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OctoMom Staged by US Government?

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:24 PM
I was wondering if the "OctoMom" and the ensuing outrage was sort of staged (maybe by our government) in order to get the American people on board, voluntarily, about "population control" and how many kids women/families can "legally" give birth to? It would match up with the numerous conspiracy reports about how the government secretly wants to control the number of babies women can legally give birth to for population control like China. So now we have "OctoMom," and it went from another person having a "litter" of babies using fertility treatments, which seem almost common now, to the entire world vilifying her and putting her in league with the devil. Some of the things that have "supposedly" been staged by our government surely sound a lot more crazy than something like this. So maybe the entire thing was sort of "set up" in some way by some deep dark part of our government (maybe all the way to her looking like Angelina Jolie) in order to get the American people on board wth the whole idea? For people to go so nuts about OctoMom yet there are things like TLC's "fertility nightmare TV lineup" which makes these supposedly "horrific mistakes" seem just so peachy. Making it seem commonplace and almost encouraging other crazy people to have their own "litters" on purpose. I know the world is supposedly having a giant "hissy fit" because of the other kids she had prior to these and because she is single, etc. (Welfare mom's have been doing it for years one baby at a time). I know I am probably stretching this, especially since I am one of those people that roles their eyes at a lot of the conspiracy stuff in general about such things as allegations of staged plots by the government. But like I said I've heard of some crazier conspiracy theories that something like this. And "IF" it was staged by the government it couldn't be working better for them to justify "swooping" in and saving the day for the "fertility treatment nightmare" by having the government start regulating all fertility treatments plus maybe adding a few other extra little laws while people are so annoyed by Octomom. Hmmm?

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:28 PM
WOw... you have quite an imagination.

Maybe it could be that the women was really just that psychotic?

I don't know it's just a thought.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:40 PM
Conspiracy, Conspiracy everywhere, but not a drop to drink.
Interesting notion. I agree, psycho none the less.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:01 PM
Surely this would infringe on certain religions beliefs, I mean isn't it a right from your deity to have as many children as you wish. I think the government would have to get over that hurdle first.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:25 PM
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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:27 PM
I can't see the Govt making this happen and then try to launch an investigation into her. I have to agree, the woman suffers from some sort of psychosis that makes her want to have tons of children, so many so that she can't even keep track of them all when she's out, and that's before the current 8.

I would think that the government would have made sure she was VERY well off if they set her up to this and also made sure that all of those children were properly cared for.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:28 PM
It's funny people are approaching this skeptically.

This is one of the few conspiracies here that might have some truth to it. Even if the gov't didn't plan for this to happen, they are definitely milking it along with MSM. They even have me wondering whether certain people shouldn't have restriction on child number.

Overall though, I think its a huge folly, and serious threat to the people, to prevent procreation.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:30 PM
this is exactly happens with MANY of the impactful MOST TALKED ABOUT news story "events" that occur.. they're staged.. to push people into talking about the concept and considering the aspects surrounding it in their own lives.. and in their own decision making..

many times they're so absurd. or psychotic.. that people like FrankIdealist will laugh at the idea that they're staged.

this is a good thing.

if people said "oh that's obviously a staged news story".. then the effort involved would be completely ineffective.. AND amateurish in it's execution..

so if you're EVER going to have an effectively impacting staged news event.. then by it's very nature.. it has to be of the sort that will NEVER be questioned by the masses .. ie: frank idealist type thinking..

because in this respect.. it is successful in it's existence.

if it was any other way.. then it would not be put into motion in the first place because it would be unsuccessful..

absurdity is the key to successful deciet.

but.. on the topic.. i think it's a GREAT STORY.
news stories are our modern fables..
they teach lessons.. mostly subconsciously.

a sad and lonely mom who already has a litter of piglets.. hogs up almost more than she can take.. then thunks out EIGHT more...
then says she did it because she's lonely and just wants the love of a child..

so her contribution to overpopulating the planet.. with what is obviously going to be what...14 fatherless kids... more than she can look out for.. are going to go running amok no real leadership in their lives.. no direction.. getting into all sorts of kid crap drugs violence. .and they're gonna go off and spawn more and more mindless violent greed into the world.

