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10 things (alien-related) I would like to know before I die

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 10:59 AM
Greetings all, long-time reader/lurker, 3rd or 4th time poster.

To begin, let me just briefly explain my first UFO encounter. It was the summer of 1991, Lyman Lake, Arizona. Lyman Lake is a state park which resides on the eastern side of Arizona, near western New Mexico.
My family and I were camping, walking around the campground. It was about 9PM at night and we noticed about 10-15 campers pointing at something in the sky. We immediately ran over to see what the commotion was and lo and behold, there were about 7-10 lights moving in intricate patterns around each other. It was obviously intelligently controlled, as there are no nature-based explanations for what I saw. They were too high for planes or any conventional aircraft, and they were moving at random angles which are impossible with any known craft we have today. After about 5 minutes, they all shot upwards, towards space. No body knew what they were, but we all agreed it was a UFO phenomenon.

Ever since this occurrence, I've taken a huge interest in aliens and UFOs, done research, read all the theories and definitely think something is going on.

This leads me to the purpose of this post. I am in my late 20s now, and I am really hoping that at some point in my life, certain questions I have will be answered. It seems to me that the topic of UFOs is becoming more and more mainstream, and the number of believers are growing each day.

So, that being said, here are 10 things in which I would like (and hope) to have answered before I die:

1.)Are we alone in the universe?
Obviously this question has no solid/confirmed evidence as of yet, however I am 100% that we are not. I just want it confirmed. I am hoping this gets confirmed within the next 5 years, with the launch of the earth-finding telescope.
2.)Are intelligent beings frequently visiting this planet?
It seems likely with all the things that have happened, all the accounts and witnesses coming forward. However, it is still not confirmed by any major government and is not at the forefront of discussions.
3.) Is the US Government in actual contact with alien species?
This is only being asked because I have read numerous stories about how earth supposedly lies on a galactic trade route and the US gov't is in contact with species. Obviously this may seem far-fetched for a number of people, however one may not be able to argue for it or against it due to lack of true evidence.
4.) Does the US Government hide the truth about Aliens?
I would certainly like to know the answer to this before I die. It seems they are and they're not the only ones doing it. There are too many cover ups, too many silences, and too many sketchy explanations. We need a full disclosure of the truth, without it threatening our national security of course.
5.) Are UFOs actually advanced military aircraft and not alien ships?
This could seem like a logical explanation for the number of sitings; however, if they are human-made then the technology they show far exceeds anything we've witnessed in our civilian knowledge of air travel.
6.) Are there secret underground bases around the world which contain experiments on or with aliens?
We all know the story of Dulce Base and the supposed other bases around the world. I would like to know the truth about aliens and their relation to these bases, if any.
7.) Are the stories that abductees tell the truth? Or a delusion?
There's been a number of similar stories that abductees / contactees have come forth with; however, I would like to know what really happened or if they are just delusional. example: Alex Collier.
8.) Will disclosure ever happen?
Disclosure needs to happen before I die. I hope it does.
9.) Does NASA really know the truth as well?
Does NASA continually lie to the American people or do they have any logical explanations?
10.) Can't we all just get along?
For the benefit of the human race,we need to all just get along.


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