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Enforced Logic - Reality and "Magic"

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:53 AM
I have posted this in a few places, and I feel I should add it here as well. This paper incorporates and explains concepts that have taken me a life time to come to understand as well as I do now, and I've probably still got a lot wrong but what you will find in this paper, be it one small thing, will be priceless. It is fairly long, sorry, but what do you expect when you try to explain the workings of realty. Enjoy.

This paper is an attempt to simplify the complex, make sense of the senseless and find truth in an illusion. It is based only on the logical truth behind all cults, religions, and sciences. I am warning readers now that this paper will reveal theories that might shake your perspectives on reality and is not for those who are childish, need guardianship or show any other act of dependence, in other words you need to be open minded and logical about things which, means being mature, kind and respective. All energy released, whether negative or positive will come back to you in one form or another. This is said in almost all religions and cults, some call it karma, others might see it as punishment from a god but most scientists see no rational explanation for such phenomena and disregard one of the most important laws of the universe. So as a more knowledgeable person might say, “do or think nothing unto others that which you would not want done unto you”. Not to bore you with this stuff but I once was a criminal and I can tell you that no good will ever come from such activities. This is the same as physically or mentally harming someone directly, no good will come of hate and anger, it will only stunt man kinds development. I just wanted to say these things now and warn you of the consequences so I can get into it.

We live in a day and age where science and religion has stripped us of freedom. We are trapped by society, standing at the bottom of the mountain. Time, space and energy are hard to contemplate, but look deep and long enough, and the truth is slowly made clear. There are people who can bend metal with there minds, heat things without touching them, see things across the other side of the world without leaving the room, this has all been scientifically tested and proven to be legitimate but most is still not scientifically explainable so it is thrown aside as crockery, and as more people just plainly accept that “magic” is impossible by scientific reasoning , society will continue to lock the most important doors in the hallway. By the end of the paper you will understand how belief, desire and willpower can change the outcomes of the universe. Open your mind, don't become trapped in the reality society has confined us to. What are you scared of? Science is starting prove a lot of these things are possible, every experience in my life proves it when the right logic is used to examine it. The possibilities are endless and it may sound ridiculous but not to the more intelligent person. Most children think they know it all but when they look back as an adult they see how truly naive they once were, and the human race is only just taking it's baby steps. Yes, I realize it is contradictory to say I know the answer, but I see a society oblivious to the true wonders of the universe and I know those who believe should enjoy this read. I obviously don't know the whole answer but every bit helps. If you think your hand is solid, let me shatter that thought for you, atoms are actually 99.999% empty space, and the particles that make up atoms are semi-existent. If you believe we are the only conscious, self-aware beings in the universe, think again. I don't want to get into aliens but they are of great significance. Anyway lets get into it.

I have studied general physics, quantum and particle physics, string theory, modern day magic "chaos magick" backed by scientific theory and chaos mathematics, plus numerous other cults and religions. I can only come to one conclusion. It is undeniable. We can manipulate reality with our minds. Our mind can effect the outcomes of reality, even if this outcome is supposedly random. I will first describe to you my model of “reality” and how the mind can be used to manipulate the system. The mind is essentially a part of this system, evolving out of nothing, through pure probability. Also I am assuming throughout this paper that energy, particles, electro-magnetic radiation and all forces really are the same thing just in different states. Energy.

Lets start with some knowledge. It is seen in chaos mathematics that a totally probabilistic system can form patterns when it becomes complex enough, from complexity comes simplicity, and that one tiny change anywhere in the system will have drastic implications on the whole system. Also, these "particles" that make up atoms are partially in existence, popping in and out of existence and traveling in a probabilistic, wave like motion. They only exist based on probability, fluctuating in and out of existence/parallel universe, a bit like your television screen, it flashes so fast it looks "solid". Experiments have proven that energy is constantly appearing and disappearing, even in a vacuum containing not a single atom. The point is that everything we see is the result of one thing, just a very complex system of energetic fluctuations, but at some point the system is only the warping and fluxing of one thing, nothingness, space. If you warp space you get energy. I believe if you stretch space, pulling from two points, a string of space between the two points will contain potential energy. I believe these are the building blocks of everything, tie the space into a knot so that it can't neutralize and you have a basic “particle”, maybe a quark, maybe something much smaller. I'll call them space strings, remember this for a bit later.

