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My wife made me do this. . .

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 02:09 AM
Short story
. . .heart chakra is seemingly not good. Anyone have advice on self-administered techniques to make it better than not good?

Long Story
. . .For Christmas, my wife bought me a meditation class. I have recently been diagnosed with a disease that is caused by treating yourself badly for lots of years. Stress is a major villain for me, so, knowing that basic meditation practices have solid data backing their effectiveness in stress reduction, I was happy to receive her gift.

Turns out that this particular class is being taught by a pranic healer. 1st Class, my BS detector was in full effect. I just want to learn some meditation techniques to reduce stress and I'm getting a full barrage of uneducated aura/pranic/energy body ("Science is discovering. . .") nonsense that is kicking my natural skeptic into full offensive mode. (It was stressing me out because I was holding myself back for the benefit of the 20 other super-stressed people in the room.) It helped that the instructor was competent in teaching basic meditation techniques.

3rd Class, Solar Plexis Chakra, the stress Chakra, the class I've been waiting for. The instructor brought in a pranic healing friend and they both had just been trained in using CRYSTALS. We were their crystal guinea pigs. I think you can imagine the epic volume of my sighs. Auras AND Crystals. --Bad Word with a capital 'F'-- me.

This isn't the point of this post, but stuff I can't explain even two weeks later happened during the healing session. Me=a bit humbly puzzled. I generally can explain EVERYTHING within a week.

4th Class, Heart Chakra. I'm just trying to learn as many meditation technique as possible from the remaining classes now that the Stress Chakra class was done. Strange thing, though, as the instructor was explaining the heart Chakra (and completely misunderstanding anything to do with the basic scientific process because she had read some book by a guy who gave himself the title of Master) I started to feel real fear. I was scared of focusing meditation on the Heart Chakra.

When it came time to meditate, I gave it all of my concentration and will. (I like to confront fear because he is not nice and I am cocky.) Strange thing, we did the whole light cascading down through the top of the head thing. The light wouldn't go anywhere near my chest. I could send it, at will, directly to every other part of my body, but it would not go through my chest to flow naturally to the rest of my body. This severely challenged my personal theory about how meditation worked. My theory=meditation was brain gently controlling the body. My theory trashed=my brain couldn't control my body.

After saying all of the above to my wife, (probably with much more honest angst) she told me that I absolutely had to ask somebody on-line about how to help clean-up my heart Chakra.

Thus, my first post at ATS after 2 years of semi-regular lurking. If anyone has read this far and wishes to respond, Thank You.

MODS: First time poster. If I did anything horribly wrong (like posting to the incorrect group), please just gently fix it and let me know how I screwed up.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by zefiro

I wouldn't have a clue how you should proceed with this chakra stuff, but have read enough about it to know some of it. You will receive alot of advice how to do it, fix it, point being these advisors will be as uneducated as me, but believe they know because they could very well have been taught the wrong way to begin with. Not to say there aren't some good qualified and caring people out there to help you, but how will you know, for sure? You won't. You have no idea who is behind the keyboard. There's plenty of bad experiences from meditating out there, just as there may be good ones. There's also some very ill-informed people to be wary of. As you've discovered, if that's what you meant by your post?

My advice is to research first, before subscribing to any given method. Try reading some books, go to the library. Read and learn without the distraction of someone pushing things on you.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:46 AM
the heart Chakra is associated with love and understanding, limitless compassion and empathy and forgiveness.

do you have any of the following,,, Heart Issues, Lung & Breathing Problems, Upper Back Pain, Breast Cancer, Compromised Immune System, Blood Diseases.

that might be your problem but i dont think that any of those should 100% block of your Heart Chakra and i would not suggest that you force access to your heart Chakra

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:49 AM
and this might do a bit of help with your stress problem

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by zefiro

Meditation isn’t like a course of antibiotics where the problem is gone in a week. From an esoteric point of view sometimes it just takes time to unblock an area, especially if it’s been blocked for a while. A more mundane reason could fear of touching the area. This has nothing to do with the rational side of your brain, more the subconscious. I’ve seen proven tough men be terrified of what is to me, ridicules things, for example a fire fighter I know with commendations for bravery can’t touch cats (even kittens). He’ll break out into a sweat if one comes near him.

