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Uh duh

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Excuse course words..
The fact that the good will of this great nations' people is no longer ruling, and that a world agenda determining nations destinies is becoming manifest is in my face whether it is in other peoples' or not!

Maybe he will send strong back up of 5, maybe even 6 more soldiers over there! Aw the 13 soldiers we had over there lost the war! I did crawl across fields with broken bones wherever enough noW!! I might be thrilled to do it again!.

The reason were, "loosing the war" is because there isn't enough oil there, discussed here:

They are giving it away people; now! 2012 or whatever?! People will soon be praying for it! Sorry for my over enthusiasm? Fine then.

Personally? I would be thankful to join any free nation, any where, that is against the enslavement of the population!! Now I find myself in agreement with the soldiers in Iraq that had the nerve to question Obamas' right to lead..

How can we ever draw the line enough noW? Obama is obviously planning to finish Bushes' job; and we are just the bunch of marshmellos to wave our flags and cheer while he does it.

Nothing against the people of China, but lets' hear it for Obamas', "metal" that they so boldly informed us about; and the fake money he is printing so China will finally own U.S.!

How can we ever organise enough to change this country ourselves? The leadership plans to give U.S. away and they're in the process of doing this now!

How can we ever organise the use of these mediums like ATS to effect change enough noW? Now you will observe the absolute snowballing of the downfall of the United States. Any-one wish to organise action? I volunteer where I will be usefull if we can sign up a reasonable amount of people..

This nation has leadership alright.. I am just sorry that it is the enemy of this nation..

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