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The Psychology of the ATSer

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 06:06 PM
Here on ATS, supermoderators, lurkers, and posters alike have all taken pride in the unique mindset of our members. We're different, and we revel in it. But exactly how different are we?

The commentary on Glenn Beck's recent ATS-like reporting provided a look into how we collectively think... and it's nothing really special at all.

Look at it this way, recently Glenn Beck and CNN, as well as other MSM portals (I mean, FOX NEWS, for heaven's sake) reported topics that us ATSers have been reporting for quite a while. So New World Order and FEMA camps have finally received some attention from the "sheeple". Isn't this what we've been saying all along? Shouldn't we be happy that these debates are getting national airtime?

First of all, I personally do not believe that FEMA is going to round us all up in pseudo-concentration camps. America doesn't take that *snip*, no matter how long the HAARP waves have interfered with our brain functions and no matter how suspicious advertising is getting.

And on a side note, anyone who's watched the YouTube video (Glenn Beck interviewing Ron Paul) must have noticed the bottom thirds graphic read "Health Care Expansion $318 Bil over 10 yrs by taxing wealthy", and then "Top tax bracket will see 7% drop in tax breaks for charity". Anyone quickly flipping through channels would not be as enticed to listen as, say, it read something sensational like "CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA". So maybe the FOX producers didn't want Beck to mention it at all in the interview? It's a possibility......

But this post isn't really about that, and these subjects been debated time and time again on this site.

Is is possible that members on ATS are so deeply into it that they believe the media's dissemination of their favorite conspiracy theories is just another conspiracy against the American people?

Or is it just an I-was-here-first mentality that came out of the evolutionary wash somehow? Hey, maybe we are human after all...

For example, ever feel possessive over your favorite music? Think about it. Ever find yourself cursing those bandwagon-ers and teenie boppers who liked Green Day's American Idiot, while you've been a fan since Nimrod? Our music characterizes us, and we all consider ourselves better than the guy next door, at least in musical taste. He's just too stupid to get it.....

Like it or not there is a parallel with conspiracy theories. We are intelligent and love to declare it, with such forum titles as "Those who are Awake have no obligations to those who are asleep," we obviously feel superior to our baaaahing counterparts.

And if there really is some labyrinthine secret, some twisted plot, it's our advantage over the next guy if we know it and he doesn't. Fox News reaches 3.5 million viewers. That's 3.5 million more people who may have hit off the snooze button. So, why are we so bitter?

If everyone knows the secret, then it's not really a secret anymore. And then what makes us so special?

All I'm saying is that we've succeeded, we've penetrated the mainstream. The revolution has begun.


posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 06:21 PM
/rant on

I speak for myself but it simply pisses me off when people who I've known for sometime come up to me and say "hey did you hear about that stuff Glenn Beck was talking about" or "hey the economy is falling apart" or "things are going to get bad"

Yeah I did asshole, I remember telling you about such things a couple years ago and you called me crazy and got mad at me for being "negative" and interrupting your ignorant bliss...

Imho its not about "being here first" but rather the fact that we have all taken so much crap from these morons; verbal abuse, we've been mocked, called nutjobs etc etc etc, and NOW because the news tells these pricks what we've been trying to warn them about for years....

And now? they join the club, simply because its cool I guess?

These people treated us all like complete crap, and never once headed our warnings, and now because MSM apparently and obviously does their thinking for them, they are all jumping on board free of charge, and by free of charge I think to the fact that's these issues are things many of us here are very passionate about and have spent many sleepless nights pouring over upcoming legislation, and various other outlets trying to put the puzzle together, and now these people are just going to rub shoulders with us like they have known all along and forget about the fact that literally 2 months ago we were nutjobs and they had it all figured out?

/rant off =)

And the really funny part is if the elections were right "now", all these jerk offs would probably vote for Ron Paul...

[edit on 6-3-2009 by C0le]

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