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Southend-on-sea 8th march

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 06:03 AM
Ok , yesterday evening (8th of march) at about 9/half past 9, I was up in my room chilling out with a cigarette and a book. I looked out of my window, my eye drawn to a point of bright light, and put down my book almost immediately. Switching off the lights in my room, I ran to the window, being sure that I had seen something like this before.
Peering out from the window I saw another point of light join the first. I called to my mother and her friend to come up stairs and confirm that I wasnt being silly. On thier arrival they agreed with me that the lights which we were seeing, were not like any planes or aircraft that we were familiar with.
Over the next two hours , we witnessed various patterns made by these objects, sometimes as many as seven lights , other times just one light. All of them were an orange colour, and sometimes so bright as to make one squint. We observed these objects with both the naked eye, and a small pair of binoculars (the magnification of which I cannot say, since they are cheapy nonsense from holidays years ago, and have lost thier printing through use). It was an especialy windy night last night, but these objects proved capable of moving against the general direction of the wind, and were also observed to move up and down. Further more, every once in a while they appeared to disappear and then reappear in a different location.
Now ,my family and I live within twelve miles of Southend Airport which is considered to be a London airport according to the signs out front. And we did see quite alot of planes out there as well. More than usual it has to be said, but there was a stark difference between the movement patterns of the objects I could not identify and the planes , and of course beacon lights on the planes are a dead giveaway every time.
This is not the first time I have seen objects like the ones I saw last night. I saw them in autumn and winter of last year. Once on the night of the Persuid shower , about three hours previous to the begining of same, and once during deepest december on which occasion two objects of the same nature passed right over my head as I walked home one evening.
It is a constant agony that I cant afford any photographic equipment capable of recording these things. My mobile phone has a camera on it, but everything comes off looking really blocky, and Im not sure the zoom would do these things justice. Did anyone else see anything ? Or better yet did anyone catch a picture of the damned things ?

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