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Why do you believe in aliens UFO's?

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 11:43 AM
I am new here a ATS and from reading this thread , it simply doesn't matter how much evidence you present, doubters are not going to believe until INDEPENDENCE DAY happens. So here's to those of you who have seen the evidence, and to those who believe in the evidence presented and doubters keep waiting for INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!
The problem is humans have such big egos and think there is no one else in the Universe as SMART as we are and therefore there can't possibly be anyone else who can get off their planet IF they do exist. GET OFF the ego trips and think logically, it is a big Universe and old.....and we humans are not as special as we think we are. Oh, by the way, I believe there are others out there, simply on the basis of the size of the UNIVERSE. That to me is evidence enough!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 11:51 AM
1. We are finding more and more evidence of liquid water all over the solar system (the moon, Mars, Europa, and a few other moons). Where there's water, there's a good chance for life. If this bears out, it could mean life is more the rule, than the exception, and this could certainly change the statistics of probability for other, intelligent life.

2. Sightings, photos, and videos show objects that defy the characteristics of flying vehicles of the time (or in some cases, even today's craft). Many of these have been made by highly trained observers such as pilots and military officers. Since many of these instances predate many modern secret plane projects (or even the Air Force), the notion of being "top secret" US or foreign craft doesn't hold up. In addition, such things would not remain classified after 60 years.

3. The government had a very keen interest in the subject, treated it seriously, and as a threat. It poured a lot of money into investigation, and got caught in a lot of cover stories that got busted (i.e. Roswell, such as the Air Force insisting people saw dummies that didn't even exist until 5 years after the incident!)

4. While the majority of incidents are misidentifications or outright hoaxes, the small number of unexplained cases defy conventional identification. It only takes ONE instance of such a craft to mean alien visitation.

5. There is a paper trail of the efforts to retrieve technology, cover it up, and the men picked for the job, in addition to a trail showing the deliberate effort to establish an aura of ridicule around the subject. From an Intel standpoint, this remains as an example of excellent secret-keeping, and whomever came up with it certainly earned his paycheck.

Look at some of the research by others in the UFO Classic Cases thread... While "proof" is a misnomer (one man's "proof" is another's "evidence"), there is certainly some good "evidence" to consider....

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:16 PM
because someone "in the know" told me straight up "we have recovered ships not from this planet" Someone I trust with my life. There are so many other reasons too. That one statement from said person really opened my eyes.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:16 PM
sorry posted twice

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:44 PM
Responding to SoulOrb and RedCairo, for everybody to read of course.....

From the outset when reading anybody's response in abovetopsecret, one bears in mind no-one can enter into enough detail re any experience due to space limitation, such a self-evident fact of the matter of abovetopsecret responses one feels one shouldn't be making such a statement and is wasting time in the process of typing such words as these.....

You have read, vermillioncairo, (support anti-homonymism) a sample of my multitude of experiences of confidential stories, each one of them would extend well beyond the space available if detailed meticulously, but......if you pink that someone has been threatened by the military re ufos, then sit and postulate for yourself what must be the reasons, and whatever reason you imagine, well, that is as good a reason as the OP can think of.....

1. The military maybe have messed up on holding conversations with little green men.....? ....was in a social position to overhear a TV technician in England being informed confidentially of what the Roswell situation actually is....I only knew that was the nature of the conversation, had to act uninterested, when all of a sudden the tech exploded "What!?!?! You mean it's just one massive %$£* up???!?" It's obvious why no more detail than that can be written down.

2. Thatcher......? making connections in the anecdote.....Thatcher knew that USAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest incidents around the 27th of December 1980 were serious clashes with extra-terrestrial culture....the real problem is class war, people are vastly underestimating things like, well, we're having problems televising naked bodies and sex.....? but the aliens got over that a long time ago.....never had any problem anyway......but the rich upper class represented by Thatcher is worried by the exposure of its negative orientation......".....keep the proles screwed up about sex because it makes them spend more carelessly...." ".....put fluoride in the water system to @>?< their heads up...." ".....the judges do us favours like keep decisions in the courts biased against women....." "....the rich just see alcohol as smashing the minds of the working classes....." "......the sex thing is partly keeping the plebs more aggressive than they would be, causing more arguments in the home......"
That is the consciousness of the bourgoisie. That is what they think like.

