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Why do you believe in aliens UFO's?

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 11:59 AM

I have to admit i'm quite skeptical of this.

Everyone SHOULD start off as a skeptic in this area.

Look friends, if you don't understand just how MASSIVE the universe is then you really need to begin your research there. The universe is larger than any of us can comprehend. After you spend a little time there, take a look at how the experts say life formed on this planet. It's like mixing a cocktail ... you've got some water, some other materials, and then millions of years later, life. And yes, there are some important factors that play into it like the distance from the star, ect ... but friends, there are TRILLIONS of stars out there. Think about it.

Now, apply common sense. There is most certainly life out there EVERYWHERE, perhaps even locally in our own solar system. But that's not the real question. The real question is this: could other cultures out there have found us out here in our quiet corner of the Milky Way?

There's your first reason for believing in life on other planets.

I personally feel like we've been observed for thousands of years. If you need evidence of that, do your homework. The evidence is EVERYWHERE. It's overwhelming, too, actually just how much of it there is. Here's the problem, though. To get anywhere close to the heart of the truth, you have to wade through a lot of garbage! Most folks don't have the time or willingness to do this part. Most folks want a simple answer spoon fed to them through a news ticker on CNN or FOX. You're not going to find any simple answers here.

But your second reason for believing in this is simply because of the overwhelming about of testimony. Think about what testimony truly is. We use it in a court of law to help determine a person's fate. But, people lie and decieve, and that's just as true here as anywhere else. There is an overwhelming amount of honest testimony in this area, though. Look for it. Look also for the frauds. They're out there is large numbers, too.

And if you need hard evidence, look for it. You'll find it. You'll find all sorts of things that are going to make you question the way you think about life on this planet ... and that's a very, VERY good thing!!

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 12:10 PM

The idea of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe can't be dis-proven, but that doesn't mean it is undeniable.

I tell ya friend, that's where you're completely wrong. It is undeniable. Some of our smartest sceintists have come up with a formula for determining how much life is out there in our own galaxy. It's called the Drake equation. Take a look at it:

Now, think about this. There are hundreds of BILLIONS of galaxies out there in just the small part of universe that we've been able to peer into, and, the universe is already ancient. Do you REALLY need any more proof than that?

You probably do ... so try this: ask for help in understanding the truth. Ask for help from Him. It's not a religious thing. If you believe in God, ask for help in understanding the truth here.

And then if you really want to understand what's going on, READ!

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Tokis Phoenix
As the title says, why do you believe in alien UFO's?

Well that's easy enough. It's because I see some pretty crazy stuff each day with "anomalies" all over the place chasing me down the street shouting my name. Not only that, but there's some kind of alien psychic in my head that I'm just dying to get out!

They've caused my family to kick me out the house, my friends to run from me, and now it's just me and them. It's grab a gun and shoot 'em or wait a little longer and come up with a better thought out plan to get rid of them anomalies. But then again, it's hard to think with an alien psychic up there scrambling it up 24/7. And there's also infinitely many of them, so I'd need infinite ammo like the Matrix.

Not only that, but I can't get to sleep without enough liquor, when I go to work, it starts giving me a tickle feeling all over so that I'm jumping in my seat scratching all day.

Ah, you folks don't get. If I ever get the chance I'll order one of these alien psychics for each person except me for as long as I've had to deal with it (going on like 4 years now). Then I'd like to see how much longer the rest of you are alive.

That would be great.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by Tokis Phoenix

Personally, I've seen things in the sky that in my view are best explained as Alien Spaceships. Call me crazy if you'd like, I suppose that's fair.

Why should YOU believe? There are two main reasons:

1) The Drake Equation (at least the general theory behind it). - Mainstream Science fully supports the likelihood of extraterrestrial life. And the universe (that we about so far) has been around long enough for Type 1 civilizations to emerge. Since WE exist, and we KNOW of other 'habitable zones' in existence around other stars within our observable universe, 'belief' in extraterrestrial life is not really required. A Priori Predictions from observable evidence should set the EXPECTED result of further observation to show extraterrestrial life.

If you don't believe me about point 1, please speak directly with Dr. Michio Kaku.

