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Report: Obama Offers to Scrap Missile Shield If Russia Cooperates on Iran

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by ProfEmeritus

Yep you are right, who ever wants war is insane? I'm just wasting your time, sorry. One point still stands, war doesn't just bring death and destructions, it does the opposite also.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by TheAgentNineteen
No, REALITY owns my brain, as I operate with Logic and Common Sense. You on the other hand remind me of some individuals I know who happen to have their heads shoved so far in the sand, you would likely fail to take witness of the oncoming Storm until it buried you even deeper.

Well that's a standard many may aim for ( including myself) but only some feel comfortable insisting that they closely follow.

I care little whether or not you are with or against America, but I care about my Countrymen above all others, and I care for our Allies above our Enemies.

Why would you care about 'allies' ( such as the Saudi's, Pakistani's perhaps?) which are often as much or more dictatorial and repressive than the supposed enemies? Why do you have feelings one way or another when it's the government you often didn't elect ( or trust to make decisions) that decide which allies will best allow the implementation of their imperial designs?

Russia is one in the same with Iran, who in turn supplies Syria, who in turn engages the use of groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas in order to Meet their Means.

Now while you might feel comfortable making such accusations i would like to see you prove it as i am not aware that even the NIA can prove that.

As for "Global Hate", LOL, yes, the United States is so hated, and that is why we continually fail to cease the oncoming hoards of Immigrants who arrive at our Shores EVERY Year; Risking Life and Limb to make it to a Great Nation of Amazing Tolerance.

Don't confuse the fact that these people are fleeing far worse economic and political conditions with the fanciful notion that they are expecting tolerance or love in the US. If they did perhaps they would apply for legal means to cross the borders?

As for failing to cease the flow of immigrants that's what the vast majority of Americans ask for but again not something that the US government apparently wishes to do while they bomb Iraqi's and Afghans into democracy and 'freedom'. Do you think the US government lets these people in, despite the protestations of the American public, because they love humanity so much or perhaps because that's what the cheap labor demanding corporate backers insist they do?

It is a pity that you fail to realize the realities of this World.

It's a pity that you think you have it all figured out when so many apparently more logical observations are semingly escaping you. I suggest you save the self congratulation for realms of learning ( become a accountant if you like things to add up) that allows such and keep a more open mind on the the topical areas where propaganda and misinformation have been so thickly spread.


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by jam321

I Think its a very sound idea. the wost thing i can see from going wrong on this is. is Russia and iron just "say yes" for that to drop our "guard" missile defence system. and really has a few good points we don't need a missile defence system if there is no threat. plus we will not have to spend xxx Bil of $$ with us funds. ether way i can see everybody going forward with this. but that's just sensible.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 02:23 PM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus
Oh, I see, for power generation. Iran, the country that is sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world, needs more power.
Give me a break.

Oil is money in your pocket and given how cheaply it's given to the Iranian people it's a dead export loss. If power can be generated ( which it isn't but that's a long story) by such plants which other governments are willing to subsidize to keep their own industry going why would you say no?

If there were living in Georgia, they were Georgian citizens, not Russian.

If they hold Russian citizenship they are just as much Georgia and the territories in question are NOT Georgian at the moment and have not been for some time now.

I told you in my quote above your remark why Bush was fooled.
Furthermore, Bush was a fool. That has no bearing on Obama's sins

Bush wasn't fooled as American/NATO expansion into the former Ssr's proves clearly. Just because he acts the fool or looks foolish does not mean that he is enacting the policies of foolish backers. As for Obama's sins they are the same as he is working to propagate the same imperial ambitions as before.

Russia has been eying the Ukraine for quite a while now.

As would i if someone abuses my trust by stealing from the energy supplies i am sending to Europe at much higher prices. The Ukraine is trying to gain economic benefit by playing NATO and the European union off against the RF but they lost and wont get invaded for being puppets.

Oh, and you know that because you live in South Africa?

Perhaps i know it because i read and study the works of the people who are the actual experts on the subject matter?

I guess you never heard of WWII.

Sure, it's a topic i have read about for two decades so i style myself quite knowledgeable on the issue.
What did the US do beside create a larger war by forcing Japan into a open war with the west? How did that end the second world war sooner for Britain and the western allies who had their hands full as it was?