it's a great example to show how many single moms do this JUST so they can "have a baby" like they "had a doll" when they were little. iconic impression ripens into a reality.. they have NO idea that they're actually not just "having" a "baby" . .but they're having a "human being" they're having a 45 yr old man who may be a drug addict or a psychopath or a genius. they're having a 15 yr old girl who will spawn out another octuplet litter.

it puts the spotlight on a very prevalent issue.
and if it gains more support in people looking down on the single mother that had her kid our of loneliness or greed for child support money...
then good.. i think everybody should think that is a very very bad thing..
(even though it was encouraged during the Nixon administration... ahem.. double standard hypocrites)


posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:36 PM
M Kultra MC is very much under the scenes in every area, and this is the legacy of the nazis that have taken the lead in the US for years. I have suspected since I heard this case, and all the outrage over it that this poor woman was a victim of this program, for political ends.

Anytime I hear anything related to crimes and unusual circumstances that may lead to certain ends, such as the shoot up at the Marti Gra, and the cartel's push for gun legistlation, etc etc, I feel M Kultra is behind the scenes. Its invasive, and can have feelers out in schools, hospitals, mental health centers, in every aspect of life.

These guys really are pulling off all this stuff and we really need to stop it.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:39 PM
I don’t think it was staged. But. There have been several bills filed to seek restriction on the number of embryos the state will pay for. It has also highlighted doctors and how many embryos are ethical to implant. I think the doctor in this case was unethical. I can see how this case will change some of the practices. Unintended consequences.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:40 PM
How did she get money to pay for fertility treatment?
It wouldn't be cheap.
But some say some things about the fertility doctor.
Who had a very low hit rate of getting people pregnant and wasn't very popular.
Now, the doctor is very popular.
Perhaps this woman was a guinea pig of that Doctor, in order to get famous?

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 08:35 PM
I really just think that she is crazy and the government really had nothing to do with it. I hope they do now especially the Dept. of Family Services. Lots of familys would love to adopt but they are put thru hell doing it but all you need is money for the fertility clinics. How stupid! Grrrr!

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by CaptainCaveMan

How did she get money to pay for fertility treatment?

Good point on that. I had forgotten to include that bit about how she paid for her "addition of love" to her family. I have wondered that as another point on this myself. How did she get this recent treatment when she was unemployed and live with her mom in her "spacious" home, getting "gov't assistance" (maybe that is how they knew about her for their "plans"
) to raise 6 other kids? Did she have insurance? And how could she have insurance if she wasn't working? And even if she got it privately she would have had a difficult time getting it due to the fact of that injury she talks about that she had gotten at work (for which she recieved settlement money that is gone). She would have a pre-existing condition. What about her 6 kids? I know the ones on SSI would get Medicare or Medicaid, but what about he healthy ones? Maybe she has Medicare? I wouldn't think a fertility clinic takes Medicare, plus it isn't like Meidicare would pay for fertility treatments because they don't want whoever recieving it to make anymore babies needing insurance (of course unless they do it naturally). Just because she already had the 6 frozen babies left doesn't mean the doctor implants them for free and I wouldn't think it would fall under a "necessary GYN procedure." And I don't think you pay up front when they are fertilized. I don't think you get a fertilized egg guaruntee, "once fertilized, no extra charge until we use them all up," "but until such time you will have to rent a "storage" unit. How much does it cost to rent a storage? Heck when I had to move back in with my parents for a year it cost a heck of a lot to store all my worldly possessions until I was ready to move. And I have a feeling that can't just go down to "Storage Master" and because I had video tapes and stuff that could I had to make sure it was a temperature controled unit. I don't think it would be that simple. Or do you keep them in your freezer at home?
Is it more to store than to imlant them? Is it kind of like when you have a garage sale and at the end of the day it is better to sell cheap than to find a spot back in the house? Well with OctoMom and the 8 babies I think she drew the short straw on this one and she would have come out on top to keep in storage instead of paying for 14 kids.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by prevenge
this is exactly happens with MANY of the impactful MOST TALKED ABOUT news story "events" that occur.. they're staged.

