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Poems from the past

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:11 AM
I have been digging around through my old stuff and I found some things that I wrote several years back.I wrote them between the ages of 14-17. Due to a crack down on certain rules, I can only say that I was trying out certain "things" at the time, so most of them are pretty "out there".

I figured I would post a couple here and mabye make another thread with more at a later time...

With out further ado...

"Im Coming"

I will come to you, if you wont come to me.Even though, I know that you are here and I am there and we are in between

"What is love?"

What is love?
God is love.
We are God.
God are we.
We are love.

Yes I know they are small and somewhat "out there" But I figured it would be worth posting.

They really arent all that good but I thought there was something interesting about them.

I will post more another time.


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