They are worried about extra-terrestrial technology exposing their consciences to public scrutiny, if Prince Charles walked onto an ideomobile/what-you-call-a-flying-saucer tomorrow he would be in danger of his thoughts about organising the death of Princess Di streaming into your thoughts, whereupon MI5 operatives are not going to arrest him, they're ready to leave YOU hanging dead from a lamp-post outside.....the word "ideomobile", whim-motivated-spatial-transit, tells you more than you think it does.......the first thing Bush Junior did, (the British announced on his first coming to office) was lace arsenic into the American water systems - maaan, what you find out about your own country being in another one and hearing it be described by their news service....let alone a different planetoid......
Shopkeepers and financiers have been more aggressive about detailing of alien contact than I thought believable at first myself.....beginning to realise many shopkeepers know about Roswell etc., are keeping their mouths shut simply through financial self-interest, admittedly is quite difficult to believe at first, you need to be pretty well in, to know that for sure......
My 52-page upload may interest you,, gives as much detail as poss re BBC TV filming unit being ordered to film human mutes knowing the film would never be shown to the comes up with index, you can jump to some sections......thank you genuinely for kind attention.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by skeptic_al
There are just some people that HAVE to believe in a Superior being.
Whether it's one of the many Gods as depicted in as many religeons or
it's an Alien from outer space. This means they don't accept that this is
all there is to life, and something must be overseeing everything they do,
much like a parent/child.

I do believe there is Life out side our Solar System, but not buzzing
around the planet now or in the past.

I actually do think that, as Bill Heidrick is quoted as once saying, that UFOs can be what amounts to a "Cargo Cult" -- that someday they will arrive and either take us away or give us good stuff. It can be, for some people.

That doesn't mean it is for everybody. I don't have any godlike association with non-earth folks. Whatever the psychology that has brought me to experience interaction with something (even if it's my own head), it doesn't seem to be the need for a superior Being.

If that's the only model you can fit it into yourself, I understand the cynicism, but I don't think that model holds for more than a small % of the population.


posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by Tokis Phoenix

1) You dont have to believe in UFOs to believe in aliens

2) Its crazy to think that we're alone in the universe.

3) There is too much historical evidence, dating hundreds and thousands of years ago (ie: ancient and historical paintings, carvings, wtc.) that depict UFO like crafts and space people plus hundreds of official, unofficial, declassified information by our own govt and military personel that describe the same thing, to totally blow the subject off.
The disclosure project is a good start at depicting the personal accounts of many govt. officials.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 01:49 PM
Supposedly, the Zeta Reticulans, lovely B-movie-reminiscent name so we are all given over-credulous images right from the start, are whom American capitalism accepted interaction with, rejecting other species' objections.....the other species (plural) tried to warn 'us' (meaning the American military acting on behalf of 'us') the Zeta Reticulans were the most dangerous species and had always behaved treacherously and larcenously re other beings' planets.....nevertheless the US military went right ahead with attempting to receive technical assistance from the Zeta Reticulans, whom you call the greys......the Stealth aircraft, secretly fitted with Philadelphia Experiment/demat-remat technology, began to explode in mid-air, at which point the American military began to realise the Zeta Reticulans had been 'taking the piss out of them', better to use slang here, it's all the military ever use.

In response to the above I asked, "What, you mean we were made to feel like Red Indians being given faulty guns by treacherous white men?"
to which my confidante answered, "That's quite a good way of putting it."

Carrying on, the reptilians are supposedly cleverer technologically than the greys, so the American military attempted to request help from the reptilians, this time we have to guess the astronomical location, I personally suspect Sirius as being roughly the region the reptiles are from.

