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Some strange coincidences reguarding fouches TR3B claims

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 08:43 AM
Maybe these craft aint run on supercooled mercury after all. Apparently, hydrogen, when under 250000 atmospheres turns into a metallic liquid AND hydrogen can be supercooled to the point where it becomes a superfluid (its been done in russia) Sill difficult to do but easier than mercury, plus we have lab equipment that can reach those pressures now so the us black projects community would find it a doddle. That number is just too much of a coincidence for me, exactly the pressure fouche claims the tr3b operates at.
"in 1935, a group of chemists at Princeton University predicted that hydrogen may behave like a metal at pressures in excess of 250,000 atmospheres (25GPa). This initial prediction was found to be incorrect, and now a team from Edinburgh University are attempting to observe metallic hydrogen using pressures of 5,000,000 atmospheres and above (>500GPa)."
See and and
Even though the initial number was proven incorrect, it could still have been used by fouche in his claims BEFORE it was proven incorrect. It has also been shown that a spinning liquid metal (Mercury) can manipulate the mass of any object within its center. That has been done in a lab by GCT among others, not forgetting the nazi bell. Then there is the podkletnov research using superconductors that does the same thing. Mercury, when subjected to high current turns into a cold plasma and acts the same as a superconductor.
Also, since it appears thatmass is a direct function of electromagnetic waveforms interacting with the higgs field as stated by physicists then in order to manipulate it you would need to disrupt this field "magnetic field disruptor" Does it seem like fouche has simply put 2 and 2 together and fabricated his story from the current research or is he being used as a conduit to drip feed us information?? The best lies are hidden between two truths. What do you all think?

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 11:45 AM
I think the metallic mercury is highly charged and actually disrupts the zero point field as it rotates, which is I believe is closely tied to gravity and inertia, perhaps as described by Haisch and Rueda.

The Nazi Bell program supposedly used Einstein's unified field theory, which Einstein himself later rejected. As far as the Higgs boson, it is just a mathematical crutch, a trick. I don't view it as a real theory and I don't expect the Higgs boson to be discovered.

Between this theory, dark matter, red shift theory and string theory, physics has veered into an abyss. We need to get back to basic experimentation again. I have no doubt, however, that certain areas of the military have a much more comprehensive physical theory that allows control of gravity and inertia.

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