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The Noahide Laws

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 06:55 AM

Originally posted by BenNoah

I would like to quote Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, if I may: “The Torah warns: ‘Do not turn to the idols’ (Vayikra 19:4), which the Gemara explains as a reference to conceptual idols, ideologies not based on the Torah (Shabbos 149a).”

This can be seen in light of Christianity. Let's face it: if it's about Jesus, you KNOW it is Gnosticism. ALL Christian sects and denominations are Gnostic. When you understand the false ideologies of Gnosticsm, and view them from a Torah viewpoint, you will see that Christian theology is built entirely on a Gnostic framework.

You say that what Jesus taught was not based on the Torah, but you do not provide any evidence my friend.

How about this. You provide evidence that what Christ taught is NOT backed by the Torah, and I will defend him against your evidence. Let's put Jesus on trial (again) and I will be his advocate. All I will use for evidence in his defence are words directly attributed to him, you do the same and explain how it is not backed by the Torah.


With Love,

Your Brother
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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by BenNoah

Islam also has a gnostic substratum.....Afterall, it was Shabbatai Tzvi who tried to inject gnosticism into Judaism, and after he was exposed by the Rabbis, converted to ISLAM, specifically Besktashi - a Sufi sect which endorsed ritual transgression of halel, orgiastic rites and all sorts of other thoroughly pagan things.

But yeah i agree with about all christian sects being gnostic..Its almost funny...They have the same book, and thus the same divine message encoded within it, which essentially preaches the same pagan doctrine of the godman - like pharoah, who knows not YHVH, and yet you have all these different sects...

Also, Calvinism in terms of theology comes absolutely closest to gnosticism. They have concepts like Total depravity - which means man has no ability since his fall to resist his animalistic urges, and also predestinationism - that man cant change his fate...Its an incredibly pessimistic philosophy that prevents man from perofming any of the commandments of the Torah, because ultimately one can claim that his lower urges preven him....

But of course, there is always "repentance" as Shabati Tzvi taught, and as the christian religion teaches, their cnception of G-d is a "merciful" G-d that permits men to deliberately sin than repent for it. Deliberately sin, than repent; and its this motion of back and forth between two extremes which they imagine as a healthy and dignified spiritual belief system.

posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 06:33 PM
had no idea Netanyahu & Trump secretly signed Sanhedrid Noahide laws into effect Mar 26, 2019

wonder what was so special?

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