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False-flag in this month on middle-east ?

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:07 AM
I have a very strong instinct that there are going to be a several false-flag attacks on the middle east on this month (March 2009).

The shadow goverment (illuminati) need these false-flag events, because they want to invade Iran and it's oil, like in Iraq.

This false-flag event might be a nuclear attack, because the Zionists have planned that this war would bring the WW3 in the world.

And this global war will end between USA and Russia, who got a small nuclear war and the date and year is a very hard to predict but it will be also the final battle between the elite and human freedom.

The Illuminati still wants this fascist world goverment by any trick and one is this staged alien invasion, which haven't done yet and there is one plann to bring this out on the year 2012 London Olympics.

It would off-course bring the horrible big false-war with aliens... And it would bring a lot of fear among us, but in the future there is a year and timeline when the Anunnaki race will appear to us and it's after 2012.

And the power elite is scared about this race. Because the Anunnaki humanoid race was that race who invade our planet over 60 000 years ago and those times they started to slave us. And when this race left about 10 000 years ago, they left the power to their heirs, who are now in power.

But we need to know that this Anunnaki race's agenda was already luciferian... And this luciferian agenda will end after 2012 to this final battle of our human freedom. Because the reptilian/luciferian agenda cannot rule us after 2020. That is the final death-line of our galactic time-period. That's why the illuminati is planning to build the final world goverment before 2020. But also they don't want us to meet the friendly aliens of the galactic federation of light, so that's why they need to stage the alien invasion. So the human would scare the aliens. But i gotta tell you, that this fake alien invasion is not victory to the global elite...

I'm sorry if this thing was too scary to read... These are real things and we really must spread the word out there.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:20 AM
you are sorry because it was scary to read?

It gave me a big smile on my face when you put every conspiracy theory into one, You did miss the Loch ness monster as well as Big foot, but they will probably be fighting along side us putting the aliens into FEMA camps.

Sorry but the more I read conspiracies, the more I tend to disbelieve them, there is something going on, but there is also a lot of disinfo getting about as well.

Can I ask whee this revelation came from?


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