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A Golden Age for Mankind...Everything is in place (Part One)

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:32 AM
A Golden Age...Everything is in place (Part One)

I know things are dangerous right now. Bio-weapons, FEMA camps, plans for world wars, a depopulation agenda.
I know about it all and it's a very real possibility that we could see hell-on-earth unfold in our lifetime. I am no happy clappy New-age fluff-head. Despite this, we currently have a very real chance to see an unprecedented Renaissance in our lifetime. Something awesome. Will it happen? I don't know, but I want to know that I've done my best to make people aware of the issues and possibilities.

The main tentacles of the monster that oppresses us right now:

Sickness and disease.
Debt and economic warfare.
Engineered war.
Artificial famine.
Corrupt, centralised media.
Mind control structures such as religion.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I believe that there are groups of experts, societies and movements out there that really have the answers to the supposedly unsolvable problems that confront us. I think the majority of these monsters are engineered, and we could have started humanity's a golden age early in the 20th century. All these problems are deep and deserve their own thread, my aim here is to provide a brief overview of solutions and let people decide for themselves.

Sickness and Disease

Colloidal Silver looks like being a very potent anti-microbial. Royalty have used it for millenia. That story about the dude turning blue is Internet scaremongering copy-pasta, debunked Colloidal gold is also interesting.
MMS, "Miracle Medical Solution" is a very interesting supplement, the inventor claims it can cure Malaria in 12 hours. Is he full of it? Do your own research. Interview with Jim Himbe here:
Many people are finding superfoods such as goji berries, wheatgrass, raw chocolate and maca root to be extremely powerful. David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and Shazzie have been promoting raw organic diets. We ate ourselves sick, maybe we can eat ourselves well again.
A lot of research has been done on the powerful results of alkalizing the body.
Some researchers have theorized that yeast + candida, may be the underlying cause of up to 80 per cent of illnesses. Our current pharmaceutical healing system is based on monomorphic theory, from Pasteur. One of his contemporaries, Beauchamp, had a completely different theory of disease. The philosopher Humer wrote that Pasteur recanted on his death bed and claimed Beauchamp may have been right after all.

Do the above health methods mean we will eradicate sickness from earth overnight? No. But together they may provide a far superior healing paradigm to the one we are currently living in. People are getting sicker and sicker every year, and the pharmaceutical companies are still reporting massive profits. 2+2 = ?

Debt and Economic Warfare

Money as an agreed upon medium of exchange and money as a medium of control are two separate issues. It's natural that any culture should agree upon a benchmark of gold, silver, conch shells, sticks, brass nuggets or diamonds as a base medium of exchange. However, the problems start with money lending and the creation of interest and debt, and they REALLY start when a central governing body or bank is granted the power to print fiat promissory notes which are not backed by anything except the trust and belief of society.

Historically societies have flourished briefly when adopting a system of fiat money, but ultimately always implode.

Economists such as Ron Paul and Peter Schiff have been predicting the collapse of America for decades. People are gradually beginning to wake up to their ideas. Perhaps more people need to educate themselves about the real nature of economics instead of handing over their power to the high priests of finance and money. People are starting to take responsibility for themselves and create local currencies, barter systems and other alternative systems of exchange.

Thought experiment: Imagine if all physical money was to disappear over-night, and all bank accounts were to be returned to zero. What would happen? Would there be panic? Sure, for a short time there would be confusion and chaos, but people would run out of breath, calm down and survey the situation realistically. Money would be gone, but houses and buildings would still remain, cars and buses would still be on the streets, petrol and electricity would still flow, food would still grow and be taken to the market, people would still serve society. In the short term many people would refuse to work, but in the long term they would soon realise that society would breakdown without cooperation.

Money is fine, debt is nothing but a sick, temporary dream. I advocate a return to a cash-based, non-fiat, metal backed currency. Local currencies would be allowed to compete, and state and county banks given more power. Barter clubs are a step forward- not back, because they allow the direct transfer of goods without an intermediary.

Engineered War

Every time humanity arrives at the brink of a thresh-hold, renaissance or a quantum leap in development, the powers that be engineer a world war in order to take attention away from their manipulation, stimulate their artificial debt-based economy, divert anger and hatred on to other countries and shock any survivors into meek submission. We are at that same point in history now. A world war would currently benefit between 3,000- 50,000 people- those in the arms trade, debt trade and high echelons of politics, the other 6,700,000,000 would lose out.

The bogeyman used to be Russia, now it is a number of middle-eastern dictators. Question, do you really think the citizens of Iran are all blood-thirsty, brain-washed maniacs, rubbing their hands and plotting the nuclear destruction of America and the west? Extreme fundamentalist Muslims are as rare as extreme fundamentalist capitalists. Instead of manufacturing threats, why not convert those countries by example, by trade, by friendship? How incredibly naive, I know, but there have been periods of time in humanities history where international trade has flourished.


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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:32 AM
Artificial Famine

If any famine was to take place now it would be deliberately engineered as a control mechanism. There is abundant food on earth in our current era. It would take a blight of huge proportions to damage a large part of the worlds food supply. The majority of agricultural land is taken up providing unnecessary or luxury crops. Sugar is the number one individual crop in the world at
A large percentage of currently produced crops is currently set aside to provide foodstuff for livestock. The meat diet is extremely
farming intensive. 14 vegans can live of the same amount of land as one meat eater. (Gabriel Cousens, Spiritual Nutrition) Even if those figures are grossly exaggerated, even doubled, it still leaves a 7:1 ratio. Meat production is also extremely water-intensive... 50,000 litres of water needed for a kilo of steak versus 2-300 for wheat or spinach.

From Wikipedia:

According to the USDA, growing the crops necessary to feed farmed animals requires nearly half of the United States' water supply and 80 percent of its agricultural land. Additionally, animals raised for food in the U.S. consume 90 percent of the soy crop, 80 percent of the corn crop, and a total of 70 percent of its grain.[137]
When tracking food animal production from the feed trough to consumption, the inefficiencies of meat, milk and egg production range from 4:1 up to 54:1 energy input to protein output ratio.

Human beings will always eat meat, but if we were to reduce our meat intake as a society it may free up more arable land for other crops. Even with a world population of 9 billion, there is no reason for anyone to starve.


Part 2 to follow


I have bashed this out off the top of my head, I understand there are many issues to be talked about. I would like people to give their opinions. Intelligent constructive criticism is welcome. Patronising, aggressive bickering will be ignored.

It's naive to suggest that humanities problems could be solved overnight. It's equally naive to believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We have to walk the line between blind new-age optimism and broken-hearted, spineless pessimism.

Challenge: If people really are as clever as they think they are on this forum. I believe we should get together and provide solutions rather than argue over nothing, or gossip about stupid irrelevant topics.

I will deal with Media, Religion and Over-population in part two, to follow.

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by HiAliens

Teetering on the proverbial knife's edge are we. Sorry good OP that made me wax poetic.


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