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Why should anyone get the land of Israel.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 04:43 PM
I think neither should get it for according to religious books neither followed what their God told them exactly. You cant pick and choose what to go with you either listen or you don't.

The Hebrews when they were lead of out Egypt God told them to kill everything in the land, they didn't listen to God so therefore the agreement is null and void because they didn't live up to there part plain and simple.

If you say they didn't have to why should others listen to their God when God says the land is for them, they didn't listen we they were told something.

You have Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac and the different ideas of who should get what. Abraham and Sarah agreed to the how the creation of Ishmael came to be than after the fact happened things changed.

By the traditions of the time Ishmael would have got the land plain and simple. God said Abraham and his offspring therefore that's all children of Abraham therefore they should share and if they couldn't fix the family dispute neither should get it.

And if an agreement can not be mad neither should ever get it.

Before anyone says if I'm pro this or against this religion I'm agnostic and have no option of the two I'm going by what so and so text say.

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 02:37 AM
Before Israel the land belonged to Muslims, Christians, Jews and other religious groups. It was shared. They lived together peacefully for the most part.

It was land for those who lived on it, those who's fathers and great grandfathers....etc lived there.

They could have all lived in peace. Greed is what caused this conflict. What was the minority of a nation is now a majority who wants to make claim to all of it.

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