2) The Battle of Los Angeles. Please read it for yourself:

Anyway, that's my reply to your initial post. Thanks for asking


posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:40 PM
I believe because of testimony and photographic evidence coming directly from police officers in Illinois.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 03:14 PM
Yeah zud rummer did you see that photo of the UFO that was taken by an officer in highland Illinois and then later posted in the paper. Best UFO shot I've seen still to this day. I'll have to find it and post it.

Here's why I believe in aliens. First the universe is just to big and just too old not to support a more intelligent species other than our own. Especially since our solar system is very young. An intelligent species' technology has the potential to be millions of years ahead of ours. A lot can be discovered in millions of years. Even if we have never went to the moon. People say it's impossible because the radiation would kill you. If this is true then it would be impossible..... for us. We already know how to shield ourselves from radiation, so don't you think that an advanced civilization millions of years ahead of us would be able to overcome something that we can already do?

OK say you where flying along the cosmic path when you come to this yellow sun that your race has already discovered has the potential for a life supporting planet.

They fly through and then they get to the third rock. They being scientifically minded land there and start to study the wildlife (us)

A lot of people say there is no way they could have made it here for one reason or another. I ask why not? If they are even a couple thousand years ahead of us then I'm pretty sure they would be able to do things we cannot even comprehend.

And to those god fearing people that thing alien life is impossible and we are the only ones. That aliens are just demons hear this. If god created us, wouldn't he be able to create others as well? What if god just set the wheels in motion knowing how it would turn out? I mean if god is a being to which time does not exist then what is a few billion years? Open your minds people for god's sake.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 03:24 PM
I believe in aliens because I think this universe is way too friggin big for me to think that we're the only intelligent (or not) life existing at this moment.

I feel like there's just too much we don't know, too much we haven't explored.

On that note, I think we still need to do some more exploring on this planet before we go and try to find out what going on with other planets.


posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 03:51 PM
You may want to check out this post as tons of eyewitnesses over the last few hundered years or so have reported seeing ETs , UFO , USOs and the like , I find it hard to belive that all of these reports are false. Even if 50 percent are fake ( which I dont belive) then you still have to come to the conclusion that ETs ,UFOs are the real deal.'

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 03:52 PM
I'm with Mulder on this one: I WANT to believe.

It's as simple as that.

I want to believe that some of those little bright dots on shaky videos are something that could change all of our lives. Or the lives of the next generation. Or the one after that.

And why do I want to believe that? Because it's looking really bad for humanity at the moment. We are destroying ourselves, our home and the whole human race at an alarming rate.

I want to believe that there's someone out there looking after us. Visiting us and perhaps watching if we can sort this mess out ourselves. And if we can't, maybe there's someone there to pick up the pieces.

OK - maybe there are many other reasons, also. Even for me. But this is the one I personally like the most. Hope.

Yeah, it's naive, I know. But hey - you asked a question and I gave you an honest answer

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:09 PM
Basically it's proven that there are UFOs. What we don't know is who or what they represent. Speculation ranges from:

  1. UFOs are extra-solar vehicular devices
  2. UFOs are time-machines
  3. UFOs are inter-dimensional crafts
  4. Advanced secret crafts of either US or German design

Then take all of these possibilities and combine them with their potential occupants:

  1. our current selves
  2. our future selves
  3. inter-dimensional creatures
  4. extra-terrestrial species
  5. terrestrial species that we've yet to encounter (deep sea, inside planet, etc)
  6. Biblical, god-like creatures (think angels, demons, Q, etc)

Others think UFOs might be

  1. space creatures
  2. atmospheric phenomena
  3. direct manifestations of angels / demons / paranormal entities (minus a craft)
  4. "miracles" / "projections" of some paranormal or god-like sentience
  5. "pranks" / the result of a government project like Blue Beam.

Fireballs, sprites, jets, elves, etc, may explain some sightings, but it doesn't come close to explaining events like the '56 RAF Bentwaters incident or the '76 Iranian encounter. I'd go so far as to say these particular events strongly suggest intelligence which largely rules out atmospheric phenomena.

As for the possibility of present-day humans guiding manned secret UFO aircrafts, unlikely.