I know what you mean with the BS meter, sometimes you just have to work around it. When I learnt to meditate (for esoteric reasons) the instructor told me that it was impossible to do properly without crystals, something I didn’t believe then nor now but I still learnt to meditate.

Practise, take a step back and relax, give it time, ensure you ground afterwards! as even from a none esoteric point of view this is important.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by zefiro
Turns out that this particular class is being taught by a pranic healer. 1st Class, my BS detector was in full effect. I just want to learn some meditation techniques to reduce stress and I'm getting a full barrage of uneducated aura/pranic/energy body ("Science is discovering. . .") nonsense that is kicking my natural skeptic into full offensive mode. (It was stressing me out because I was holding myself back for the benefit of the 20 other super-stressed people in the room.) It helped that the instructor was competent in teaching basic meditation techniques.

3rd Class, Solar Plexis Chakra, the stress Chakra, the class I've been waiting for. The instructor brought in a pranic healing friend and they both had just been trained in using CRYSTALS. We were their crystal guinea pigs. I think you can imagine the epic volume of my sighs. Auras AND Crystals. --Bad Word with a capital 'F'-- me.

There are things in life which are strange, if you're not used to them. I can understand exactly how you must have felt being introduced to these weird concepts. After all, aren't you just a regular guy?

Meditation, of whatever kind (and there are many kinds) is very good for you. So is healing! If you get healing offered to you, don't refuse it, because you could find it helpful with your medical condition.

Years ago I had problems with my back and was in serious pain; the doctors gave up on me, and somebody gave me healing with their hands. In a few months of regular treatment, it got better.

At that time, my BS meter was in overdrive, but when you've got a proven medical condition, the doctors can't help, and healing cures it; what do you say?

That started me investigating a lot of other weird stuff; BS meter still working, and I learned to tell which worked and which didn't. I mean, if it works, then to me that's proof, even if the scientists and doctors can't understand it, if it works, then it's proof.

Crystals, they're clever things too, but just in case your BS meter is on, I'll shut up about them!

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 01:00 PM
Thanks everyone for your responses. I gained something from each post.

I tried to find actual techniques on-line, but didn't find much beyond people trying to sell stuff. I am hoping that people with expertise in this field will be willing to suggest paths that would be worthwhile to pursue. Or techniques that I could try. Despite my attempts at humor and buffoonery in my original post, I am serious about pursuing this path. (Even if I have to ignore my BS detector.)
In the short time I've been working on this, it has produced beneficial results.

Thanks for the ColorTherapy suggestion. I will look into it, although I already have went slightly down that path. (My home office is sky blue and white and I have a full spectrum lamp shining on my face right now.) Also, you are the second person to warn me about pushing the Heart Chakra too hard. What is the reason? Why shouldn't I just take the metaphorical Comet cleanser and toilet brush and just scrub the Chakra til it sparkles?

Ground? I'm not sure whether I am doing that or not or even how to do it.

The comment about crystals at the end of your post made me laugh hard. I've heard that laughter is good for the heart Chakra, so thank you.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by zefiro

Not being sure of what visualisation methods you use I’ll try and keep this generic.

Imagine near the end of your session that you notice that your chakras have murkiness to them cause by negative energy that has been stirred up by you meditation.

Like empting a wash basin, pull the plug on each chakra in turn (bottom to top) and watch as the energy runs down the root system from your base chakra (If this is not present, imagine the energy running into the earth and spreading out like tree roots) into the earth.

Then as with the earth and organic waste, the energy is cleaned and recycled. Again as with tree roots and water, allow each chakra (base to top) draw energy from these roots to the base chakra, then into the central channel, finding a natural balance between universal energy and earth energy.

Once your chakras feel balance gently let them close.

The important image is the earth energy doing the balancing.

Keep in mind that the heart chakra like the heart draws in and pumps out, pumping in energy will just break things. And as with running a marathon you build up muscles slowly so give yourself a break with the couple of week’s thing. This isn’t a test of intellect or testosterone, it’s about slowing down, trickle charging and getting into shape.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by zefiro
The comment about crystals at the end of your post made me laugh hard. I've heard that laughter is good for the heart Chakra, so thank you.