So the reptilians came here to help out.....but have really violent, and if not violent, downright imperious, dispositions towards us, and many other species are unhappy about the two races we so far have mostly interacted with.
How they get inclined to answer, well, they simply are here. Boltzmann's Wormhole, soon after which mathematically formulated postulation he noted in a margin of the gas theory he was more famous for, was found dead soon after he'd written that down one suggested mode of spatial transit......

Lazar's ununpentium is simply one of the three methods available, though must say it does give an impression of being favoured.....if you read about Lazar's ununpentium, bear in mind that a few years later scientists announced finding the molecular densities of 112, 113, and especially 114, as surprisingly stable, whilst having announced that Lazar was talking rubbish at the time of his first pronouncements about 'element 115'.

Demat/remat, or Philadelphia Experiment tech, disappearing from one point in space to another, is used, but seems to be used by the most advanced civilisations, and is a lot more difficult to understand intellectually

Stanton Friedman, Bill Moore, & Jaime Shandera, are American state operatives allowed only to refer to the Zeta Reticulans in their lectures, or maybe to dispel suspicion, to bias their lectures towards the mentioning of the Zeta Reticulans.....whilst the British ufo researchers are ordered to just downright discredit ufo credulity, they are virtually all turned into state agents, Jenny Randles, Nick Redfern, Andy Roberts, David Clarke, all absolutely atrocious lecturers, are all under orders from extreme right-wing military personalities to diss ufo reports.

Thatcher & the Falklands....redcairo....the Belgrano incident simply indicates the sheer social elevation of my contact, as he was the first after Thatcher to be informed of it, his words were " convey how highly placed I was....." ......when we talked about Lazar, he said "I don't know why Lazar didn't describe the main strange property of weapons-grade plutonium, you can put it in its lead case, go away, then come back tomorrow and its half-way up the wall or stuck to the ceiling or something."

Nuff said.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 01:57 PM
I dont BELIEVE in aliens or UFO'S. I believe they EXIST!

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:03 PM
1 Personal sightings of many ufo orbs, not just amber/orange and white, also greens, blues, yellows, reds with laser beam type searchlights, angle grinder type ufo orbs that morph into Jesus/Angel lights.

2 Personal sightings of rhombus shaped ships flying in perfect formation, a snake like armada, swinging from side to side while moving forwards, twelve of them, metallic, size of a double decker bus on its side, lights on them. Helicopters appeared afterwards.

3 Sighting of disc type ship landing in field. Typical ufo I suppose.

4 Being rained on after sighting of blinding massive white oblong type ship by a substance that was like very fine strands of cotton wool/candy floss type substance. Drifted from the sky after mothership departed.

5 All the evidece out there that I've come across largely through the amazing ATS. Doctors would have said I'm crazy. After seeing others experiencing the same now I know this is happening to many people out there too.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:15 PM
a) what most other folks have said already

b) witnessed two UFOs of diferent make at diferent times

c) possibly? been visited by aliens in my dream-state (I still have trouble beleiving it myself, but It's happened so often now that I'ts hard to deny)

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 05:19 PM
Hello this is my first post but something has been bothering me from last year. In fact it has turned my world upside down.

At around 03:00, 9th of May 2008, I saw two UFO’s. Anyway, I was lying down in the back garden, looking straight up into a clear starry sky in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I had been gazing up at the sky for a good 45 minuets meditating as I like to do when I decided to call it a night and go to bed. I had been meditating very deeply (please bear with me). I know this next bit sounds nuts but I am going to say it anyway. No one else has believed me anyway so it does not matter, I know what I saw.

I had imagined myself projecting a thin white beam of light from my forehead up into the sky. I focused on a star and imagined my thoughts going straight up into space just outside the atmosphere I suppose. When I was happy that I was “doing it right” I then imagined my thoughts spreading out into a kind of disc like oil on water which was a vessel for my thoughts. I had not had a great day so I was kind of rambling mentally to myself something along the lines of “please show yourself, I’m sick of reading about you I would love to see you please show yourself.” The thoughts I was projecting went along those lines give or take an insult and so on.