If it was a cover to hide US aerospace designs there would be reams of paperwork describing operating procedures that would have turned up in court enforced FOI discoveries and fact-finding inquiries demanded by congressional committees some 50-60 years after the fact. We also wouldn't have people like Milton Torres coming forward saying they were told to shoot down UFOs. It also wouldn't make sense for the US to buzz their own planes. Likewise, why would the US conduct massive studies in to a phenomenon (Project Twinkle, Project Sign, Grudge, Bluebook, etc) which could be attributed to its own manufacture? It would be a waste of time, resources, and man-power with the potential of exposing the cover project. It doesn't make sense.

That leaves the remaining possibilities. There's no way to scientifically evaluate the existence of god(s), angels, demons, etc so it has to remain a serious consideration.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:14 PM
This thread is proof that the Illuminati has done a great job of brainwashing the public with all their Starwars and Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock and ET and 2001 Space Odyssy, ad infinitum.

You people are waiting for aliens to land and make everything all better here on earth. You think the people controlling the propaganda don't know that? You think they don't know how they have hooked you?

Use your brains.

Matter does not create itself out of nothing. If you take a vacuum jar and put it away for 10 trillion years and come back and check it you'll see it's still just a vacuum, no atoms miraculously created themselves out of nothing.

Likewise with dead matter producing life. Mankind cannot create a cell, not even one cell, way, way too complicated. But even if he could, if he just took a cell that's already made but dead, he cannot put life into that cell once it has died.

Life is a gift from God. It cannot be made in the laboratory, nor can matter be created out of nothing.

Anybody who believes matter is self-existant has ascribed god-like qualities to matter. You may as well worship the atom if you think it has eternal qualities, self-existant, able to form andlump together aqnd produce life from its inert molecules.

Aliens cannot build a spaceship that can travel fast enough or far enough to come here. Demons, however, can zip around the entire universe in a split second, as can angels, because they are spirits. And yes we know they can materialize, because the Bible gives many accounts of angels materializing, and Satan materialized to Jesus to tempt him.

The Bible says that demons can take any shape they choose, even appearing as an angel of light.

We have the testimony of Phil Schneider who was an engineer assigned to drill the DUMBs for the military (Deep Underground Military Bases) and ran into large slimy reptilian creatures that were deadly and killed almost 60 men, and almost killed Phil. Phil blew the whistle, and 7 months later was murdered. Check out his website. " target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

There are no aliens who will come to save us from ourselves. Thinking that there are is just what the British Zionist Illuminati Banksters want. They are laughing at you all, while they prepare to put you in a camp and kill you, or if they cull you out they will put a microchip in you and run you like a wind-up doll, steal your soul.

Think about this more seriously before you go playing with fantasies of Captain Kirk and the X-men and all that nonsense. It's Hollywood propaganda to deceive you, to ultimately steal your soul as well as your body.

Don't let the Zionists program you, hypontize you into believing a huge lie.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by Salt of the Earth

Originally posted by Merriman Weir
I believe that it's statistically unlikely that we're alone in the universe. I think it's unlikely that we're the pinnacle of technology and space exploration in the universe. If we can venture beyond our own immediate sphere, then I don't really see why others can't. In fact, I think it's weirdly arrogant to think that others can't.

However, I subscribe to the idea of both a 'nuts and bolts' paradigm based on the my statement above as well as an 'ultraterrestrial' hypothesis. I've never really understood by so many 'believers' only really side with one particular view.

We never went to the moon. Bart Sibrel says the moon hoax caper was pulled off to fool the Russians in the cold war. William Cooper says, and I agree, that it was staged to convince the populace that interplanetary travel is possible.

In fact, it is not possible. And we never went to the moon.

Not to say the military does not have very high tech aircraft that they will attempt to foist off on a gullible public as the craft used by "aliens" to travel from another star system to visit us. I expect they will pull this caper of quite soon. All the movies, the Star Trek, ET, Star Wars, all this stuff has programmed people very well to believe in a visit from another system.

And when the British Zionists finish heating up the planet with wars and death and starvation and economic depression, that's when they will spring their fake "aliens" (ie lab produced chimeras and manifested demons) on us, to unite us into a world government and to be willing to sit down with a demon to dinner, that these creatures might manifest themselves to people who will think they are cute and loveable.