That's good to hear, because as you develop your meditation, you will be exposed to new ideas, strange concepts, and things which will seem totally at odds with all that you believe to be normal.

By shownig that you can have a chuckle, and hold a strange matter in your mind until later when you can accept it as true or false, shows the hallmarks of an open mind.

You will find that you will travel a long and different path of exploration into these exotic concepts, if you choose to. But, never close down your BS meter, as it will keep you in balance, and help to keep a degree of grounding in the real world.

I know, for I have walked such a path myself. At the outset I knew exactly what went on in the normal world; now I know so much more, yet some of this is invisible to the human eye.

Now I know a great deal more than I did then; I realise how much I have to learn.

......And then there are the Crystals.................................

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by zefiro

Want the absolute truth of the matter and the fix? All I can say is it works, and everyone will laugh...

Get on your knees. ask GOD to forgive you of your sins and to heal your life and your stress issues. Take a small amount of olive oil in a small jar (I use) and pray over the oil that God would bless the oil like he did the blood over the doorposts in the Exodus. Then take your finger and dab it with the oi and put the oil over every entrance in your home and ask GOD to remove anything evil from your home.

If you don't really believe it, then don't bother trying it. But I tell you true it works and can help relieve the pressure from a home, pressures you may not even know about that are causing the problems...

Now here comes the scoffers... Good luck to you!

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:20 PM
OK, i will bite.

Thing is: when you dont understand the theory its DAMN hard to
interact with the 'force' (as one abstract keyword for you).

I highly reccomend you see the video (check its torrent on the usual
Google "The illuminated chakras torrent", select the second link.

This video explain chakras like you are a 6 year old. Its intensevely
graphic to the point of a warning to epileptic person.

The theory: the physical world (matter = mother ) has a connection to the
spitirual world... everything is a wheel (galaxies, solar systems, earth, the
atom) and guess what, we have 'wheels' too.

The term chacka is "wheel of light".... the chakras are the 7 stepping
stones from matter to spirit.

Once you know the theory completely, you can make each spin bringing
the "aura" field stronger (the energy difference between the spirit and

The way indians understand this is by the term "Kundalini" as they imagine
that this serpent 'moves' the tiny wheels (chakras) all along its path and
reaching the other side and going down to the psysical again.

Its all BS untill you sense the flow. Its no joke, its real.

My opinion is: we should remain skeptical, but investigate our own truth,
what is undeniable INSIDE of us. This is called dharma.

Of course, dharma goes along with karma... but that is another thread.

Hope this helps...


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:48 PM
Meditation works! congratulations on beginning to learn how to do some of it. it will benefit your over all health/ But it does take time and effort, so have patience. some stuff will seem aimless or downright stupid at first but eventually you begin to see and feel the difference or the subtilties of the meditation you are learning.

Regarding your blocked heart chakra. You are wrong the brain does control the body...always. your initial understanding of how meditation works was more correct although lacking in deeper understanding (which you will naturally learn with time practicing meditation) than your final conclusion.

Your heart chakra is seemingly blocked due to your illness related to stress. this is a good thing that you have come up against this wall. the meditation has brought you right to the crux of your problems. Your stress issue.

I argue that the brain is still controlling your body even during meditation. Subconsciously you most likely have a mental block regarding your stress related illness. You associate subconsciously the illness with symptoms or sensations physical/psychosomatic/or metaphorically in your chest area. right where you would imagine the heart chakra being. When you meditate focusing mentally on the other prts of your body are easy but when you try to focus on the chest region because of this mental block you feel like the area is physically blocked too.

Weather it's simple psychological theory or the magic of meditation you are being made aware subtly by your subconscious bout your issues regarding this stress.
Go with it. work with it and release that internal pressure you have knotted up in you. It will take work but it is worth it.