I continued in this train of thought for a while, adding things like “We need disclosure, who to trust,” and so on. Nothing happened and I did not really expect anything to happen so I cursed a bit to myself about it all being a crock and was about to get off my back when there was a flash of white light off to the right of where I was looking.

I focused on the spot and there was a satellite moving over my house. My first thought was “cool” a satellite but then suddenly it flashed a rich blue and VERY defined cone of light aimed toward the north. Not far from this came an answer as a second white flash of omni directional light astounded me and a second satellite was suddenly moving toward the first one from where the second flash happened. At this point, I am awe struck. The second satellite, flashed a red conical light toward the first satellite as it closed the distance. The first satellite then flashed a blue cone and the second satellite then merged with the first one with a white flash of omni directional light.

After the flash faded there was only the first satellite left, moving now over my house and heading east out towards the north sea looking to all intents and purposes like a satellite. I was flabbergasted to say the least and I was swearing under my breath and saying things a person says when they cannot believe what they are seeing.
About five seconds after the “merge” the satellite started to strobe an orange glow in a strange sequence, brightening, and dimming, nothing like the strobes I see from aircraft (Edinburgh airport is not far from where I live). The orange blinking seemed to mean something to mm but I do not know what. These were not aircraft of that I am very sure.

Wide eyed I backed up as the object was about to disappear over the roof of my house and at this point I fell over my picket fence and broke it as I backed up, trying to keep it in view.

On picking myself up I was aware of a powerful feeling of peace, euphoria and a sense that I had been noticed (or something like that).

I was smiling for days afterwards.

I do not know what it means but I feel like my thoughts had been answered definitively. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs and I am fit and healthy.

The weirdest thing from this is I have a strange and strong compulsion to go north into the highlands. All I know is "I will know when I get there." I keep coming up with excuses why not to go like fuel cost, its cold up north and so on but I know I will end up going north for some reason anyway.

It is all very strange and for a while I worried I might be heading for a breakdown as I went a bit kooky for a few months after the event.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by Tokis Phoenix

1. Firstly, i believe that UFO's can always (sooner or later) be accounted to things that are not alien. To me, its far more likely that a mysterious craft i see flying in the sky that i have never seen before is something to do with the military rather than to do with aliens visiting this planet.

I used to think the same thing. However the '56 RAF Lakenheath / Bentwaters incident forced me to reconsider. Here's a challenge. I've issued this to several people in the past, but I've yet to hear a satisfactory explanation.

The Lakenheath / Bentwater incident of 1956 has a lot of good data including numerous corroborating ground radar, ground visuals, air visuals, and air radar confirmations. So much so that if you read the Condon & Blue Book reports it becomes staggeringly hard to come up with a prosaic explanation.

Personally my first reaction was to say it was a foreign aircraft but the fact that the object stay locked to the rear of the de Havilland Venom for more than ten minutes suggests it exceeded the best technology of the Royal Air Force and that's not factoring in radar measurements which clocked the object moving at ~4000 MPH.

I also tried to make Hynek's original hypothesis work for me, but the idea that this was Perseid meteors would mean I'd have to ignore radar and visual maneuvers. As Hynek concluded, the hypothesis "must be ruled out." I also tried Phil Klass's explanation. He believed the Lakenheath RATCC radar was malfunctioning because of a faulty MTI unit. However this would imply that the Bentwater and Sculthorpe radars were also malfunctioning which seems a bit far fetched when you factor in the air radar, ground and air visuals.

So the most mundane explanation that I could come up with is that this was a non-Allied aircraft that could maneuver at ~4000 MPH, outperform a RAF Venom, glowed like a bright light (Yehudi lights?), could stop mid-air (NOTE: the first VTOL engine was manufactured in 1957), and when it started moving did so with no slow start or build-up to speeds varying from 400 to 600 MPH.

To say all those things almost sounds more ludicrous than to say it was other-worldly.