We truly did come from nothing, and from this nothing we can draw energy. This is what they call zero-point energy in modern theory, I don’t think scientists really understand it, all I know is that they say it is energy extracted from the quantum foam. I will first try to explain the “quantum foam” they refer to, how it formed our universe and how energy can be extracted from it (“quantum foam”, Aether of nothingness, or just Aether, they all mean the same thing throughout this paper). About an hour after first posting this paper I came across a post in a metaphysics forum where someone had given perfect description of what took me hours:

"What I do know about time comes from my own mystical experiences. And what I know is this: There is such a thing as 'Pure Motion'. No light, no sound but pure unadulterated motion amidst the purest of what I can only describe as absolute 'Darkness'." Unknown Author

If I'm sure about one thing, and one thing only, it's that time is infinite and the only way to measure or try to explain it is to experience it. First our planet was in the center of the universe, then our sun and now our one universe started expanding at the start of time... So was the big bang the beginning of space and time? This is the assumption scientists make today. OK. So if I travel to the end of the universe will I find an end, a brick wall? Of course not, there will be something behind the brick wall, I can always keep going further. Then lets say I turn around, I could also travel forever in that direction. Now lets look at time, was there a start? Huh, but what’s before that? There had to be something, see what I’m saying? Don’t let the idea seem abstract because numbers go for ever in a linear fashion as does time, if you now start counting backwards you can go forever. So time is infinite, has and always will flow, it just is. We can say time is infinite because even if the universe imploded and there was nothing left at all, time would still pass, random energy fluctuations throughout space would take place and a new universe would eventually form when the right interactions between these random energy waves takes place. It would set up a stable system that doesn’t rapidly decay back into nothing.

Can energy appear from nothing? If so, does this energy really exist? You can’t pull something from nothing, but what are the chances of absolutely nothing happening in the infinite time and space available? So these space strings inevitably occur, chances force the warping of space, but for extremely short lengths of time. So what happens when they begin interacting with each other? These “burps” of energy, zipping around and interacting with one another started to show patterns arising, from pure probability. It was the dawning of chaos. I won’t get into detail, but by extremely rare chances stability presents itself, space ties it's self into a knot and the energy involved is unable to decay back into nothing and becomes trapped, bound, losing a level of flexibility, gaining certainty, becoming a “particle”. Now let us say two of these “particles” as we call them interact to form a new stable system on top of the old, building upon it, adding complexity. Again, the probability of such an occurrence is even slimmer, giving this level more certainty. Can you see what I’m saying? As the chances of existence decreases, the certainty of such systems will increase, and as the complexity slowly grows the system will slowly become something that we can call tangible and “real”.

Each level of the system will add complexity and certainty to a system (eventually forming elements, crystal structures, humans etc). When I talk of the different levels in a system, just think of your body. You are made from your organs, muscles, blood vessels etc, and those are made from cells, and cells are made from various chemicals, chemicals are made from atoms, atoms are made from leptons and hadrons etc, etc. Chemicals like H2O are more complex than atoms, but the atoms bond together to build a more complex system overall (chemicals), and with complexity comes arrangement, patterns and certainty. Although the actual nucleus of each atom won't change much, they will become slightly more bound due to the new complexities added to the system but the outer most level of a system will become the most certain. Going backwards, looking into atoms, you lose certainty at each level. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that you cannot measure the position and momentum of an electron at the same time. This also explains why the interference pattern caused by electrons is more measurable than larger objects are composed of trillions of atoms, each containing numerous electrons. So a single electron is less bound, it has less certainty, it is able to exist in more than one place at one time, its wave-particle duality will be noticed, and it will interfere with itself (lookup the double-slit experiment). When scientists dig deep enough they will literally find nothing, they will rip apart some semi-existent particles and be left with nothing as the resulting energy rapidly decays.

Back to growth, lets say we now have a few of these basic particles and they start attracting each other, "clumping" together and growing in complexity, eventually the system will become so large it becomes unstable (highly energetic) and explodes, shooting basic particles outwards, from here the big bang can explain things, but everything was all once bound in a single system, and they do remain bound at some fundamental level, in some fundamental way. Everything in our universe remains bound together in some way, a big spherical entangling of space strings expanding at the speed of light. So slowly things build up into a universe, planets and stars form, slowly life occurs and evolves, inevitably resulting in the spawn of man kinds self awareness, not to mention the countless aliens. What were the chances of life first occurring on Earth in a mineral concoction as the theory suggests? What are the chances of anything existing? There is an infinite amount of space and infinite possibilities, universes will form in an infinite amount of places, in the infinite space available. There may be an infinite amount of universes, but each is finite, there are an infinite amount of numbers but each have finite values. The modern day big bang theory can describe what happened after the explosion but not before it, and I think the events that took place before the big bang hold an important answer to an important question.

