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OMG, How to turn a rifle into a machine gun

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 10:47 AM
as far as the bump firing goes, if you try it, be aware that semi autos aren't generally made with barrels that will hold up well to that kind of firing because of the heat it generates.

keep your powder dry and aim true

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by atzmaz
I don't suggest anyone tries this at their local gun range. I was with a friend a few weeks ago and he was booted from the range and chased off at gun point by the owner for bump firing. I just pretended not to know him, but he was ex military and had done it several times before.

definetely not something to do at a range. don't forget about the dude who is facing federal gun charges after his semi auto allegedly misfired and fired 2-3 rounds while at a range and someone reported him as having a full auto.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 12:30 PM
This is indeed a cheap parlor trick. It looks cool but the question for those of us versed in the discipline of shooting is ...can you afford to feed it??

Ammo costs moneys. even .22 long rifle. For most firearms will spend more time reloading and less time shooting. It is common sense people.

All the Wows!! The Oh my Gods and Whoopees...will not make up for the costs of supporting such a nonsensical amusement.

This is not substitute for shooting straight. Even a full auto weapon designed with this in mind is not as accurate as well disciplined trained fire.

If I want to shoot a lot in such a manner I choose my shotgun. But fodder for this tool can get expensive as well.
No substitute for dicipline.

While many of us enjoy the craft of shooting it is indeed a discipline..and disciplined shooters disapprove of those inclined to style and profile...just trying to look good rather than to be good and disciplined. We are not enamoured of "Wildlife " with a gun.

But to me when you break it all down...the ultimate question will come down to can you afford to feed such a firearm used in such a manner and for such a whoopee?? For most of us the answer will be way!!

From Page 1 of this thread. Majestic Jax...Yes ..the shotgun is the ideal home defense weapon/tool. Either in short barreled tactical versions or the more common hunting variety. Anyone who does not have enough savy to respect a shotgun in close quarters is kidding themselves.
Even in close quarters combat..CQB the shotgun has proven itself to be a very useful and prefered tool. Even our enemies respect the shotgun in this territory.

I know personally of WW2 vets who came up the beaches from Normandy and in the house to house clearing of the French villages ...longed for a shotgun. So many of them were raised on a shotgun and not a rifle. They mostly, when able, switched their M1 Garands for the Thompson Submachine gun or the M3 Grease gun because not that many shotguns were available and the shells were still unreliable being paper shells in those days. This unreliability of the ammunition has been remedied with the advent of today's more modern plastic shells.
This lesson is being relearned in house to house close quarters combat.
Also keep in mind that the military and law enforcement has available to themselves certain kinds of shotgun ammo not available to the ordinary citizen here.

The Undertaker,
Reloading like shooting is a discipline and one to be taken seriously. When you make your first mistake and overload a shell....and survive it unharmed or your weapon unharmed...this will bring home the discipline aspect of it. Like any discipline is to be respected and learned in earnest.

It is, however, very beneficial in that one is not tied to a particular source for ammunition supplies and extends the options available to those who shoot a lot. It also allows one to tailor ones ammunition requirements more closely to ones needs for those with the specific skills.

I encourage you to enter this discipline and reap the rewards...but remember it is a discipline.

I do not encourage you to drink while reloading..nor smoke, nor suffer other distractions from the art/discipline.

Agree here with everything This Guy Right Here says. They are in the X ring on this about bump firing and the shotgun.

For myself I have little use for an fully automatic I would then be stuck with the problem of affording to feed the darned thing. I am not interested in this expense.

As to silencers being Illegal..check your state laws as well as the federal laws. Some states allow..some do not. Also silencers are not that difficult to make or fabricate for one shot applications. This is knowledge for which neither the local constabulary nor the anti gunners want you to know. Most silencers are also very close range tools. Not for 5 to 6 hundred yard tools.
They are also quite legal in some countries for quiet shooting in more populated areas.

Thanks to all for some great posts.


[edit on 10-3-2009 by orangetom1999]

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