Now I understand your BS detector thing. I have a strong one too. Although I am not sure weather chakras are actually real or just a useful device to picture ones internal energy and how it flows is still in debate with me. I too am skeptical about crystals in the use of "new age" meditation and "energy healing" I believe that crystals may indeed be beneficial in some unknown way. maybe the connection to a crystals structure and the holographical nature of the universe (quantum physics wise). But do I think most of these crystal masters know squat. not likely in my opinion. But I do beleive in the healing properties of meditation. but I'm not new age. in fact I went old school.

There are lots of paths to learning useful meditation and internal energy work to heal and enhance ones life. You don't need to go to some new age haler. There are methods 1000's of years old that have been developed largely through observation and trial and error but they do work. Stick with the tried and true methods. Yoga. Chigong, a good kundalini instructor, indian prana specialists. good acupuncture and bagua healers. Even traditional tai chi (taught by a qualified instructor not some aerobics instructor at 24 hour fitness)

Personally I have experimented with transcendental meditation and had some success. but Chi gong, tai chi, and Shaolin kung fu, have been my meditation of choice. THrough studying those arts I have learned more about my internal chi and healing than I have in all my other endeavors in meditation. The Shaolin monks consider their kung fu as moving meditation. each movement especially the lohan arhat movements are studies and mental excercises in observing chi gong principles in action. the purprose of each movement is to study the flow and eventually manage then direct the chi (internal energy) through their body. with time, which varies from student to student, one learns to unblock their chi in various parts of their body, become knowledgeable in the physical workings of acupressure and chi meridian points and get a solid foundation and understanding to practical chi recognition and manipulation. you will learn to open and close your chakras at will so to speak.

along with the internal chi understanding. your mind seems to work out it's issues too when practicing chi gong and shaolin martial arts. Your stress seems to dissolve as do anger and obsessive/compulsive issues. Your vitality will go through the roof and you will get in supper shape. after the first few workouts you will be too tired to be stressed about anything. it's very theraputic.

GO with the tired and true methods of energy healing and study/practice it through older more reputable arts. They've been around for thousands of years for a reason, cause they work.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:24 PM
You know, when I first began in pranic-healing meditation training, I was a skeptic. I had a weird experience that led to it. I was studying some psychoneuroimmunology that mostly used hypnosis and biofeedback, and I was doing an extra project for the MD that involved pulling Grey's Anatomy stuff into a sort of mini-encyclopedia with some other stuff (dominantly used in hypnotic visualization). As part of this, I went through a ton of videos he had going a couple years back of classes he had run. I was watching these mostly spaced out at one point, from home. I was actually tuning my guitar I'd just restrung and was kind of not paying much attention when I literally felt this massive energy-buzz go THROUGH the entire top of my head. It was so shocking I gasped and looked up, and happened to notice, looking a little sideways, that some asian woman had just put her hands over some woman's head on the TV screen. I didn't even know who she was or what she was doing on a video that was supposed to be the MD. As it continued it was as if I could physically feel whatever she was 'allegedly' doing to the woman under her hands--who, humorously, didn't seem to be feeling it half as much as I was. But it was impossible! It was just a video.

I rewound and watched this like six times, getting the effect every time, in direct correlate to what she was doing on-screen. The beginning of the video which I'd totally missed showed her introduced by the doc as a woman he respected but who had a different philosophy by him. She showed a few things on the tape I thought were a joke--'blessing food' and things like that--I was skeptical about everything at that point. Not only had I spent many years as a medical-model hypnotist but I'd been to a lot of psychic fairs (easy practice prey for NLP in my less kind days) and frankly had developed a real opinion about 'newAgerbils' as I called them. But I'd have had to been totally lying to myself to pretend nothing was going on with all this.

I thought about it for awhile, paced, got irked over it, and finally asked the doc for her contact info. She lived in another city. I wrote her a letter, sent her my resume and business card, and said, whatever you're doing, I want to learn it. I want you to teach me. I'm not rich, I can pay a little, but I have a wide range of skills, I'm sure I can do something to pay you in trade. She called me and I drove up to her house to meet her. We talked for awhile and she says, well, you really just need to try it. And she lays me out on this portable massage table and puts her hands over me. And you know, it felt mildly groovy, but so mild--and so possibly a result of the hands being very close and the EM interaction between bodies--that I wasn't really taking it that seriously, aside from being very relaxed. Then she reached my forehead and all the sudden, as if I had two sets of eyes, I could not only feel it but I could SEE her "pouring golden sparkling energy into me". It was astounding. I exclaimed about it and told her of it but she just smiled. I didn't feel as much with the head as I had the first time on the video but I did feel some of it.