So I haven’t really explained how this entwines with magic. I should hope the word magic is redefined as “something highly unlikely occurring through the use of only willpower and belief” but who knows. Well as you may have realized the systems of reality are totally random, probabilistic and chaotic. Basically, when you make a decision you are enforcing certainty, choosing one or the other, if you feel certain it will happen you are enforcing certainty. Your brain and thoughts are essentially a part of the system, you are made of the particles and atoms that form out of the way I have described, and all systems are essentially connected is some way, so you can gain “root” access if you know how the system works. Your enforcement of certainty can change the outcome of the certainties that make up the system, you add to the equation your certainties, and change the overall outcome. The certainties that make up the system are formed through random occurrences, they are chaotic, but your conscious mind changes the picture. You can enforce certainty, belief is the key, if you are 100% certain you can manifest gold with your mind it will happen. Your thoughts will manifest out of the “Quantum foam” if you enforce enough certainty into the equation. You should have heard a lot of stories about truly believing to make things happen or where people lift cars to save loved ones. Try to make the connections in these stories, think about things most people don’t. Most people instantly dismiss such ideas as it sounds beyond likely, that may be so, but does it mean it's impossible. No matter how slim the chances, the possibility exists. They can lift the car because it is in the heat of the moment, their mind will speed up, time will slow down and they will have nothing in their mind except saving that person, nothing else, no thought whispering “this will never work, it goes against everything you know” and so it works. From theory comes reality. I think that our experience of time depends on how fast our mind can process information. When you experience an adrenalin pumping situation your mind speeds up, your whole body speeds up and time seems to go slower. I have experienced this many times and I'm sure others have. When your waiting/bored time will go slower because your brain is in 1st gear. So the person believes that they will save their loved one and their mind extracts from the Aether the extra energy required to lift that car and overcome gravity. If our thoughts are powerful enough and concentrated in the right way, the system will show changes that may seem external but are actually very connected to you and responsive to your input. Remember that one little change in a chaotic system (a change in thought) will result in big changes throughout the whole system, your change will resonate through the system, down it's limbs, into it's roots and finally into the aether of nothingness from which the tree of life sucks it's essence.

A simple summary of the process: when you believe, you are adding to the equation your beliefs, your certainty. You can add your certainty into the outcome of any system because everything in our universe is connected, chaotic, probabilistic, and you are a part of it. Every object in the universe is the sum total of random probabilities, your certainty will change the sum total and the overall system. Your thoughts and beliefs have probabilistic value which, and when exerted upon any system will change the final outcome. Being conscious and connected to everything in the universe allows you to enforce probabilities into a system. Any extra energy required to build and stabilize this new state can be extracted from the “quantum foam” or from existing systems. So in this way we can manipulate reality and manifest realities from the Aether of nothing, not create our entire reality like some quantum physicists may say, most of what we see is the “patterns” that have come from chaos, a natural result of time, obviously something like a television is the result of conscious input but give it enough time and one would naturally occur, your brain is extremely more complex than a TV but yet we exist. You can take from, add to and change any system. Changing a system of reality is very different to manifesting a reality from nothing, changing a system usually means giving or taking Aetheric energy from a system. When giving, you can pass on your own energy, extract energy from surrounding systems then pass it on or channel energy directly from the aether and pass it on, using it as you obtain it, but in any case it must first go to you because your intent is the force guiding the energy, your mind acts as the middle man in the transfer, from you the energy will flow along the fundamental connections that bind the universe into one system and into the desired "sub-system", (so you don't get confused I should say that I only use the term “sub-system” here to get across the idea that our universe is one big system and I usually just use the term “system” to make it easier). The opposite happens when extracting energy from a system. When taking from a system you can expel energy back into the aether and store it in your system (the static aura will grow as you take in energy, more on this later). When manifesting realities, you are starting with nothing and building a system that is very closely connected to you.

