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Iran and Hamas Support Darfur Dictator

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 04:03 PM
KHARTOUM, Sudan – Iran and the Palestinian militant group Hamas showed their support for Sudan's president Friday, sending top officials to the Sudanese capital and denouncing the international warrant for his arrest on charges of war crimes in Darfur.

he expulsion raised fears of a humanitarian crisis in the large, arid western region, where war has been raging for six years. Some 2.7 million people have been forced from their homes, and many rely on aid groups for food, water, shelter and medical care.

Iran's parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, arrived in Khartoum along with Moussa Abu Marzouk, the No. 2 figure in Hamas' Damascus-based leadership. Larijani told reporters at the airport that the ICC's arrest warrant is an "insult." Also in their delegation were Syrian Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Abrash and representatives from other Palestinian militant factions. Iran and Hamas have been long time allies of Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir, whose government is dominated by Muslim fundamentalists and military officers.

The irony is beyond any words. Where are the riots? Where are the protests? Where are the government officials speaking out? Israel kills 1,400 people and the whole world riots. The irony is that instead of Israel there is an Arab dominated government massacring a local population. Hamas should show support to people of the same struggle, but they turn their backs and kiss Iran's ass. The Arab regime has killed 400,000 people and displaced 2,000,000. Does that mean anything to anyone? Now you can see the reality of the situation and the reality of their intentions. No one cares about the "Palestinians" no one cares about Hamas, it is only Israel they care about. It is only there five seconds of fame, so they can go back to their friends and say I did something.

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