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Emotional dreams, theory.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Editing and removing a bit of pointlessness about two dreams I had, to replace with the following theory: possibly emotional dreams, rather than reflecting our everyday, are sometimes a mirror of what we don't have in our everyday?

For example, dreaming about experiences of faith or peace could be an expression of wanting those things in your life... just a thought.

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by quitebored

I have a cool dream poem


Dreams, they are my friends

Interpreting life for me.

Fortelling the problems I may encounter,

Showing what my emotions mean.

They are a tale of my story,

A look at what the future may behold.

I can't say I don't understand,

Because when I sleep I am told.

Fear seems to manifest itself,

In horror; death; and pain.

For Love it is the Ocean,

From both my life can gain.

A truth can reveal itself,

In detail I can see.

Lies sometimes can remain undetermined,

Through an Ocean of rugged seas.

So whenever I want to open my heart up,

I go to sleep and expose my mind.

There are many types of hidden secrets,

And I never know what I might find.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by quitebored

Dreams are so very interesting quitebored. I have had many lucid dreams, and they can be even more interesting. Becoming aware in your dream, allows you to alter the course of the dream, and it can be a lot of fun. You are right in your theory; at least I seem to believe so. Much of what can be present in the dream can be what we want to achieve or to happen. It can also mean something that is currently happening, or has already happened. Basically, it can be a past or present experience being interpreted by pictorial expression and emotion. I have also found that recent events, or even movies can surface in dreams. For example: last night I was shot in my leg. But, before I went to bed, I watched a movie called "Out of Time" and Denzel Washington's character was shot in the leg. I guess I took his place.

If you want to experiment with something interesting, try this:

When you wake up from dreamland, and become somewhat aware, close your eyes again(right away) and watch! I do this often, and I continue to dream, but I am very aware of what I am seeing. Once, a long time ago, I seen this younger girl, she ran up the stairs and into a bedroom. She stood beside a dresser, and then she looked up. There she looked upon a lady, a widow, who wore a black vail over her face.

I don't understand why I dreamt that while being so very aware, but none the less, it was interesting.

Another thing you can try is, just before falling asleep, lay down and try not to pass out. Look into the void as your eyes are closed, and keep on trying to look further and further, and your conciouss mind fights to become unconciouss. It is neat to see. Sometimes, it's like I start to see stars, like I am in space, and other times I've seen pulsating vibrant colours. Many times, I thought I was seeing eyes looking back at me. Give it a try; it's all in good fun. Just don't play with your mind too much.

Take Care!

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by onehappyangel

I have no idea how either of your replies related to my original post, but um. Thanks, I think. O.o

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by quitebored

I think you are on to something. I have certainly had times much past where dreams seem to have seemed to fill "holes" in my life. But it's kind of like the chicken and the egg. Did you have that dream because you were missing something you wanted to have/feel, or did you think that way about the dream (which you happened to have) because you are missing something you want?

To me It really seems to depend on how you look at it though, and where you are in terms of maturity (which has much to do with how you look at it). I have obvious holes in my life that dreams sometimes seem to fulfill in a way, but hey, I don't look at it that way - the experience is the experience, very little attachment to it.

By the way, Don't attach too much to the meaning, you can ruin your examination of your dreams this way. You want your dreams to maintain some sort of naturalness (surprise, spontaneity), and if you go too far into meaning you will start to effect the meaning. Not really a warning but more of an observation. A dreamer obsessed with what this and that means would simply have another layer of dream language to decipher on top of the actual dream.

In the past I have felt exactly what you do here, so I'm with you. It was just a long time ago and I hope my answer is meaningful. To me this feeling of the dreams filling in for something else is simply a marker of how the dreamer views the world, or his world, you know? Because there really is nothing to be filled in for, only society and our dysfunctional minds make us feel empty at all in the first place, especially for dreamers.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by Novise

I think I follow, and yes... putting too much emphasis on what it may mean could ruin the effectiveness of it, and I do believe that the subconscious mind has things to tell us periodically that we should be paying attention to...

About the chicken and egg question, that's another good point. I'd be more inclined to believe that the dreams answer existing-but-unconscious needs, but... since the dreams are usually what bring those needs to our attention in the first place, it's a bit hard to be certain.

Maybe real answer is somewhere in the middle--being willing to consider that certain dreams may be an attempt to meet some perceived need, but equally willing to question whether the need is genuinely ours, or just something we feel we should want.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 10:37 AM
Yeah it's interesting, the answer must be somwhere in the middle.

I guess your orginal question was more about what is going on though, not so much what it means, and that is very hard to get at.

The subconcious mind though, seems to be almost a universe within itself. Though I start to feel that what is making our dreams is semi-concious, that part of the brain or the self.

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