And in the end, the world will amass to fight against Jesus, will be told that he is a hostile alien. And Jesus will blow them all away like a feather.

[edit on 2-3-2009 by Salt of the Earth]

I grew up with a guy who went to work for NASA for a couple of years. As an intern there, he had to help w/ experiments where they bounced a laser off of a mirror in place on the moon's surface.

I'm sure the mirror just magically appeared up there?

Secondly, if you get a powerful enough telescope, you can see the flag up there.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:42 PM
I would like to simply state UFOs are real. What they are is an entirely different story. I myself witnessed what would be deemed a close encounter of the 2nd kind a decade ago and I will tell you one thing -- SOMETHING is out there...incrementally divulging its existance to some of us here. I have only seen it on one occasion but trust me... thats all it takes, especially at such close range with undeniable visual evidence.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Salt of the earth I have just lost all respect for you.

How do you know they don't have the means to get here?

Sure Einstein's theory of relativity states that you cannot accelerate to the speed of light or your mass would become infinite sure. What about space bending, wormholes, etc etc.

How do you know that god didn't set off the "bomb" that began the whole process knowing what it would become for us and all other intelligent life in the universe. Maybe there is a bigger picture than demons on earth underground yata yata yata. Maybe god has a bigger plan!!! Isn't that what you've been taught by whatever religion that you belong? That god has a grand plan? What if his "Grand Plan" includes more than just us on this insignificant ball of rock and H2O. Oh wait i forgot the earth is flat and the center of the universe.

How do you know that a species millions of years ahead of us cannot get here?


Furthermore we can sit here and ask you to prove god exists, and demons and the like exist. GIVE US PHYSICAL PROOF.. You cant can you? You just believe right? Sure the NWO exists. Sure they are brainwashing us. Doesn't mean there is something else going on perpendicular to that that isn't included in your or our current theory. I will not be blinded by religion when I know god would not bastardize himself like that, nor would he use himself to manifest all the awful things that have been done in his name.

You cannot prove any of what your saying just like we cannot prove any of what we are saying. At least we acknowledge it! The thing that makes me the angriest is you cannot even allow for the possibility that what we say has some iota of truth. You are by far too closed minded. Yup I pulled the closed minded card to describe your closed minded self. When you allow the possibility that aliens may exist and have already visited us here. Then I will allow for the possibility that it is all a hoax and a conspiracy to bring forth the coming of the Anti-Christ.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by DaMod

And a follow up to that.

Thanks for the links, Salt.

We have a rule in CI - two sources make information true. Can you give me someone else saying that what he said is true - ie... someone who was there?

We can get people who agree w/ Phil all day - but until someone else comes forward, it's just a story.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by mf_luder

I grew up with a guy who went to work for NASA for a couple of years. As an intern there, he had to help w/ experiments where they bounced a laser off of a mirror in place on the moon's surface.

I'm sure the mirror just magically appeared up there?

Secondly, if you get a powerful enough telescope, you can see the flag up there.

No, there's no mirror. We don't need any mirror to bounce a laser off the moon. Nobody has ever seen any junk left behind.

Check out this dynomite link. This will convince you. Look it over real carefully." target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

Here's a link to a NASA film where they talk about taking an exploratory satellite to check out radiation and such for a possible trip to the moon in 2020. They admit the radiation is prohibitive. " target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

DaMod, this alien stuff is Hollywood fantasy. That's all it is. On the other hand, the UFOs are for real, the abductions are real, people have testified to the DUMBs, the trafficking with demons. There's a ton of stuff online about mind control, the Nazi labs that are going on right now, experimenting on kids, the breeding experiments going on. I do think these grays are real creatures, some kind of chimera, slaves to the black ops military, part human, part animal creatures. Very sad. They do have aircraft that look like saucers, and they can hover, and I think they have technology to put people into a kind of trance, and they can be abducted and their sperm and eggs removed for their breeding experiments. All the abductees have the same story, and there's too many of them to dismiss it.

As many people have seen spirits manifest as have seen UFOs I'd wager. If you get talking to people, almost everybody has a story of seeing a "ghost" -- which is nothing but a demon. They can take any shape. They are real.