It is amazing that you have so much to say about what the US is doing.

Why shouldn't we when we have all suffered due to the economic policies and current world order as propagated by the US national security state since the second world war?

Don't you think you should be more concerned about what is going on in your South Africa:

So the legacy of apartheid ( backed by the US government; prolonged it by perhaps a decade) is to be undone by holding a few free elections which somehow results in the minority of wealthy retaining their wealthy without any consequence of note. So much for getting justice after decades of struggle.

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

What on Earth does the riots in South-Africa( France, Greece, etc? ) have to do with American imperialism, and the destruction of the world financial system trough fraud and theft, beside perhaps proving that the evils of the past are not made good so quickly? What do you think some poorer Americans would do with those who 'take their work' or are making too much progress in society? Oh wait that KKK and segregation stuff were just made up by American liberals to embarrass their country in the world's eyes.



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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 02:31 PM

well with all this breaking news, we better leave the damn missile shields right where they are.

This is getting to creepy close even for me.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus
Ready or not, it will happen either way. However, if Obama is sucker enough to believe the Russians, he'll be giving them a big head start.

Actually the Russians got their 'big' head start in strategic defenses when the US dismantled their rather superior ABM defenses back in the 60's thus leaving the USSR to pursue and to maintain the only known fucntionaing national ABM defense system in the world. I don't see how it matters what Obama thinks or knows at this stage as the sttrategic weapons are still being dismantled in the US.

In addition, if he goes ahead with this, he will signal to the Russians, as to what a fool he is, and they and their allies will take him, and the US to the cleaners, with more "touchy-feely-do-good-cumbayaya-giveaways."

I think that time has come and gone, the Chinese are the reciever state if you will with the Russians being the enforcers.

Why not just throw the white flag up on the White House lawn, and surrender to those who would destroy us.

You can thank Robert macnammera and the gang for the surrender to the USSR some decades back .

He's just taking a little longer to do it.
What do you expect from a "President" who spend the better part of his short partial term in the Senate, campaigning to become the agent of CHANGE. This sure is change. God help us all.

Stop blaming the new face and investigate the history that have left the US so economically exposed. Figure out why the leaders of the American state have not informed the American public that the Russian Chinese alliance have them completely by the short and curlies.

You can ask for help if you want some hints...


posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 06:23 AM

Originally posted by xman_in_blackx
Some deal indeed. It is like two wolves deciding who gets to eat the sheep. They will eventually share the sheep and each will leave with a full belly.

Russia, like China is a far better trading partner than the US ever was or apparently plans to be. Perhaps it can be said that they would be as exploitative if not somewhat constrained by NATO but perhaps it's just a commentary on how bad western imperialism is.

Iran will get a comparatively fair deal from Russia; never from the US under national security leadership.

Iran is a big issue with both players in a pain in the arse kinda way. They are playing good cop bad cop, but in the end the results will be the same.

How they are cooperating i don't see but perhaps you have noticed something you want to tell me about?

Russia and the US are better friends than one could ever imagine. Always keep that in mind.

Utter nonsense as far as my research and opinion goes.

They need each other and they know it.

The US needs for Russia not to start a overt attack against the west that would leave it devastated; that's about as much as they can hope for while it takes steps to create a conventional threat for Russia on the European and Asian mainland. Admittedly the US is doing it's best to keep Russia off balance by economic terrorism and financial manipulation but that doesn't seem to be preventing them from building up their strategic offensive and defensive power to comparative higher levels.

They also know that they are both hungry and Iran is looking pretty tasty right about now. Soon, the knives will come out and the Persians will never see it coming.

Exchange Persians for Americans as that would be a fairer picture. Iran isn't collapsing which can't be said for the US.

Ask the Georgians about it. The US set them up and the Russians knocked them down. Two peas in a pod.

The US did not set them up to get punched out in round one. They hoped to ignite a similar for Russia as they are facing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Russian weapons may have been suffering some rust and other damage while in storage for two decades but that's nothing compared to what current high op tempo's are doing to American conventional weaponry and fighting systems.

The US national security state is desperate and perhaps they truly did expect that they could take Persia and draft it in a war against Russia. Big mistake but that's where hubris can get you. The knock on effect has provided Russia with so much energy money that they are doing a relatively good job of riding out the global financial crisis without having to borrow from the world.


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