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2012, Nostridomus

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 05:35 AM
I am really confused about tyhe world ending in 2012, although I believe it will. I know Nostridomus predicted it, but what is going to exactly happen?

Is the Sun going to align a certain way or what,because i am confused about this.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 05:39 AM
there are many different theories of how it would happen most famous i would have to say is the nibiru/planetX one where it crashes into us and its currently hiding behind the sun..

i mostly just belive that something will change the way that we see things and we will need to change to compensate for that...

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 06:50 AM
how's about checking out one of the dozens and DOZENS of other threads on this that are already here rather than making a new one that is less substantial than the worst of those? This thread has less substance than any I have seen in a long time. Not being mean OP, i'm just saying that this just won't get you far on this forum.
to answer your question: Nostradamus and the Mayans and several others see something huge happening on this date. The Mayan calendar just ends there, in my opinion this just means that there are so many different scenarios that could play out that it is an unknown. Year Zero, reset the clocks. This kind of thing seems to not be the exception but the rule. We as a race seem to be sensing something around the corner, and if enough people are looking for doom we will surely have doom.
That is why it is important for us to act responsibly if we are worried about this. The power of thought is great. By all means build a bomb shelter and stock up on food if you are worried, but do so with this mindset:
"I am building this bomb shelter because it will increase the value of my home, and i'm buying all of this canned food and bottled water because i want to give it away to the Salvation Army in 2013 when i am still alive and all is well."
This way you can prepare for the worst but still be positive, if enough people have doom in mind, it will happen.
Like i said before, there is much writing on this here, answers to anything you want to know about this particular subject. I wasn't being mean, that's why i still bothered to help answer, because i think you are sincere about your concern, not just fishing for easy points. In the future though, to avoid being ripped up here, use more info in your posts, lay out your ideas better, and if you mention something in the title, like Nostradamus, then you should refrence it in the actual thread at least once!

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