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War Pimp Renaissance

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 07:58 AM
Jello Biafra and his silly sidekicks Ministry made up the band LARD..
they taught me many things when I was young.
they said alot of things way back when... when nobody would listen..

and now they're comin' true...

here's a song.. called War Pimp Renaissance"
I hope you perk an ear and take a listen.
because it's comin' to a town near you.
wether you like it or not.

nobody paid enough attention to the Carlsile group.. to dyncorp to anybody.. they all ust filtered along in their daily hoopty doo drink football watchin beer daily life..
oh what happened on kim kardiwhatshername oh what happened on the barak obama show oh what happened on the glen beck show i heard he gave a tiny mention of something real.. lets drool all over it since its MSM... oooh...

anybody who didn't listen a long time ago...
is gonna eat it when it all comes down...
I'm glad Jello and others notified me early on.

part 3 in my Jello Was Right series.

(follow below for video/audio)


War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance

Yippee Tai-Yai-Yai Yo
Evil Commie empire's gone
Yippee Tai-Yai-Yai Yay
Now we're the only one

Let there be peace on earth
What ever gave you that idea
Economy depends on guns
We'll have an arms race with ourselves

March, March
Forward to the caves

War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance

General who's never been to war
Is like a rapist who's never been laid
Like shootin' fish in a barrel
Inner child must be fed

Deep fry a quarter million ragheads
Into crispy eagle snacks
Pure chewing satisfaction
Pure chewing satisfaction

March, March
Ah Ha Ha Ha

Question ain't, who killed JFK
But, where are they now

War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance
War Pimp Renaissance

Who's a-gonna buy our missiles
Who's a-gonna buy our guns
Everyone on the whole damned planet
We'll throw in free land mines

Starve the Russians 'til a nut takes over
Put the Arms Race back on boil
As the world's population's exploding
Wars for water, not oil

Too damn many people already
Clutter land we could use for golf
Egg 'em on to bloodbaths like Rwanda
Help 'em eat each other alive

Praise... "God!"
We brought the rapture on!
Hey... Wait for me!


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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 09:46 AM
Hell yeah brother! Starred and flagged. I am an old school punk rocker who stopped it with the fashion show, but I still hold many of the lessons that punk rock taught me dear to my heart. What is funny is that I have some friends who listen to the music, but do not believe much of what Jello Biafra has to say. It is sad. He was one of the first Paradigm smashers. These lyrics are pretty good. I still listen to the Dead Kennedies, I almost forgot about Lard. Thanks for the reminder. I know what I am gonna get from Cheapo's discs here in Austin today. Cheers, buddy!

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:14 PM
Wow I never knew of that Lard song, I think the only album I had by them was Pure Chewing Satisfaction.

Jello's words and the music of the DKs were the greatest influences on my life, and still are to this day. Sadly I only got into the band during their last few months being together, as my cousin went to see them somewhere and left out Bedtime for Democracy, I wanted some background noise, so I put the record on his turntable, and the rest is history.

Check out some of the excellent lyrics he did with his DOA collaboration, quoted by me on ATS before:

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