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(Results)Poetry Contest - Reminsce of the Days of Old

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 11:39 AM
Blissful or trying

memories past are always

context dependent

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:01 PM
The world that I live
it dont make sense
our daily life is
self defense
daily routines pass
billboard self doubt
preaching insecurity
subconciously shout

In the world that i live
we're treated like toys
while they shuffle the countries
and smoke with the boys
deal out the power
to their blood, then they spill
blood of million
buried under a hill

In the world that I live
authoritys grimmy
abuseing their power
while the nickel and dime me
when you try and stand up
for the oath that was writ
you get cuffed and assaulted
im done with this #

In the world that I live
people live on the streets
huddled in masses
unwanted heaps
the very same people
we vowed to take
downtrodden ignored
like a statue but fake

In the world that I live
we're taught division by color
then the class that you come from
cash of your father and mother
In a country with culture
we've kept it with a lock
a whole world full of humans
congregated on a rock

In the world that i live
murders a natural disaster
the systems been fixed
to lead us there faster
our educations a fraud
true knowledge denied
setup to fail
before anythings tried

In the world that I live
Its hard to communicate as self
all of theses images
bought and sold on the shelf
persuaded who you are
implying your style
taught self is the surface
emotions are bile

In the world that I live
is just dont make sense
hearts and sould frozen
in self defense

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:12 PM
1st Entry

Once my world was really small
School and back was really all
But then the world wide and tall
With many conspiracies for all

Uncle Sam demanded my call
In the Army one and all
The world was dangerous for us all
Our countries weapons wrought fear to all
No matter how big
No matter how small

Nuclear holocaust moments away
Bio Weapons were ready to slay
Chemical disaster could happen any day
Super Power Warfare was here to stay

As I look back at the attacks
I know there is no taking them back
Our world, our children, full of fear
I drowned my tears in cases of beer

Conspiracies continue to grow
ATS will let you know
Prepare for war coming door to door
Terrorists, Aliens, and much, much more
Once the world is engaged in war

I look back at all the fun
My love, my joy, holding my gun
Once the world was full of fun
Soon warfare will blacken our Sun

The world was a paradise made
Mankind ruined what the Lord has made
We all have only one chance
Lay down you weapons and call for peace
Or dig your graves for conspiracies laid
Why do you think ATS was made?

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:15 PM
Nice to see all the poets! Hope the following poems fit.

The Funeral Procession

What a charge it is to
conduct this train;
The line moves slow, deliberate
like the hands on a watch,
together, loosely connected,
the cadence of independent

There are few days to
compare where drivers
will be more aware
of their final destination.

Estate Sale

I rummaged casually
and the elderlies
cocked their eyes
and stared like
crooked birds like
my youth allowed
me foreign status

Silently stepped up
the stairs into his
room, he who fell
into death just
after cancer took
his wife, leaving
behind a quaint
collection of dress

They smelled like
an old man must,
that collection of
dust, old books, airy
mahogany, and faint
cigar smoke smell.

Nine for nine bucks.
I looked around, and
got the surge
they must often get
when feeling like
they've finally gotten
a good deal.

As I stepped outside,
most of my allowance
still in the wallet,
'twas decided that
it will have been a
good life if, at the
end, there isn't much
left behind to
sift through.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:24 PM
When I was a soldier
We seen sons marchin' in different seasons,... harmin'...
farmers and people who you'd never see as equals and
in the distance it rained a persistence of misfits...
but it's business, with kidless parents cuz they shot the messengers runnin' others errands
while a brother's starin' through his rearview sharin'
your last breath as he hear you screamin' I'm scared dude
nothing prepare you for such an unfair truth,
in the belly of this beast we ain't nightmare proof
and for who?,
to put some food on the table
really gettin' the masters scraps
as bombs rock the babies cradle
now we wonder why these childs snap and act unstable.

[edit on 3/3/2009 by PuRe EnErGy]

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:26 PM
My 2nd Entry

St. Augustine, Florida

It has been two years now
Since I saw you.
Your dirt streets dotted with shells
Lead to the old spanish fort.
The draw bridge awaits my steps.
The cannons filled with gun powder
Await the lighting of the fuse.
I sit along your crystal blue shores
In meditation of days gone by
When up the lighthouse I climbed
To look upon the lighted boats
In your harbor. The Spanish galeons
Pass in a ghostly mist of fog
That blankets the indigo water
Now the tide is rolling in
The bright ball of fire sinks
Into the coolant waters.