Lets talk about auras in relation to manipulating reality. Strong auras will be seen around healthy and vibrant people. By using subconscious enforcement they are changing the normal outcome of every cell in their body for a healthier or better looking outcome, usually unaware that their positive mindset and personality is a great benefit. By changing the outcome they have enforced a system different from the original. This system may have a different energy volume, so to achieve this, energy must be taken from the Aether of nothing. This produces an aura. This is the same thing as giving and taking energy from systems, the aura is just an indication of what's taking place. So in simpler terms if you had a rock you could take or give energy (mass times the speed of light squared=energy) from it using enforcement. If you had an aura measuring kit you could measure the mass lost or gained by the change in aura strength or color, whatever you would measure it in. A rock normally wouldn’t have an aura if no one was concentrating on it because it is in a static, stable state, not changing much. Now lets say I wanted to levitate. I can measure the energy of my system as my mass volume times my distance from Earth times the acceleration due to gravity (I am assuming me and the planet are one system since we are connected). So in floating my distance and energy level changes, the energy level of the whole system changes (me and the planet). The difference in potential energy is the total energy I would need to extract in order to float to a given height and energize my system to the required state. I can slowly extract energy, floating to the required height. Once at that state no extra energy is needed. I could meditate there all day. Also there are no forces acting horizontally (if you negate air friction) I can float around parallel to the ground without expending energy, all I need is the power of enforcement (really, because everything in our universe is connected, you are changing the state of the system on a larger scale and will need energy traveling in any direction, but less horizontally). I could also start at the top of a building and slowly release energy from my system, floating to the bottom. There isn't much energy required in overcoming gravity but it comes down to getting energy not getting enough of it. There are situations that require more energy than usual, such as teleportation, since you are wanting to change the system quickly (your position), a sudden burst of energy is required, this is where the art of attaining enough energy might become more necessary.

There are two ways a system may be changed - changing the energy volume of a system and changing the state of a system, changing the energy volume of a system will change the state but the state can be changed without changing the energy volume. Energy will always be needed to apply work to the system and change it unless absolutely no resistance is present, even if there was no resistance the system still needs energy input to get it to the required state. So unless you are lowering the energy volume of a system you will need to draw energy from the aether or use your own energy in order to change a system. When lowering the energy volume, like say cooling a cup of water using enforcement, the heat energy lost will be converted into aether energy and you will receive this energy. Everything is interchangeable, aether energy is the most fundamental type energy. Nikola Tesla called it cold electricity, I believe Tesla was the most intelligent man to ever walk the Earth and his successes are greatly undermined in todays society, he catapulted society into the age of electronics. He was a mysterious man who got most of his ideas from vivid hallucinations he would experience daily. When Tesla died his research documentary was declared top secret by the Government. Tesla found a mechanical way of resonating with the universe, using the perfect frequency, he could cause enormous amounts of energy to pour out of the aether, he had found a way to harvest pure and powerful energy directly from the aether. He built motors that would run forever and even built a car using such a motor. He lit an entire field of light bulbs placed only in dirt. In total he came up with over 700 different patents.

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” Nikola Tesla

We always have an aura because we are living beings, always changing, learning, thinking, growing and “enforcing”. But wouldn’t I need energy to move into a higher state to increase my intelligence and strength? Yes, this is why I conclude that the aura is a signal to what energies we are drawing in, I call this the "dynamic aura", but there is another type of aura formed around highly energized people, I call this the "static aura", it is how we store excess aether energies. Eating provides a natural process of extracting energy from existing systems (food) and storing it chemically, not from the Aether. Evolution built it into all animals by a random process of survival of the fittest. As I said before only the person's mindset can benefit their health beyond the capabilities of the natural process. We advance and recharge quickest in our dreams or in meditation because the spirit leaves the body in a subconscious state and tunes into the “Aether world”. Astral projection is simply leaving the physical body in a conscious state. The dynamic aura is a natural, subconscious way of drawing in aetheric energy and is a result of evolution, some people are naturally better than others but the skill can be harnessed consciously through the right mindset. Thoughts require Aetheric energy because they are forever changing and increasing in complexity, unless the person is degrading themselves with drugs and/or negative thinking. As the mind grows it also increases it's ability to draw in energy and compensate for it's development. Your mind is rapidly moving from thought to thought, changing, needing energy to account for the changes, but when you have a thought it usually stays on the same subject for a while, the changes are always small and similar until you move on to a totally different thought. This process contributes to your overall dynamic aura and this is how the mood of a person can be read from their aura. The similar energies they draw in through the similar changes in similar thought produces distinct patterns and colors, if you get what I mean.

