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Negative Perceptions Create Negative Realities

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 05:41 PM
I think that as long as we talk as though the NWO we will allow it to be because we already lost the inner battle by being fearful which leads to inaction absent the daily awareness of our ways of life changing for the worse. Miseducation and the wrong guidance of misguided but well-meaning people all put up psychic barriers. During situations where positive life decisions can be made are marred by the psychic barriers that our parents, teacher, and the like unknowingly create.

An event such as a negative comment or a failure occurs we fill ourselves with the idea that we cannot even though it is a fact that we are capable. This inner decision making battle occurs every time an event during which we can choose between facing a fear and related to that one negative outcome When we tell ourselves that what happens in our country is not in our control. If we continue to believe that the relatively few bases covered by our enemy are enough to defeat we the people than it most certainly will. The people make history, but few pass it down to their children in its true form.

Neglecting the truth that is the fact that each one of us HUMANS are the Gods of our own lives as beings just as powerful as the politicians. There are many more of us than there are the people in "power". Every time you interact with another fellow God your interaction is an interaction with the collective perspective. The collective perspective is not only communicated by words, but by the electro-magnetic energy that connects us all.

As humans we are the most intelligent perspective on Earth. We are the brains of the Earth. Up until now the collective consciousness was not aware enough for the people to finally start living the lives we were meant to live. In harmony with the Earth and in harmony with all that stand on it. Every human should watch KYMATICA(search the word in google-don't go to youtube because you won't get the complete 1hr+video there). After watching it, I felt very enlightened.

Just like they say, "It is possible to illuminate a dark room with light, but it is impossible to darken a room full of illuminated(joyful, truth-knowing) people.

The collective perception creates the collective reality.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:20 AM
I think the problem is that a lot of people are unsure about exactly they are fighting for.

They can see the injustices around them and the things that are inherently NOT right with the world and get too embroiled in what they are fighting against rather than directing their energies towards solutions.

Knowledge is a fantastic thing if it makes one feel empowered but I believe that some people have lost their way and are growing more fearful as a result of getting closer to the 'truth'. My friend who got me into this area of research is a case in point - he seems to grow ever more melancholy with everything he reads because I think he believes that the battle against the NWO etc. is lost.

I am new to all of this stuff and at the moment I am just absorbing information, information that is drastically changing my perception of the world and I am finding myself just losing faith with everything I thought was real.

This is why I have to hang on to what I am fighting for (namely love, peace, knowledge and freedom) and try to make changes to my life in small ways to further my positive agenda.

I like the metaphor with the light in a darkened room - I feel that it is a very powerful symbol of what we are all trying to achieve.

Good post.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:45 PM
Sorry for such a late reply, but thanks. That is the same way I used to be. I used to fear what was coming next because I only saw the power that the evil-doers had. The truth is that as long as we remain vigilant and do what we know is right and create our own ripple in the collective consciousness there is much hope. Whenever we do something that makes someone else see that serving themselves isn't really the most rewarding thing to do we are making a big difference because that person will in turn do something differently then they would have prior to that event.

I recently fasted for nearly a weeks time and meditated often during that time. Meditation was almost natural when trying to go to sleep. In fact when we find it hard to sleep it isn't because we should consume something to make us go to sleep it is that we should meditate. When we can feel the connection to everything else around us we are at peace. Knowing that the connection is not enough. One must feel it in every waking moment until one goes to sleep.

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose that pass that leads to wisdom."-Gautama

One of the first things I realized before deciding to fast that actually led me to it was the fact that refined sugar and foods that cause the dreaded spikes and dips in our blood sugar levels should be avoided. During a dip from insulin someone might start feeling tired or just plain down and this is usually when this person will go get some more sugar and cause another spike. Leading to a never ending perpetuation of spikes and sharp declines in blood sugar levels. Sugar is one of the most prevalent and ignored addictions I can think of. Getting on the path to spiritual awareness and from there to enlightenment should probably start with not being physically addicted. Sugar really robs us of our creativity, energy, and growth without even knowing it sometimes. I felt that it took about two days for my blood sugar levels to finally stabilize, and that says nothing about the addiction to quick and easy energy. After all is it not the need to acquire energy that we have creativity for anyway?

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