It's so funny that people will believe all this Starwars bunkem but don't believe in God or spiritual beings like angels and demons (ie fallen rebellious angels).

The stuff about the black ops military is all over the Net, the mind control, the breeding experiments, the torturing and killing of little kids, all that stuff by the Nazi freaks and their "science so-called" as the Bible calls it.

If you look through a telescope at night and point the telescope in any direction there is equal thickness of stars. Yes we are in the center of the universe. The Bible says God made the earth first before anything else existed. He didn't get around to making the sun, moon and stars until the fourth day, and the Bible says God made them to "declare the glory of God, and for times and seasons, and the sun by day and the moon by night to give light.

I definitely believe the Bible account of Creation, not as an allegory but as it happened. The Bible goes on to give the geneology of Adam and Eve's children -- not all of them, but the significant ones tracing the bloodlines of Jesus. It also describes Adam and Eve having children, tells their names, gives examples of things that happened in their lives, and tells how old they were when they died. No, it's not an allegory and of course there had to be a man and woman first created. Do you think men and women can evolve side by side over billions of years until one day they look at each other and say, oh wow, a woman, let's have sex and reproduce.

Which came first, chicken or the egg? The chicken of course. Fully grown and ready to lay eggs and take care of its own chicks. God doesn't have time to babysit a bunch of baby chicks. (ha ha, funny,yes?) but also true.

Use your mind. Think about things. Instead of letting Hollywood do your thinking, figure things out logically. Are you going to ascribe god-like qualities to raw matter, that it is self-existant, able to spontaneously produce life within itself? If that is the case, then matter is your god, and you can be like Madonna -- a MATERIAL GIRL or GUY.

[edit on 2-3-2009 by Salt of the Earth]

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by mf_luder
reply to post by DaMod

And a follow up to that.

Thanks for the links, Salt.

We have a rule in CI - two sources make information true. Can you give me someone else saying that what he said is true - ie... someone who was there?

We can get people who agree w/ Phil all day - but until someone else comes forward, it's just a story.

Check out the link. There's lots of corroboration, other people's stories, right on that same link. I think all the guys he was with were killed by the demon creatures, maybe one other guy escaped. They almost killed him. He called them aliens, and they could die if fired upon. I think they are some kind of half-breed chimera, part demon. Are you familiar with the skeletons they've discovered of human giants 28 feet tall, some having six fingers?

I've run across lots of stuff on the Net of people who saw children and women in cages, crying and miserable, in these laboratories underground. MKUltra, you are familiar with that? Or Project Monarch? Cathy O'Brien's story TranceFormation of America? Read anything by Fritz Springmeier? Ever seen the documentary online Conspiracy of Silence about how the Republican Pedophile ring, kidnapping kids from Boys Town and flying them in to the White House and to parties to pass them around? The snuff films, the whole deal? The guy Larry King sang the National Anthem at two Repug conventions, and he was head of the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska, and was supplying all these politicians and corporates with boys. John DeCamp, former state senator and attorney, represented one of the boys in court, wrote a book on it. It is so sad, so shocking, exposes the extent of Satanic activity in America, the torture and murder of children. Ghastly, disturbing stuff.

Satan is definitely alive and well on Planet Earth. Too bad people don't wake up to his devices, and have their eyes fixed on the stars and Andersons Fairy Tales.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:14 PM

Originally posted by Salt of the Earth
This thread is proof that the Illuminati has done a great job of brainwashing the public with all their Starwars and Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock and ET and 2001 Space Odyssy, ad infinitum.

You people are waiting for aliens to land and make everything all better here on earth. You think the people controlling the propaganda don't know that? You think they don't know how they have hooked you?

This is the kind of disinformation I was alluding to earlier in the thread. You have to wade through a lot of this illogical garbage to get into the information that really matters.

I think a good many people on this thread and on this forum understand there's something going on. Most educated people also understand that the size of the universe clearly points to MORE. It's not the Illuminati's brainwashing that put all those galaxies out there in the universe. LOL!

