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Roads down a stormy mountain

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 11:27 AM
These days of today the sun light bleeds into minds view
as between perceptions of the real, and the minds chosen

And while reeling inside myself
over love lost and politcs of modern age
which makes me think of yesterday.

To forget these stupid modern things
as though a machine is influencing time.
I remember mountains. And better times.
though it too was all just lies.

Now i only have a body getting slower with time
and a mind which deserves neither to suffer or die
same with anything else that exists. But time is this way
so i continue to reflect

The storm it moved over one day
while falling controlled from heights untold
the lightning strikes, thunder..cold
run , man run now please faster down

switchback, lightning now
striking disaster
tree falling thunder
run faster and faster now faster..disaster.
but eerily there was no disaster
we all ran faster and faster

To safety in the valley plush with green grasses
owned by some people riding foreign horses
but i ignore the reality and absorb all the beauty
of nature, not just being.

The world is looking. And some do deny it
but the world will find it hiding inside them
waiting to be found like an old shoe
on the road no cares but lonely you

lonely is ok, remember the days now
go back again and again when the old shoe was new.

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