She ended up becoming my best friend, a mother figure, my teacher, and later I even lived with she and her kids for six months. She changed my life--I would not have had a child if it weren't for her, I'm pretty convinced. I was a hard angry skeptic when I met her and sounded like the very people I was making fun of by the time I moved away. (I have flown her out to me a couple times since.) And I have to tell you, to this day, I hear her talking to people, I see some of the crap she writes, and I think it's the most bogus bunch of BS I've heard in my life. But the pranic work is legit stuff. I worked my butt off on prying open my brain enough to do it, and worked on myself a great deal, and eventually anybody doing so will see the reality of it.

I'll address the heart chakra in a separate post. I just wanted to mention my intro to the same thing, since I totally understand the perspective!


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:00 PM
Again, I appreciate everyone taking the time to post. Hopefully, I can find ways to contribute on ATS to return the favor.

I will follow-up on many of the suggestions here. The message that is coming through loud and clear, though, is that I have a lot of learning to do.

I found half of the video at youtube and it isn't that expensive on Amazon. I will check it out as soon as I have a chance.

Your analysis was pretty much spot-on. I haven't really considered any of the 'moving' meditation systems, but it looks now I will have to.

Northern and Tall,
Thank You for taking the time to follow-up on my questions/comments.

I appreciate the post. I was raised as a fundamentalist Christian. I think that is a lot closer to being part of my problem rather than part of my solution. I do welcome your alternative perspective, though.

Just had a thought. . .maybe the basic heart chakra meditation that I'm doing IS working a little bit even if I cannot percieve it. If I would have read TIJ's Christian-based post a week ago, my response would have been much more caustic and confrontational.

Uh, oh. . .

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 06:10 PM

Seems like we were posting at the same time. I definitely see some parallels between us. Your post is compelling me to share my own 'what the heck was THAT?' incident. (Is there such a thing as written NLP?

I was attending this class to learn meditation techniques. The class description was focused on stress relief which is why my wife selected it for me. I was just suffering through the pranic commentary to get to the meditation techniques. The instructor decide that for Solar Plexis Chakra week, she would bring in a fellow healer to help us clean out our guts. They split up the room into halves, led us through some cycles of pranic breathing and then went around the room, 'cleaning' us one at a time.

I could hear movement. I interpreted from the position of the noise that the healer was working on a person two people to my left. So, I have a difficult time explaining what followed as, for lack of a better term, a placebo effect. I didn't think that it was my turn.

I felt this wave of energy hit me and fill up my body. It hit so hard that I actually got pushed back in my chair. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't negative, just overwhelming.

Like most meditation newbies, I spend a lot of time gently pushing those pesky little thoughts away, one after the other. What followed the energy burst was similar to that, except the thoughts were visual and didn't feel the same. I automatically began pushing those thoughts away for quite awhile before realizing that something different was happening.

What I 'saw' at my solar plexis started with as a rock about half the size of a plum. The rock was moving forward slowly. Then it was gone for awhile. Then it came back, but didn't last as long. Then I saw a little circle of color. Green, I think. This shocked me. Thus far in any meditations that I have done, visualizing color always seemed forced, was difficult and made me lose focus. After the flash of green, there just seemed to be a feeling of things moving out. Then another flah of color, somewhere in the red-violet range. After finishing the session, I felt like there was a nice fist sized hole through the middle of my body for a number of hours.

I also smelled wifts of lilac or jasmine (I like them both, but can never remember which smell belongs to which flower) during this, which I didn't smell either before or after.

Between that experience, then the heart chakra experience a week later, I figured that there was enough subjective experience here to change my perspective on chakras/energy/pranic healing that I should do some further research, practice and experimentation. (With my BS detector on, of course.)

Thus, this post.