Written by James G. Morgan

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:31 PM
Up in the morning
and off to play
in after dark
and it was okay

Swimming in the creek
no need to fear
no chemicals dumped
no garbage here

Backtalked my momma
I got popped
and guess what
no one called a cop

Learned my lesson
always told the truth
knew better than to lie

Tv was a special treat
a special family event
a couple of hours a night
was all that we spent

Sitting at the table to eat
momma daddy and kids
before we ate we said grace
we thought that everyone did

No bottled water
no microwave
no computer to use
we used our brain

That was then
and this is now
I miss those days
Things were simpler somehow...

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:38 PM
I can still remember the smell of green gras tickeling my nose..

..the way it cushined my steps as i wandered whitout knowing my destination

..the cheerful sound of happy birds singing from the treetops

..the warm and gentle touch of the sun on my face

..the sweet taste of a juicy strawberry I just picked from my grandmothers field

I remember not having a worry in my mind..

..the complete lack of uncertainty and yearning

..the feeling of not having to feel anything at all

Hope I never will forget..

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:44 PM
Remember how Free we were

I didn't have a cellphone
Missing a call? Rude, I wasn't told.
A thousand songs I didn't own.
The few tapes I enjoyed were gold.

How it was nice to enjoy sports
When today people are working their fingers
How we humans were closer of sorts
Now technology makes us strangers

But there are things that stuck
At writing poetry I still suck
And I still have Hope to spare.
Oh, how I miss how Free we were.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:45 PM
2nd Entry
The Machine…

Motors, Hydraulics, Gears, and Shafts
Area 51 makes the craft
Gravity Wells and Nuclear Reactors
Secrecy is the ultimate factor

Gyros, Thrusters, full on burn
In the cockpit, take your turn
Zero gravity, we are into space
Who will win the ultimate race

Aliens, probes, secret moon bases
ATS’s conspiracy places
Echelon, torture do everyone harm
I learned it all on a CIA farm

Midnight, sleeping, and government troops
A kick in the head from a number 12 boot
Everywhere, anywhere, people in fear
Training so hard, you don’t shed a tear

I found myself a brand new home
ATS, where conspiracies roam
Prepare yourself, it’s coming soon
In the depths of the night, under a new moon

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:45 PM

I remember spring.
I remember summer.
I remember autumn.
I remember winter.

Time is slow
And time is fast.
But the season in my heart,
Will never pass,
And always last.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:50 PM
I gather my things,
And head into the mountains.
Here I shall find peace.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:55 PM
Let us not fantasize and tell
ourselves little lies
about a past that was rosy,

Or the times of yore
that were better then
because we think we live in sin.

As one, stand, heave
shrug off these ideas of past.
Let us live now,
soft clinging fast,
focused to the moment we are in.

That is how we begin
to stop
playing with the dead,
honoring these dishonest ghosts
that wander
in our head,
cooing their tender lullabies,
with intent to rob of us surprise.

Anomie, the gift they give.

It is our task to learn to live,
to revel and to reveal
the moment we create
with how we feel.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Dancing without abandon
in the middle of the night
the glow of the fireflies
was my only light
Beautiful reflections made
in the tears I cried
drifting slowly to the ground
where they softly died
The warm summer breeze
waltzing sweetly through my hair
for a moment in time
I didn't have to care
The only sound heard
was the song inside my mind
a gentle melodic harmony
that with the night did bind
The dance now gone forever
it ended much to soon
the magic of the moment
shattered by the moon.
The innocence of childhood
buried in the dust
now a distant memory
cherished very much!

2nd entry

[edit on 3-3-2009 by Greenize]

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:47 PM

Part One:

This is the answer to the end of the doors;
Seven Storms live alone in the dark or at home;
/: Come up together!!! :/

In this Biz, all are swimming with the sharks;
I’m a dragon! I bite the sharks!
The dragons are here to say: Never forget only to pray;
And say: Hey, hey, hey!
/: Please Pray!!! :/
And the people are always happy! Yeah!

Here are my words;
I take the fire sword;
Here come the change, and then the angels cry, fall down and die!
Take one; don’t forget the game!

