advertise that the contaminants are added value! No journalistic expose’ on the truth as long as the advertising checks clear.

I am horrified by the dumbing down of America and how proud everyone is about it. If you aren’t a logical, rational human being, you are dealt ridicule and taunted as a “whack job” or a “nut job,” especially if you use science and logic to disprove the lies of the hive mentality.

What makes me so sick is that the word “truth” has become derogatory as in “truther.” Since when did hive mind become popular? When did it become cool to blindly believe in “authority” even when their words are ridiculous? Marsh gas comes to mind. How many people have actually seen spontaneously combusting marsh gas? Really!

If our Universe is indeed holographic in nature and we get out of it what we put in, then the spread of fear will make our worst fears come to fruition. Is this what the NWO intends? Do they wish to control us through our very own fear?

Where does it end? I have no idea. I am optimistic, however, because I see a lot of people here who share my thoughts on the matter and that in itself gives such hope for our future. Truth is becoming contagious and is rubbing off in a neighborhood near you.

What can we do to combat the spread of fear?

In the end, will it be truth which shall set us all free?

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 10:21 AM
You have good points and those are some of the reasons I stopped watching the news and TV in general, If you go out to a lake with nobody around and relax, you soon forget about all the negativities around you. No human made noise, but the sounds of real life.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 11:59 AM
It's the entropic society imo.

Reality is a fractal construct that complexifies up from a basic energetic vibration, which has it's emotional expression as love, which, through it's absence, implies a state of entropy which has it's emotional expression as fear. This waveform of love and fear, energy and entropy, creates the basic duality which submultiplies into the complexity we all experience as reality.

If love is an energy state and fear is an entropy state, it becomes natural for the enemies of humanity (which we can identify as the psychopathic minority of emotionally disfunctional humans, we are our own enemy) to use it against the majority of human beings who are focused on raising their own energy levels through a love based emotional mindset. That's why we are being bombarded by fear, because people want us slowed down, disenfrachised, dead, and they create, through their own emotional entropy, the memetic background to achieve this negative emotional spread through human society. It's emotional warfare, as low a level of psychological warfare as can be achieved.

We have created a society based on negatives. Competition, Individualism, Greed, Scarcity, etc. These are all expressions of fear based emotional profiles. As such our very fabric of society is coming apart, we are being destroyed, from the inside out by our own emotions. Ordo ab Chaos, divide and conquor.

This is why a lot of proponents of love, or being perceived as such, are sacrificed by the occultist powers that be. They, who have chosen the shadows, the entropy, can't let love gain a foothold, because, like a wildfire, it would cleanse our whole society and create a fertile ground for a different type of society to grow.

Stop watching the news. Be kind to your neighbours. Grow plants. Be creative. Find love in your life. Increase your own vibration through love. And the entropy, without even having to be fought, will just wither away. It's a tough change to make, it's not like I have achieved it yet, but it's the way, of that I'm sure.

We don't fight the negative with negatives, we overcome the negative by seeking positives. We overcome entropy with natural order, which is the same as saying we surpass fear with love.

Even words have an emotional content, if you see reality as a dualistic structure with either order or entropy, love and fear, as the baseline. Even language has an energetic charge. So even what we think and say adds to the total energetic load or drain in the system. And, most importantly, it can do so exponentially through the influence on others.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by Zepherian

That was some good stuff. Thanks for your deep thoughts. It completely makes sense. Knowing the path is so different from walking the path. I work very hard every day at watching the things I put into the Universe and I am trying to wish nothing but positive towards others. Some days it is very easy and other days it is not. There are by far more easy days.

As I have stated before, more and more people are getting a clue as to how this all works. I think that there is a large group of people who are pressing a lot of buttons to irritate the masses.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by xman_in_blackx

It's the occultism sects who are doing all this. The spawn of the first priests, who were the spawn of con artists and liars, of psychopathic parasites, the subgroup of humans who tend to rise to the top of hierarchical structures in our society. Exactly who they are I don't know. It's not that important to know. But with some knowledge of history, psychology, theology and a few other ologys the image becomes clear of what happened.

In short, the lie just grew over time. First it was "give me the best house in the village or the dragon will eat the sun", which is to say one of the first left brainers figured out what an eclipse was and used his knowledge for an entirely personal agenda. Then, as per the atraction principle, this sort of individual networked with others likeminded, and this was the genesis of organised religion and of hierarchical male dominance structures (which themselves are up the fractal from primate male dominance). Over time this entropy in our society broke our links to nature, to the natural loving order and our whole society lost it's way. After a few millenium we hit a technological development exponential and we find ourselves in this mess we are in now. But it really is just entropy, over time our society lost truth, which is what we tell to those we love, and replaced it with lies, which is what we use to control people we, for one reason or another, fear (the desire to control is an expression of fear, the fear of powerlessness, of for lack of control being controlled, which is a psychopathic mindset).

Kings, Politicians, Policemen and the Military all came after priests. And priests came after con artists. I would not be surprised if priests are, at the end of the day, behind all this even today, although I don't know this. But oh boy do I have a hunch. I wouldn't be surprised to see a priest religion, the occultist mystery religion so many people talk about, which allows a few very well connected con artists to manipulate the spiritual energy of the world, not through any actual spiritual connection, which is always an individual and interior process, but out of simple con artistry, out of mythomania. Out of lies. Out of fear.

It's just a little bit of history repeating... and to repeat is the same as vibrate. And vibration is the same as sound. And this shows what people have to tune out of their lives

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