Looking forward to your heart chakra post.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 08:15 PM
This will probably take 2-3 posts to paste in as it's long. :-)

One of the disciplines that's had the most profound effects in my life is 'archetype meditations'. This is akin to conscious dreaming, shamanic visualization, etc. The particular model I use is outlined in the book 'The Inner Guide Meditation' by Edward Steinbrecher. The difference being I had a minus-ten interest in tarot or astrology which is what he uses to example this. (It's only an example; an arch in this model can be *anything*. Like, 'My heart problems' or 'my lack of money' or 'my relatioship with X' or 'event X upcoming'.) I've since learned the astro/tarot stuff is profoundly powerful but it took many years to even get around to it due to my disinterest in the associated paranormal arts and too much 'opinion' about something I didn't understand (probably the most repeating lesson/element of my life the last 15 years).

These meditations are an 'art' form; like say... surfing, they take awhile to get the hang of, with practice, there is a certain balance of NOT creating them but definitely putting in creative energy and allowing them. If you do them while in an altered state--the closer to delta the better, whatever you can hold lucidly--they become literally autonomous; I mean a whole 3D world interacting without your apparent input, hyper-real, mind-blowing stuff that affects every part of you and, done well, when you merge with the arch, ends in a rush that verges on orgasmic. The process IS in great part your 'imagination'; but that doesn't invalidate it as fake, rather, it is the tool/conveyance for this happening, but imagination is a tool and it works from both sides of the conscious/subconscious for something a lot more meaningful than the shallow version most of us know from ordinary life.

When I began learning this kind of meditation, I spent awhile going, "It's just my imagination." and driving my teacher insane with that. Then my stuff was very different than my classmates' stuff; they'd be getting archetypes like some wolf-head or jesus putting a crystal in their forehead and I'd be getting a giant black knight chess piece putting a rotary saw blade into my inner arm/elbow, then I was the entertainment for everybody, literally I would always go last in talking about my experience because it caused such raucous laughter at times it changed the focus and we'd need a break after. This is something one can do on their own but it requires practice like anything else. It's not too hard if you have some suspension of disbelief ability such as for movies.

One day I did an archmed on the Sun (most the planets are very positive meds). It was an adonis-like man (my symbol, is all). He took me by the hand and we walked way down this field adjacent to the interior garden-like 'place' where my meditations happened. We came to some odd skinny elevated track and we climbed a few stairs and it was like a moving sidewalk. We got on it and rode for a long time until we reached a small city-like area. I was just agog. I was thinking, "What the hell?! How could all this be in my head? I am NOT creating this stuff! How could there be a whole world inside me I didn't even know about?!" We got off at one point and went right, down a cobblestone street. At the end, we turned right into a multistory building and it seemed like a hotel, with a tall wooden counter on the far side and a guy behind it. They nodded at each other and we continued straight and went into an elevator. Up three floors. Then out and another right turn and down to the end of a hallway. Into a room that was very large and the entire top half of it was nothing but windows out to the sky. I was standing there in more awe, thinking, holy #, there are even PEOPLE in here! How could this be?? And then I started feeling very warm. I looked back at Sun, who appeared to be pushing energy at me much like pranic stuff.

I had this wild sudden idea out of the blue. "Radiate away my fears," I requested. And my entire chest filled with dozen of smaller and larger actual *physical pains* as if I were being laser-burned in little tiny (and some larger) spots all over my entire chest area from shoulders to upper solar plexus, both sides and all the way through. I mean it HURT! I couldn't believe it would actually be painful! Here I'd been attributing all this to some hoofty new age all-in-your-head thing until that meditation. It felt like there were zillions of little tiny "fears" living like "dark plaque" in the "energy-onion" that was my "being" in that area. It really did hurt, but mostly it came near to not-quite-scaring me itself just because the experience was so freaking me out, though mostly in a positive way. When it was over he took my hand and we went all the way back the way we came to where I began. I never assumed these were 'just imagination' again, and I improved hugely after that, probably just because I finally started letting it happen.

After that, in pranic work, I finally (finally! because I was utterly dense-deaf-dumb-and-blind until then) started to perceive a lot more of the 'energy' stuff. I decided the sense of "dark plaque" that could be anywhere interior in a person's energy field was a good way to put it. I started to be able to feel what we called 'hooks' in people (connected from others outside them). I never did get the kind of information others did with a few exceptions. Many other would describe various things they 'sensed' much like a psychic would.