As a spirit you will exist in a very basic form of energy, not having a physical body to chemically extract energy from the universe. You will need energy in traveling or trying to advance your mental state, in fact your mental state is constantly changing, so unless you can keep your mental state static and don’t move at all you will use energy. We all have the natural ability to draw in energy from the aether but is it enough to exist in the afterlife? When undergoing astral projection I know that the “cord” connecting your spirit to your physical body is a way transferring energy from your physical body to your spirit form. Upon death the mind undergoes a great realization and your ability to manipulate reality also increases. I suspect a lot of spirits cannot handle the energy requirements without their physical body supplying extra energy. I suppose if you used too much energy in one hit you might destroy yourself but if you take it easy you should be fine as a spirit. There are some advantages to having the conscious ability to manipulate reality at will in the afterlife. Why do you think rooms go cold when powerful ghosts make an appearance? Clue: Heat=Energy. Answer: If the ghost wanted to become visible or move something, it will draw in energy from the surrounding systems, such as warm particles in the air, to increase it's energy volume, it would now focus it's energy into the most dense form, making it more visible. This is why most focus into orbs. If it wanted to move the object, it would use the energy it had gained and put it into the object, manipulating its state. It draws energy from existing systems and not the aether because this is much easier, the energy already exists, lowering the level of certainty required. I hope this has opened some minds out there and I hope It wasn’t to hard to understand, I tried to keep it simple so every one could try to contemplate such ideas and concepts.


In no way do I direct the comment "what are you scared of" towards scientists. I direct it at those scared of what they cannot explain. Scientists are looking for the answers, uncovering how our world works, while loosening the grip religion holds on us. Science isn't without it's set backs though, it is bound by rationalism and logic, restricted to the conditioned mind and in need of a change in perspective. Also, I am not hijacking science to help my "beliefs", they are not religious beliefs, I am purely scientific and logical, but open minded, enabling me too dig into the heart of reality, if you say I haven't thought enough about it, if you believe you cannot make yourself levitate or leave your physical body you haven't thought about it long enough, you haven't looked at all the possibilities. I am trying to show the science behind magic, not tear science apart. Science has proven a lot of these things and is slowly revealing more, here are a few facts: a man in Russia can bend things with his mind, he has been around for a while. Several astronauts working for NASA have admitted to seeing alien spacecrafts, NASA has released footage of such occurrences and professionals are unable to explain them, they say the only explanation is that they are highly quantized energy crafts, my explanation is they are energy crafts manipulated by the aliens minds, or they are just an energy mind, a mind made of aetheric energy, a spirit. A man in Australia recently built a zero-point generator that runs forever, requiring no fuel. Quantum and Particle physicists have done tests with random number generators and have shown how a person can "enforce their will" to influence the results in the out come of these number generators, it worked. A few thousand monks lowered the crime rates of a major American city by gathering and meditating in the city, the crime rates dropped by 25% and the Chief Executive Officer of the police department became an author in the study, and for years laboratories have taught astral projection, but I don't need proof about ghosts because I have seen one, and my dead grandfather killed my grandmothers unborn baby after he died at war and she re-married. She used one of those Ouija boards and the room went cold after asking what gender her new baby would be. The board answered NO and her baby died a week later. For those who ask me to explain magic without coming up with some crazy theory, I can't, and I only explained the formation of the universe to get across some ideas, my theory doesn't require it. Also the world works in crazy ways, a lot different to the way classical science predicts. So ridiculous sounding theories are inevitable. My theory would work if the following was correct:

-Everything is made of energy, an extremely complex system of vibrating energy
-everything is connected in some way
-the universe is chaotic and probabilistic
-a conscious mind can change the outcome of random events
-as a system grows in complexity it gains certainty
-there is an aether and it contains potential energy

Now lets review a few rules of Quantum physics:

-all particles are popping in and out of existence
-any particle can exist in more than one place at any one time.
-any particle is also simultaneously existing as a wave
-at some level everything is connected
-the observer can collapse the wave function of such particle waves simply by observing it
-a particle may interfere with its self
-only certain energy levels within the protons, electron orbits or even within a lattice structure are allowed
-energy and mass are interchangeable
-empty space fluctuates with activity.