Hey! It’s me! I’m also a fan;
Don’t forget my name!
Yeah! Nia Wind is on the mic;
Don´t forget: I can bite!

So please say now “Hello!” to the dragons!!!


This is the answer of the call! The blue ball doesn’t fall!
We like all people with love and peace! Please!
Don’t forget the animal decease!
Everybody must come up to the hill; cause there Freezze wait in still!
Don’t wait for the danger!
Stand up and shake!

Part Two:

The Angels die; Vampires are fighting;
We will see all, cause we like flying;

We life all on the blue ball;
The angels are in the hall!
This was the overload;
Only god can speak the last word!
You want to know why?
We life all on the blue ball;
Now the angels run out of the hall!
The crows help the dragons;
They fight all for the peace in our world;
And a freedom for all the big blue balls;

Humans must pray to god, cause many people need more food!
Then we wouldn’t see people cry and die!

Save all on the blue ball;
This is the biggest call!
Let it go to all gods and lords, hold the swords!
/: Hey! Hello!!! :/


The blue ball doesn’t fall!
We life all on the same ball!
Alone the world will not call!
Come up to the hill, cause there Freezze wait in still;
And he fills! Yeah! He fills!
Don’t wait longer for the danger!
You are also a little ranger in this world!
So don’t forget your sword!

Part Three:

I speak with the death; said yes to the dark;
Oh! This was hard; I run throw the fire;
This was really a desire!
But then got come with a big help;
The angels spread their wings over myself;
And a wind blows me back into my mind;
How kind!

The true is reality!
In this world is so much fatality;
The light words are the key to do and work in harmony;
So the music will /: bring up the life!!! :/

Who saved all the people;
He said: Yes! Ring the bell, or you burn in hell;
This is love and this is ever!
So it’s running and so it’s coming!

For the patriots the war is too loud;
They are blind for the child in this time;
Is this really fine?
Now stop down and fight! Throw the storm!
/: It’s all right!!! :/


The blue ball doesn’t fall!
We like all people with happiness and peace!
Please! Don’t forget the animal decease!
The sun goes down when the moon goes up!
In this night, we dance in our best club!
Don’t give up! Don’t give up!
The blue ball doesn’t fall!
This was the answer of the call!
The blue ball … Call … Blue ball … Call … Ball … Call …

Nia Wind the panda

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:56 PM
Sitting at the big round table
In the small living room
Sitting on your lap
She is sitting right next to you

There is that noise
It comes from my mouth
Pressing cream through my teeth
I am fond of that noise

You don’t like me doing this
You want to handle it
You want me to stop it
She tells you to let it happen

I am so young
Just turned three
Dressed up in that blue velvet dress
It’s a present from the other Nan

You are dressed up too
A blue suit and a pink tie
Your mom is wearing black
It is a Sunday afternoon

Eating plum cake
Drinking hot chocolate
Sitting at the big round table
In the small living room

My loveliest memory
I can still feel the cream in my mouth
And I still hear her voice
Hear your voice – in my ear

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 02:11 PM
the second

Stolen words are the one who can come in the heart of the lion.
Its truth, he is with you. But who I am? For the being of love?
We will see, we will see.
I don’t hold on, cause I am the one!
Love and fun, this is what we have done.
It’s not too late, to be sure. To find again and again.
This is love coming up there of be!
The dreams can’t be stolen from the one.
She is running, so she will be coming home.
The worlds are not big, but the prison can be long.
This is prophesying to be.

Honest and be free. The children are the world you see.
Feel it, be it. Don’t think about it.
The words are falling down from god.
Given for the world to show. Again and again.
I am not bad. I am not white. I am the middle of the weight.
This is what I am. But it’s not a good reason, I hope you understand.
Find him. Find me. Find eternity.
Feel it and be it, so they can see it.
Two hearts are broken for. Two worlds are now one.
This is the truth. For be and see.

All tricks are coming up, but I know them all, so I can catch them all.
I laugh and this makes the boy happy.
It’s for me, I write.
It’s for the world who read. I can what I can.
So I write, sing and am the muse for the one.
I am the angel for the world, the girl for god, but the muse for the one.
This is the truth, given from god, to see. To see!!!

So I write side for side and help so I can get him free.
This is for him. Only and only again.
No other love. No other kiss.
No other things, but this is the way of the stones.
The stoned heard is also broken. But it can be healed for the moment of ever. And it comes so it will be.

