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Obama and Brown participate in NWO takeover?

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 01:46 PM
Following Lou Dobbs' comments on CNN earlier about Obama and Brown being NWO I began wondering about this "economic crisis" or "credit crunch" and whether it has been orchestrated to pave the way for the Global New "Deal" - take it or leave it perhaps? - or the New World Order.

I have been reading up on American politics for many years now, since 911 and though I'd heard of Obama he seemed to jump right into the forefront of US politic very quickly. In my eyes. At the time that could've been good or bad. But even before he was elected I'm very sureI heard people saying he is gonna save the global economy...McCain is a war-mongerer and Sarah "I'll Push The Mother F*****g Button" Palin (a favourite of mine in a comical sense lol she was enthusiastic, bless her, but nuts) heading South from Alaska to inform us of her existence before disappearing back to whenst she came.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown is trying to get Ireland and Holland amongst others, behing The Lisbon treaty, which btw has been downgraded to an agreement and may well have the UK sovereignty obliterated as well as others thus paving the way for the United States Europe or whatever we'll be called. He was also dithering on policies and actions regarding the economic problems, never gave adequate explanations or solutions and avoided questions on holding a General Election (which coincidentally the results depend on what happens with UK soveriegnty at the start of May when they're held).

SO the banks start to crumble, businesses close as banks attempt to recoup losses, property markets arse falls out of it, unemployment rises, moral goes down, people panic....know what I mean? Exact conditions for "major benefical change" and salvation. Brown, Bush, and other leaders start bailing out the banks, Bush the US car industry and banks, Brown the major banks of the UK. The British taxpayer (pfffft yeah right) now owns the majority in HBOS RBS Northern Rock etc. Now governments have consolidated power over many banks (or the other way around?), and our economy crashing, is this making way for a new economy, a new larger more powerful bank, a new Union of States in Europe, a new military, a New World Order? The US has already got the missile defences for Europe being handled as we speak, already with countless airbases throughout the World. After that the NAU? Australia and NZ?

One thing troubles me though...if it's a New WORLD Order, can we take that as all major UN member states are in? Or another secret organisation of countries/moguls? but both in effect a landslide majority of participants? Or my fear.... there's gonna be a very long expansionism campaign for generations to come.

I'd like to know what people think of this and anything else they think they could add or even shoot me down upon :-)


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