For me though, it was all geometry. It was shapes and strings and motions and ineffable combinations of those things. I would sometimes get a little more concept attached, eg that something was really nasty and dated back about 15 years and was from a male or female authority figure in someone's life or something like that, but that was actually pretty rare, usually I would just get a whole bunch of geometric shapes and strings and I'd work with cleaning and then dissolving the growths (hooks) from them and then gently release them and visualize pouring gold or other colored energy into the space that left. Most things weren't hooks they were just little shapes, blockages, little 'geometric energy plaques' as I took to thinking about them, that just needed to be cleaned out of someone.


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 08:16 PM

I took to doing this regularly to practice with everybody I met. My teacher's theory was if I plopped myself in front of her, it was me, higher self, universe, God, saying "Hey this chick needs healing", so that was the theory I worked with on others. I started thinking it was my imagination, but ended up becoming convinced, by how people's behavior, comments or expression or even acting out, would change just as I was releasing or finishing something, that it wasn't just in MY head; if it was merely imagination then somehow they were affected by or sharing it too.

On one memorable occasion, a pretty young woman had stopped by with her mom (a class member); this was not during any kind of class. I sat reading a book and doing this meditation at the same time though the book kind of fell out of attention after awhile. I found one of the most frightening blocks-hooks I'd ever seen in her, that seemed to have roots in kundalini and sacral in great part. It felt like something heavy as lead and really 'hairy' and like a solid dull-end steel bar that stabbed and like it had grown like a spaghetti-string cancer into her entire lower body with nasty hooks all over the strings anchoring it in, it was just horrible! In fact it was so bad that I was thinking that maybe this WAS my imagination since it was so extreme, but in that case, maybe it was something 'projected' from myself, and the cleaning exercise would be good for me. It took quite awhile! Their conversation went on quite awhile fortunately.

She was talking about her upcoming wedding and how excited she was and my teacher (the mother of all girly-girl acquarian new age fairies lol) was oohing over her ring and all about her planned honeymoon and more, as I was finishing. I had everything taken care of except the release of the outside connections, I was holding onto them and had this huge sense of pressure like they were really pulling hard. I 'sensed' a ton of entities all over the place which was unusual for me--I didn't usually have much awareness of that kind of thing. I'd been praying for a little help I just didn't normally get it in quite that intensity or quantity! Anyway, I released what was left, letting it snap-back to source with a rather grim satisfactory sense, like a tape measure, of that swishwishswishTHWAP! at the end LOL and I felt like a ton of 'others' were joining me in pouring energy into the inside of her.

She was literally in the middle of a sentence about some trivia of her honeymoon destination when she stopped, her eyes widened, and she BURST into tears. I mean bawling unbelievably. My teacher turned around and gave me this "What were you DOing?!" look, heh! Her mother sitting next to her was totally confused, saying honey are you alright? and so on. And this girl blurts out that her father had sex with her from the time she was five until just a few years prior when her mom had divorced and they'd moved away and she'd never told anybody and so on. I was AGHAST. I mean... a lot of the 'impressions' in the meditation suddenly made sense then, but holy #, to be able to set off something that profound all by "visualizing color-energy-geometries"?! All the reactions of people prior that I had always been half-skeptical about ("maybe it's my imagination") fell into place at that moment, and you could say I totally became a believer.

I'm involved with things now in my life that I would never have gone near, would have sneered at, were it not for the pranic work and archetype meditations that somehow between them seemed to radically de-plaque me and take a crowbar to my awareness and my nearly closed mind of the time.

I later made the profound mistake of attempting to meditate on the archetype of someone else's issues; to literally work on their archetypes. My teacher did this with me and it really screwed her up eventually--I seemed to 'evolve' at light speed while she took on a whole slew of 'issues' I recognized as mine except 20x worse because I'd had a lifetime to form adaptive behaviors to my problem energies and she didn't have that. She eventually had it dealt with--I knew because it woke me up one night about a year later and my entire reality fell apart reflecting all those issues suddenly--but I hadn't learned the lesson apparently. Anyway one of my best buddies did two tours in Vietnam, every battle you ever heard of he was in the center of, a zillion experiences some of which literally kept me up at nights after hearing about them. He had heart issues at the time, and I asked to meditate on the archetype of his heart problems, hoping I could help in some way. (I didn't attempt pranic work--though distance doesn't matter--because he's one of the few real-deal psychics I ever met and I didn't want him thinking I was invading his space in some way.)

