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Why You Don't Matter

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 11:24 PM
In a democracy, things of great importance, or of any importance at all, should be fairly voted on.

In a society that rewards and reinforces greed with power, fairness is not an option.

There is a phrase, that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. I believe that it is also true that once a corporate entity, a company, gains a power of influence greater than that of a voter, well, then that power corrupts absolutely, too.

Corporations never have the citizen's interest at heart. They have their savings interest at heart. A private food company having control over the FDA won't ask if their products should be deemed necessary to be put on the food pyramid, it will demand it, and in reward give whoever passed the idea through vast sums of money, and thus, more power.

Lobbyists aide in the greed. They merge fact, fiction, and emotion together to sway our congresspeople and sometimes, our voters, in a way that is not healthful. The smoking lobbyists, for instance, who would blatantly lie and say that smoking has no or too few negative impacts to make a note of it.

You have no say. You claim that you have freedom of speech? Ha! Only if the people paying the government say you do!

Does this all depress you? NO, don't take some vitamin D, don't go out in the sun! Take some paxil instead!

In relation to this, read my signature. It's something I posted in another thread.

You don't matter. Your outrage doesn't matter. And it never will until we collapse the greed-mongers- not the government, but the corporations.


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