Some physicists refer to the wave nature of a particle as the probability waves, they are the positional probability waves and they either constructively or destructively interfere with other positional probability waves to change the resultant position. Thus the two slit experiment shows one electron interfering with its self because its positional wave is spread out spherically, wide enough to seep through both slits and it will act much like the simple water version from this point, two little probability waves will come from the slits and interfere with each other, the probabilities are combined and a resultant position is determined for the electron, and because probability fluctuates as a wave an interference pattern on the screen behind will form. Now the scientists put a camera next to the slits to see which one it actually went through and it goes back to acting like a normal particle, producing a predictable two slit pattern, lacking any wave characteristics. Could it be that the scientists were certain that they would see which slit it went through, that they enforced it onto one path, instead of it existing in multiple places and interfering with itself, did you also notice how the much "realer" the particles became when certainty was enforced. The observer becomes attached more closely to the particle, every aspect of the experiment will increase the observers connection with the particle, giving greater complexity and certainty, changing the outcome. Some physicists say that objects will exists in multiple places and when you look at them they snap into place. The same principle can be used here also. There are a trillion ways it might be possible to bend a spoon with only the mind. I have only stated One. All objects seem like they are separate but science is yet to properly explain what holds the moon in it's orbit, is all as it seems or are we just oblivious to the truth? Are you sure you aren't looking at an illusion, are you sure you even exist and aren't just the figment of some higher beings imagination, scientists say there is 99% chance we are just part of a simulation. Where exactly are we in the emptiness of space, what is space, what is anything? Ask yourself these bigger questions, open yourself to all the possibilities. The worlds an extremely complex place and there are a lot of things we have yet to understand. I will leave it there.

"there are an infinite amount of possibilities and yet we are confined to the most likely of them"


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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 07:55 PM
Any true application on what you're saying?
Can yourself do some real magic?

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 07:19 PM
The applications derived from being able to manipulate reality with the mind and understand that everything is connected are endless. Some examples are psychokinesis/telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, teleportation....anything basically...all these things are possible, it just takes extreme discipline of the mind.

I have recently been practicing psychokinesis and have begun to get small objects to move. I even had a friend witness me move a pen UP my hand. My hand was tilted downwards and the pen was sitting on my fingers at the bottom. It started rolling up my hand briefly, my friend witnessed it and hasn't stopped practicing PK/TK since. Have you seen the guy on the Guinness Book of Records show who actually heats up a wet towel to such a degree it starts steaming without even touching it?

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by CHA0S
I have recently been practicing psychokinesis and have begun to get small objects to move. I even had a friend witness me move a pen UP my hand. My hand was tilted downwards and the pen was sitting on my fingers at the bottom. It started rolling up my hand briefly, my friend witnessed it and hasn't stopped practicing PK/TK since.

Could you make a video of it please.

Have you seen the guy on the Guinness Book of Records show who actually heats up a wet towel to such a degree it starts steaming without even touching it?

Yes I have, but it's not guinness, it's ripley's believe it or not. I'm not sure what to make of that one though, although I heard tibetan monks can do the same thing. However rising body temperature is completely different from telekinesis, never seen one actually perform it successfully. If you really can do it then you'll be the first. Please show me at least some proof.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 04:44 PM
The guy who heats up the towel is a fraud. He wraps up a piece of aluminum in the towel, if you would notice. He dipped it into a certain chemical solution that reacted with the aluminum, producing heat, and then pretended to "heat" it with his qigong power, with the guy with the infrared video taping it to attempt to add credibility. However, this was just the result of a chemical reaction. A thread on James Randi (link here: talks about possible ways to achieve the same effect using chemicals. I don't think Ripley's tested the aluminum or the chemical solution. In any case, I have read blog entries talking about people who actually went to go visit Master Jo (I think this is the guy you are talking about) and he won't do the trick unless he can use his own materials. So make your own decisions there.

I'm not trying to say that the phenomenon doesn't exist since I don't know enough about it but I will say that the one particular guy you mentioned is a known fraud. Other than that, it was an interesting read that makes me want to learn more about relativity and particle physics.

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 07:18 PM
Awesome post man. I find it very thought provoking.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by Jazzyguy
Could you make a video of it please.

I second that, also could you offer some hints and tips on learning telekinesis?
I really wanna try it after reading your post.
Starred and flagged.

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