It's funny, though, because this guy, like any good spreader of dis-information, throws part of the truth out there. That's the secret to spreading disinformation (and do not take it from me, see for yourself): you take a piece of truth and wrap it up in lies, which then makes the truth a taboo topic, or lends it to ridicule, or does something to it as to make it unpalatable to the public. It's really quite brilliant.

I think most people are willing and knowing participants in brainwashing every day. Advertising is a HUGE industry, who's sole purpose is to convince you of one thing or another. Our whole society is based on this, our government is full of lobbyists, and everyone is trying to sell you something.

People just need to learn to get their news from sources other than the 5:00 news, or CNN, or FOX. Those folks are selling as well.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by Rakshan

I think a good many people on this thread and on this forum understand there's something going on. Most educated people also understand that the size of the universe clearly points to MORE. It's not the Illuminati's brainwashing that put all those galaxies out there in the universe. LOL!

It makes sense if you believe in evolution. If you believe in evolution you will assume that somewhere out there is another planet that's just the right size (ie size of the earth, so it has the right gravity, and a sun just the same exact size as our sun placed the exact same distance away as ours. If any of these things were changed even in the slightest there would not be any life on earth.

But figuring the billions of stars, you assume there is such a combination of planet and sun, and that somehow by accident the same process happened as we are told happened on earth (which now the evoutionists have revised their story and say gradual evolution didn't happen but that it was by leaps and bounds, becaUse they have no fossils, not one, to show any kind of gradual evolution of a reptile for example turning his scales into feathers (choke) --

But anyway, if you buy the evolution stuff, you would think perhaps there's another planet out there with the right combination and then the right accidental clumpings in the soup, with the lightning striking the soup just right to produce the first amoeba, and on up the line with these creatures turning into plants and fish and crawling up on the land and turning into reptiles and plants and bugs and birds and all kinds of animals, and on and on, until finally it turns into a human being, on up the line.

Of course we don't see that happening in real life and we know this breaks all the known laws of science, but oh, well, that's what you get with a pseudoscience, which is what this is -- a religion, people wanting so much to think God is a "force" like electricity, without a mind, without a heart, who cares for nothing, but is somehow bringing creation of matter and infusing life somehow into it. Or other people just discount even this kind of "electrical" god -- and say the matter is god, it was always here and able to bring life out of itself.

If God did create life on another planet, and I don't believe he did, it has nothing to do with us. These creatures are not going to visit us, to save us, or do anything for us. If they exist they are just mortal creatures such as we, unable to do anyhting more for us than we can do for ourselves. The mere fact that they may exist (which they do not) does not give them magical powers to solve our earthly problems.

God did come and visit this earth as a man. He came to visit us 2000 years ago. He was a superman. He raised the dead, he could walk on water, he fed the multitudes from a few loaves and fishes. He gave his life for us in a horrible, humliating ghastly crucifixion death, and three days later he rose bodily. In his new body he could go through walls, transport himself in a split second to another place, and he went bodily to heaven in front of 400 witnesses.

This is history. But you think some mortal creature made by this same Jesus, who is the Creator of the Universe and who holds the atoms together by his will and his word -- you suppose is going to travel here in a spaceship and save us here on Planet Earth?

Come ON. Too much TV has rotted the brain!

Pseudoscience, junk science, or as the Bible says "Science so-called."

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:46 PM
Many, many reasons....

1. This is just one planet. We've barely even seen the universe!
2. I think life will form anywhere it possibly can. (Earth doesn't have any magical elements from the periodic table that the rest of the universe doesn't have!) I'd say life will form on 4 out of 5 planets where it possibly can.
3. Why would life only form in one place? It doesn't make sense if you think about it.
4. I have friends who have seen UFOs (alien or not)
5. The only reason we have to think we're alone is that we haven't found other life yet (but we've barely been able to look, so it shouldn't be too surprising)
6. I love science fiction stuff. I wish it was no longer fiction.
7. There could be different types of life out there that live under different conditions (colder, warmer, etc.) "It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it."
8. We're so disappointing that the universe better have something more intelligent and compassionate to offer! (not that there aren't some nice people here and there)
9. There's so much we just don't know about the universe!
10. Why deny a possibility? We have to consider anything that hasn't been ruled out.

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