The archetype was a human, a little short, with feral eyes and tiger-teeth and a sense of violence underneath that nearly made MY heart stop. I was so scared of the archetype I couldn't even do the meditation though I had opened the process. I just closed it all down and refused anything more. I should already have known how dumb that is--I still do it sometimes, and deal with the fallout in my life/reality until that energy is dealt with. Every night for two weeks I had the goriest red-red-red dreams EVER. In one memorable one, a werewolf-like person took me and some innocent guy into a room, and just... mutilated him. I'd scream and when I looked away, everything would freeze, the creature would reach down and grab me by the hair, force me to LOOK, then ZOOM the image for me!, rewind to where I looked away, and play it again, like it was a movie but real. I was so deeply traumatized every morning. I finally realized what I'd started and went back into the meditation and asked for it to be formally closed down, and that went away. In any case, so now I know, apparently some experiences cause some pretty major energy issues which may eventually affect the heart.


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 08:22 PM

My primary recommendation is not one I would have given when I began in this, and I worry it'll just make your eyes roll up in your head, but it's this: pray and ask for help. As in "God."

All the details -- insert one diety or obnoxious religion here -- do not need to be involved in any way. It doesn't matter whether God even exists or not. The human "technology" of access to things normally outside our daily conscious control is via "relationship". Pray for faith and pray for assistance with healing and cleansing the energy related to your heart. The faith is worth a thousand other gifts and operates in ways you can't imagine and will support every other kind of personal growth so include that.

You don't have to believe in something; I prayed "to whom it may concern" for over a year once in my confusion LOL (seriously) -- you just have to mean it that you would really like assistance and pointedly ASK for it. Every day, preferably a few times a day. It takes, let's see, about 4 seconds. 12 seconds a day, think you can spare that? ;-)

I have reason to believe -- but couldn't easily summarize it, and it would take a zillion posts -- that this is genuinely important and effective and should be a part of any meditation or healing process.

And just imagine -- I'll leave it to whatever format your teacher is giving you -- cleansing the entire chakraic body including the heart chakra daily. If you're afraid to go near it, it's perhaps partly because the energy of fear lives there and in the two chakras below it, and your attention is basically sparking that energy. Ask for help in 'cleansing me of that fear' every time you run into that. Imagine a waterfall of clean energy just pouring through you.

If your mind tries to separate the heart from that in some way, then just imagine a teeeeny bit on the outside getting cleansed, and then imagine that later and while you sleep, some of that special energy from the outside will 'soak through' and clean inside in much the way antibacterial herbs or medicine do.

Asking for dreams to release stored harmful energy _and place it in the waste disposal systems of your body_ (edited: never use a left-arrow carat key or it will eat the rest of your post I just learned LOL) -- do not forget this part about the disposal it is very important -- each night, that will help too.


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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:08 PM

"If your mind tries to separate the heart from that in some way, then just imagine a teeeeny bit on the outside getting cleansed, and then imagine that later and while you sleep, some of that special energy from the outside will 'soak through' and clean inside in much the way antibacterial herbs or medicine do."

I can see this visualization working for me. Thank You.

As far as 'asking for help', that is actually something that I have just done a few times. Actually, I'm recently learning/relearning that approaching life humbly provides great benefits. The 'asking for help' has tagged along a few times when I am in a humble state. I asked from the Universe in general.

Anyway, just after reading your posts a bit earlier today, I got a rush of energy in my chest. Followed by a feeling of things being looser/lighter. (That's the best way I can think of to describe it.)

Just thought I would mention it

Thanks again for taking the time to post. It is much appreciated.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 09:14 PM
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Soo tell us or just me about these crystals, I'm dying to know what you know on them.

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