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Wierd Alien Invasion/Disclosure Dream

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:32 AM
Had an interesting dream last night I want to share. I was in a car (front passenger seat) late at night and saw a lot of bugs/birds falling from the sky, as if they hit something huge. I then began to see all across the sky tracings of the bottom of ships in an amber color as they came through the clouds and into view. the bottoms of these ships seems to have all sorts of geometric patterns on them and were visible, but I didn't see any real lights on them.

After noticing them, a big guinea pig (orange and white) appears to come into the car from the floor at my feet and was telling where I had to go and who to meet (i think it was some police or political figure) right away as we were about to make contact. I think the guinea pig was speaking to me telepathically. Weird, yeah, I know. Maybe my cat was walking on me while sleeping and that's why it happened (she's black and white though). Anyways, somehow I meet up with whoever I was told too and somehow became part of the party meeting these aliens. I remember thinking to myself "please be humanoid, please be humanoid". Luckily they were. They were in some kind of uniforms, had an orange like skin, were taller than the people present overall, and although they had a very human like face, the ridge of their nose had large ripples in it. Those were the two biggest distinguishing features. They spoke to a group of a us in ENGLISH too. I asked how they spoke English and said that as they studied us, they found English to be a terribly simple language compared to their own so it was easy to learn before contact. They said they had tons of ships in the sky visible to all because they wanted there to be no doubt that they were here and wanted disclosure to happen. They also didn't mean us any harm, but did say they were a cannibalistic society (but also did eat meats and veges). They went on to describe how their elders, instead of growing terribly old and fragile would willingly end their lives to be consumed by the younger people. It was thought that an essense of that person would be shared with those who consumed them. They felt this was fairly normal.

Anyways, there were more events that later happened (jumping through time and stuff), but like I said, I just wanted to share an interesting and weird dream I had. I hadn't watched any tv in the past few days or seen anything that would have led me to thinking about aliens, disclosure, and the like to generate this dream, so it was a pleasant surprise.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:10 AM
Wow, that was an interesting dream....

It seems funny how you dreamt of a big guinea pig (orange and white). I have read a few posts on here regarding some posters or others experiences of seeing either big bunnies or clowns etc, when they are visited by alien beings so that children and people are not afraid, even though the aliens may or may not have an evil agenda.

I had a dream a couple of days ago that I was with my sister, maybe at a hotel or something. But I remember we were a couple of floors up from the ground floor. We were in a hurry to pack because earth was about to be invaded by aliens/another race. I remember going out side to see if anything was happening and I looked upwards and there were some huge mother ships scattered all over the sky with medium and small ships, and also some strange egg/oval shaped ones. There were hundreds and they were like a light metal gray colour but matte. The mother ships were not disc shaped at all, actually now that I think of it, none of them were. The strange thing about it was that they were silent, even though the sky was littered with ships it was eerily silent. It was like something out of star wars but very realistic. I remember seeing a man with an electronic pocket book and he was saying that they were a water based alien race. Then it ended. I got the feeling they were not friendly because there was chaos everywhere and people high tailing it to the hills.


posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 05:25 PM
Hmm, not surprising enough I too think these water aliens aren't exactly friendly. For some weird reason I found myself dreaming of a place that was filled with tanks with different species. Similar to an Aquarius under water. I did not know how I got there or why, but i was talking to the fish. Some appeared unusual; big and small. One blue square looking fish tried to jump out of the tank. I caught it and dropped it back in, and I told it not to do it again. The surroundings were beautiful; Shiny steal and large tanks and machinery everywhere. I remember crawling around trying not to be seen or heard. However, that never worked, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a few tall beings walk toward me. They didn't look happy to see me, i panicked and woke up.

Also I have had one and only one dream of getting people to a particular spot and witnessed a mass abduction. In the dream I'm on a large boat or ferry and people are all around me and we're all looking up. Its early in the morning but still dark. I can see the clouds, then I see something form behind the clouds like swirling rays of color. Blue, red, orange..etc, beautiful colors form above our heads and I'm blown to my back. My eyes are closed, and I felt the floor. My eyes open and no-one is there, every one was gone. Boat full of people "gone". Then someone said I had to stay; and for some reason I felt I had to get more people?!. I don't know how I got off the ferry, but I did. Which resulted in my actions sometime later through the dream; of getting more people on to the ferry, to the same place in the water. Then it came again, colorful lights and I felt the weirdest thing run through my body. I felt bright light consume me entirely. I opened my eyes, and I wasn't me at all- "thats what scared me"- I looked completely different, and I wasn't on the ferry. Then I preceded to leap in to light speed; time spiral. I awoke from the dream because I didn't want to know.

O yeah.. I dream too much.

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