While I do not think the whole deal was set up as some sort of government conspiracy, I do believe partially in what prevenge has stated. This all reminds me of something that happened when I first moved to DC. At the time there were select "Man murders wife, omfg" or "Robbed at knifepoint!" stories littering CNN and Fox News... and a story about 3 15 year old girls having their car and themselves ripped to shreds by an unknown assailant with an M60 machine gun on one of the most popular streets in the city got a 5 minute spot on the local news. I'd search for the story, but I'm drunk, and honestly couldn't remember the year, much less month or day, that it happened. It immediately struck me as f'ed up because of the fact that not only are fully automatic military grade weapons illegal everywhere in the US, but anything sharp enough to cut paper or fire a projectile is illegal within the district.

Anywho, it was stamped as gang violence, the machine-gun wielding attacker was never identified, and it never appeared on even the local news again. I guess a man robbing a 7-11 with a butterknife is more pertinent on a national level, for whatever reason.

So, no, I do not believe some crazy bitch trying to squeeze out as many puppies as possible is a conspiracy, but it should be pretty obvious that the major news networks are tailored to meet a certain end. Whatever that end is, I can't fathom.

And as a sidebar, the money she got to go through the procedures necessary to become a terrible drain on society was not a part of some grand scheme. If you can squeeze yourself into some form of unemployed minority status, you too can milk the government for all it's worth!

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:14 PM
It’s my understanding she was on SSI. State Disability insurance. They paid for the insemination. Hence the reason for the new bills filed. And yes the doctor’s incentive was a successful head count to boost his rating. The doctors use more eggs to get a success because some don’t take.

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:46 PM
The state paid for her schooling also. No you don get a fertilized egg guarantee that’s why they implant so many. "Storage Master" lol.. Eggs are us, for all your fertility needs.. There is also the whole embryonic stem cell thing from fertility labs. “ Or do you keep them in your freezer at home? “ I don’t think so, but some people do save and freeze the placenta. I think it’s cheaper to store or rent to own. She is not paying for the kids, taxpayers are. Vivid vids offered her a mill to make a p movie she refused, So far.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:54 AM

It’s my understanding she was on SSI

The thing is SSI notoriously pays very little and is highly restrictive as far as other income is concerned. And Florida isn't the cheapest state to live in either. I myself recieve Social Security Disablity (SSD) and SSI is for people that haven't worked long enough to build up enough Social Secuity (or for a child who never worked) to be able to recieve Social Security Disablity (which is similar to recieving old folks Social Security - you get Medicare and the rules aren't as strict. SSI you get Medicaid, which wouldn't pay for fertility treatments (I'm not sure if they even pay for Birth Control pills). And she was just scraping by as it was with what she was making. Fertility doctors aren't cheap. I guess I am just curious how she managed it, especially looking at where and how it "appears" she lived and with the other kids - I'm curious even if it isn't a "conspiracy" how she pulled it off. Maybe she got a discount for repeat business to her doctor. Maybe she had one of those card you get at Subway or other store where they stamp each visit and when you fill up the card you get one free??? Fertility coupon??? She did have 6 so maybe after 6 you get a free implantation?

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by aliceinwonderland74
I was wondering if the "OctoMom" and the ensuing outrage was sort of staged (maybe by our government) in order to get the American people on board, voluntarily, about "population control" and how many kids women/families can "legally" give birth to?

Nah. On the contrary, I believe it's an attempt to encourage women to mass produce the future's work force. I mean, how else is Obama's 'plan' supposed to work without more young taxpayers to funding what could never be REPAID in years to come?

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:42 AM
I don't know about a conspiracy but I find it VERY odd that this woman has no job, no money, no home, about to lose her mother's house but she managed to have enough money to hire a top-notch doctor to inseminate her twice, given that these treatments do not come cheap. And, supposedly having plastic surgery?
I mean, where is she getting the money from? What doctor in his right mind would authorize such procedures on a normal woman, let alone on someone who is clearly living in another planet?
What about her parents? What mother would not try to talk her daughter out of it and put her on the street, sue the doctor?
What about CPS? And the 911 calls?

What bothers me more about this is that she is now a household name, she's probablu going to be offered a book deal, a Lifetime movie special, people will give her free stuff, and she'll probably get her own reality show.

So yes, I find this incredibly weird.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 09:56 AM
At the end of the day, there's one, overarching problem to this.

The woman has SIX children.

Why, oh why, would anyone need IVF after that? If you're infertile (without aid) after six, isn't that kind of a signal that enough is enough?

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