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Negative Flags & Stars on ATS

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:16 AM
This is an issue that is suggested by members since Admin first implemented the ability to flag and star threads. Many complain that the flagging and star system on our board is open to manipulation and some threads or posts receive attention that is not truly deserving. In an attempt to balance this perceived flaw in the system, it is regularly suggested that members be able to remove a flag or a star from a member's post or thread. Such a system would be open to the same manipulation and as it being a negative based system, would result in drama throughout the board.

Various concepts within ATS such as the Applause system, Flags and Stars are all based on positive reinforcement. The applauses the staff offer are a way of thanking members for their quality contributions. Flags and stars are a way for the members to thank one another and make an effort to ensure their quality contributions are recognized. Rather than being able to remove either, a member can simply not issue one.

If a member receives a flag or a thread, it is satisfying. If one is not issued from a member, it goes unnoticed.

ATS is made up of members from a multitude of countries, cultures, ages, agendas, perspectives and personalities. As such what one Member may consider to be a diamond, another may consider a dud and vice versa. Please bear in mind that just because you personally may not consider a thread or post worth of acknowledgment, it does not garauntee that other members hold your opinion. With regards to flags and stars, to each their own.

Not all agree with this position, but it is what works best for our community.

Members who wish to discuss this topic further can do so in the following thread.

ATS, BTS, What would you like to see in the future?

Or you can submit a formal complaint or suggestion to the ATS staff here.

Thank you,
ATS Staff


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