So ... what's your explanation? Is it man-made? If so which country manufactured it? If it was the USA why would the pilot dart around several allied bases and then play cat-and-mouse with a British RAF Venom? If it was another country how did it develop technology that vastly outpaced the rest of the first-world aerospace industry? And if such a country does exist, wouldn't it by now, some 60 years later, be technologically superior to every other nation on the face of the planet? Heck, not even jet-powered funny cars can go from a standing start to 400 in less than a second!

Or are you going to make the argument that it was a weather / meteorological phenomenon? If it was weather how do you explain the object staying in-trail locked dead behind the RAF Venom?

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 05:52 PM
Because the thought of the human species being the only intelligent life
in the universe, is completely ridiculous. We can barely even be called
"intelligent", let alone that we would be the only ones in the universe.

The one that thinks this entire universe with its countless galaxies, was
built or exists only to support our measly planet and our measly race,
needs to flush his head with a sandbeamer.

What I've learned is that every solar system is inhabited by intelligent
species, usually more than one. Every galaxy has got thousands of very
intelligent species inhabiting it, including ours. There's multiple races
living even in our solar system, on the various planets but on different

So yeah, of course there are aliens and UFOs. We are aliens ourselves
to everyone else in this universe. But a great deal of aliens in this part
of the galaxy, looks just like us. A bit more handsome maybe, but still
human just like us.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:05 AM
Witnessed a silver craft about 50 feet above the ground with a friend and then was actually abducted a year later in a separate location. to deny their existence is ridiculous given the volumes of information out there..

for instance it's under the rug cases like the 2 below which tend to send debunkers running each time they are brought up. the witnesses in my opinion are the truth barometer in every case:

Three enormous clam shell shape craft fly over and around a Japanese airliner and other planes in Alaska. This event was viewed by passengers as well as seasoned crew.

well documented daylight video in England 1998

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by SoulOrb
Because once you realize that they have been monitoring your thoughts, and swoop down from tens of thousands of feet up, down to your position, a small spec on the side of small beach in a remote part of the world, and hover over you for thirty seconds, and you are hit with some kind of energy that would be infant in mothers arms times 1000, you just can't go back to not believing.

you got it exactly
something one can never come back from.. and for me there was a gut instinct that firmly told me they are not from here.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:40 AM
I've witnessed a couple of UFO sightings which changed my life. That's pretty much why I believe in them
And one of those had a strange telepathic link which I thought was too weird to be a coincidence.

I also don't think Bob Dean and credible people like him are telling lies, so there ya go.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:45 AM
I laughed at the thought of Aliens about a year ago . Now i can't believe i was stupid enough not to realize.
I set out on a journey to find out if there was such things as UFO's and it wasn't long until i was convinced. I wanted to believe but had not much evidence to rely on , but the best evidence , IMO is credible ex-government workers and eyewitness testimony. Ed Mitchell is my personal favorite.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by Tokis Phoenix

Two simple answers;

i.) I've seen things that I genuinely cannot explain nor can the other people who was with me at the time.

ii.) Due to the sheer statistical probability due to the massive amounts of stars, planets, solar systems present in the universe.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by Tokis Phoenix

1. Firstly, i believe that UFO's can always (sooner or later) be accounted to things that are not alien. To me, its far more likely that a mysterious craft i see flying in the sky that i have never seen before is something to do with the military rather than to do with aliens visiting this planet.

Well, as I pointed out, that is YOUR belief. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I have seen quite a few things which I couldn't explain, which is how I initially found this site. Trying all avenues to find an explanation to these occurences/sightings. I would attribute a great deal of sightings to 'black projects' or 'military technology' as well, which I believe I stated before. Once again, it boils down to how you analyze your own experiences. It's how we deal with these situations which makes us who we are. But you can't tell me, having just as much information as the rest of us, mind you, that YOUR opinion is right, whereas OUR opinions are wrong.

None of us know for sure...

2. "The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence"- true, but i'm not about to base my opinions on that. With that sort of argument, you could argue that anything could exist- but i don't really think that is a very progressive outlook to have on everything. There isn't any real evidence that mermaids exist, but that doesn't mean that they're likely to exist.