My teeth are hurting me, cause I bite back again. But it’s not my problem.
I am the fallen angel and nothing will get me free.
So the girl must come again so he can see.
I speak for. But I speak for.

The music is chilling out, and the night will not disappear.
But the morning will come again.
The sun is holy.
So she comes. So she comes.

Sitting down alone. Finding for the one.
The brain is open and the door is closed.
I have the key and I don’t taste it.
This is how I handle this.
He should know this.
Forever is forever. And ever and ever again.
For the dream. For the dream.

Eternity is coming near to you.
It’s now placing a little strong to me.
But the time is now killed by, so I can think of all the time.
Green and red. This are the colours of be.
But not with me.
I am the lightning and I say it again and again.
So the thinks are coming into the brain.
So the feelings are coming into the heart.

I run away, so I can be what I am.
The fallen angel of the world.
The muse for the man and the girl in front of god.
Pray and believe he say to me.
And I pray and pray that I can believe.
So the other angels come and help me to be.
Don’t bite me again. My blood is holy, so I can be in eternity.
Give it away and don’t want it again.
But bite back and hurt again.
So I am and so he is.

The first dream shows me the second.
The second dream is the reality.
The third dream is a wish and will be filled in gods love.
This is what I believe.
So I pray and believe in god.

The time is coming now again.
I must not die again. This is believed of love.
Do it.
Write it.
So it is being.
The crows are in heaven and bring there messages.
To be the genie in the bottle. But the bottle is broken a long time ago.
So the genie is in the world and will find the dream.

And reality and wisdom will see.

I am tired but I know if I write I find the truth.
So I write and find.
So I ride and find.
So I dream and find.
Wish. Wish. Wish.

The marriage will be.
Its not now, but its truth.
This is the love from the helping hands upside.
The make it. They do it.
Feel of being. Feel of seeing.
The house is secret now.
Nobody is finding it without the show.
So the dream is real.
Find in dreams, be the dreams and live the dreams.
Always and ever.
Time is going by. But love is holding on.
The lightning is the sign for the night.
Sun is coming again and helps to see and find.

So this is the end of forgiveness. This is the way of being.
Thanks all for your reading.
This is devils screaming. The truth is light.
And this is the end of the night.

The sun is coming again!
The sun is coming again!

Help him to understand!!!

and stop..


posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 02:12 PM

The old times made us what we are
Our future is the product of our past

I am grown up now but I remember oh so well
The old garden with the little shed

The very Easter, me and dad and my brother and sister
Going to the forest, chasing moss, making a net

Years went by like a second
There is the new school, new tasks, I forgot

Dad always there to help
We get up at sunrise, to the forest to collect the leaves

So many moments, I fear to forget
So many tears, I fear to cry, but they are running

What remains from the old days?
My memories and Love

Love you gave to me
Love we shared

Love for my child
Not breaking the chain

Dad made me what I am
Love will stay


posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by worldwatcher

When I hear Robins sing it reminds me of spring
As the dew drops soak my converse tennis shoes
In those days I was king, no worries of anything
My mood ring was showing the color violet blue

Meeting up at the park, staying out until dark
We kissed and worked on our favorite moves
Love is in the air and we made the perfect pair
We had everything to gain and nothing to lose

Hanging out at the arcade and lying in the shade
Batting rocks with my mom’s old broom stick
Swimming nude at the creek and acting like geeks
And riding our bikes down a road made of brick

Watching sunsets on a hill and cooking on the grill
Smoking cigarettes just because it was so cool
Drive in movies in a car, looking up at all the stars
Those summer nights are when all teenagers rule

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 03:51 PM
Long ago when we were older
We knew secrets. Made us bolder
Than we should have been
At six and ten.
Recalling now, the thoughts grow colder.

Friends and foes at once, and then
We always found a peace within.
Dreams we shared together bound
Our lives forever I have found.
Now I dream of you again.

At ten and six we made great plans,
Simple they, but seemed so grand.
The swing, a jet; sandbox moon.
Our games then faded much too soon.
You became a wife and I a man.

We left those days behind it seemed
To follow more constructive dreams.
Work and families took their place
Divided us by time and space.
Left ourselves no in-between.

A picture in a box I found
Drew a tear and took me down
To Coney street and ’67,
Backyard swings, childish heaven.
God I wish you were still around.

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