No, I agree, arguing that anything could exist with that logic would not be very progressive. However, once again, you will come to your own conclusions, just as I will. I never said I apply that logic to everything. I never said that I base my opinions on simply that logic. Please, attempt to take my replies in context. On the topic of Aliens/UFO's , YES, I apply that logic, but for a good reason. I have come to my own conclusions, based on the information I've looked at over the years, and that's that.

3. "That small minority of sightings/reports which have NO EARTHLY EXPLANATION."- Really? How can you be certain that they have no "earthly explanation"?
Once a time people weren't able to explain why people got sick, they used to think that people got sick because they were sinful or cursed by witchcraft etc. But that didn't mean that there weren't very real earthly explanations to why people got sick (bacteria, viruses, poor diet etc), it simply meant back then that people weren't aware of the real explanation to why people got sick, because they were too ignorant on the subject to know any better.

How can you argue that you are any different trying to explain the unexplained things you have seen, to those people in the past trying to explain the unexplained things they had to deal with? In such cases, people usually put such things down to witchcraft, magic, spirits or Gods etc. These days there are still a fair few people who try to explain such things in such ways (although there are much less such people than what there used to be though), except these days people also add aliens into the mix of explanations.

Ok, with your own logic, How can you argue that you are any different than the skeptics of old... THE EARTH IS FLAT! YOU'RE INSANE TO THINK IT'S ROUND. If you look back into history, there have been reports of things related to aliens/UFO's for hundreds upon thousands of years. Machines floating in the sky are not a new occurrence. The fact that 'Aliens' or 'Extra-Terrestrials' have come into the mix in the last hundred or so years has a very simple explanation, as well.

If you think about it, People had thought the earth the centre of the universe, not so long ago... Not even realizing the possibility that there are other planets out there capable of supporting LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. Do you still believe that the Earth is flat?? Does the Universe (if not Multi-Verse) still revolve around the Earth?? It is entirely IMPOSSIBLE that there could be a life out there, since it's not in the bible, and God didn't create anything but what is written there?? Your frame of mind is outdated.

I take pride in researching things interesting to me, in order to understand it better, and expand my knowledge. I enjoy researching from all points of view, and coming to my conclusions based on said research.

From your responses, you seem to be the opposite. Either way, you can't possibly prove me wrong, just as I can't possibly prove you wrong. It's a moot point to make this thread, as you seem to be more attacking peoples beliefs, with no way to prove your side of the story to be any more feasible than their own.

4. "We believe because we have a choice to.
You disbelieve because you have made your choice as such." That could be said for anything though- it doesn't add any weight to anything.

Yes, it CAN, be said for anything, but in this case, there is a context to it, which has clearly eluded you...

Were that statement not based on anything, sure, it'd mean nothing. But apparently the rest of the things I've said have gone right over your head. You can easily judge me, and assume that I haven't researched the topic enough to be so AMAZINGLY INFORMED as yourself, to know without a shadow of a doubt that anyone believing in/ researching the topic of Aliens/UFO's is 100% wrong, and should adopt your opinions instead.

I have made our choice to believe that it is more possible than not that this planet has been visited, and is being visited by beings not of this earth, based on the evidence I've found, and research I've done. You, on the other hand have come to a separate conclusion/opinion, and are entitled to it.

5. "Who are you to question our motives, anyways?
It's an interesting subject to some (clearly not yourself)." I wouldn't say that. If i wasn't interested in the subject and people's opinions on it, then i wouldn't have started this thread (and BTW, i have read many interesting & enlightening opinions from people on this subject so far). Logical really.

[edit on 4-3-2009 by Tokis Phoenix]

Feel free to disagree with those of us who believe that this planet has/is being visited. Feel free to prove to me 100% that we are all wrong, and you can become famous beyond anyone else in the field for disproving the possibility entirely. YOU ALONE CAN LAY THIS MYSTERY TO REST, APPARENTLY.

So do it.

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