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Dreams of a place you have never been

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:37 AM
I'm going to post a dream I had last night, because I'm a bit bored. I can't remember all of it but I'll try my best.

For some reason NASA was offering a 1000 day "holiday" far away, and everyone had to go into the rocket ship if they wanted to go. It was pretty big, pretty cool looking. Lots of people going in etc. Eventually all of us get in. So we're traveling for a while now ( it had windows but I can't quite remember what I was seeing ). Then as we were going, I started having breathing difficulties and I sorta losing consciousness, tried to staya wake awake and then bam, I can't remember what else happened. Probably blacked out. Then all I can remember was being on a farm or something, and some road.... into the forest. The rest is a blur and I woke up suddenly. Also the sign where it said 1000 day holiday was in some densely populated city with lots of lights etc, never seen it before. I was with my mother, and my cousin. Maybe my cousins mother too. For some reason my father wasn't there

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posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 08:40 AM
Wow that really strange because a couple of weeks ago i had this dream that there was this town but i had never been to it before and when i was there i was with one other person who also i did not know. Everything was silent and there were no other people around even though the town was clearly filled with a lot of people before. The sky was clear and the grass was green and the houses were very nice and everything was in its proper place but something felt off. Then before i knew it there were a group of people who had guns and dresses in gear to protect themselves. The guy and me were able to escape but we had to go meet up with my family because they swore that they found a place like Utopia were everything was beautiful and perfect and it was a safe place to be. It is really strange because the dream seems to have some kind of important meaning because usually i do not remember my dreams very well but this one has all ways remained crystal clear.

posted on Mar, 13 2009 @ 08:47 AM
I forgot to mention that i was also in a house on the outside it did not look that big but on the inside i was pretty big and nice. There were lots of doors but most of them were locked and there were also stair cases but i didn't get to stay long enough in the house to really explore all that i wanted.

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 02:00 PM
Have you been lucky enough to figure out where your dreams come from?

I have!

After emergency surgery a few years ago. I kept having a recurring dream of walking down streets with markets and tall buildings with a strange smell of coffee and other strange smells. Lots of beautiful people that looked like angels with a beautiful song playing that was so vivid. I was able to remember the tune.
I thought these dreams were caused by the medication I was on after surgery. But once I stopped the medication. The dreams continued. I spoke to my doctor about this. He just said, "It's because your brain is healthy again and wished he had vivid dreams like mine."
These dreams continued on and off for a while. I kept remembering more and more information.
The street signs were in both english and some strange characters. The angels looked like beautiful young Asian women.
You can call this coincidence. (I know some people don't believe in coincidence.) but while searching for a song on you tube I found a video from the Korean singer Tiffany Hwang.

NSD 少女時代 Tiffany - Rolling in the deep 1080P

I then found out, Tiffany was a member of a 9 member Korean girls group SNSD

This video shows my angels.
SNSD-女神降臨 Nine Angels (HD 1080)

Becuase it costs to much to buy their DVD's I searched for a Korean radio station that plays SNSD.
I found Arirang radio broadcasting from Seoul South Korea.
I saw videos and got lots of information Arirang and heard the song Arirang for the first time in real.
But this was the song I kept hearing over and over again in my dreams.

I saw hundreds of pictures of Seoul Korea.
I even found where I was in my dreams. The place is called "Namdaemun Market".

Kind of scary. Made me think the fictional movie "The matrix" is real.

Where my dreams come from

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posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 08:23 PM
People can do this but they must be knowledgeable so everybody who posted in this thread must learn how to describe accurately, as in describing architecture. For example, working class homes may exist in any culture but they look different.

And most importantly, if you are going to do this you must pay for it, meaning you can't have the good side without the bad side. And the bad side knows all about this but must wait for people to find out themselves. So be aware you are watched and what you do is noted and will be used against you later, that is if one does this without accepting the negative side. I shouldn't be telling but this all counts as breaking and entering, for starters. Then there is the adding of confusion. And no, just because someone says you may do something doesn't mean the owner agrees, always check with the owner, or in this case the dreamer. The same goes for sexuality and their origins. If in doubt about this, stay away and ask your parents or ancestors until one gives an answer which works. If you see monkeys then it is best to study either Hanuman or Shizaru or the missing link theories.
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posted on Apr, 13 2015 @ 09:39 PM
I remember a dream I had a long time ago.. It start with me walking around in what seemed like paradise to me..
I was walking through meadow and seeing people that were both familiar to me and people I didn't know yet knew me as if I was family to them. I remember looking up as I was walking to see what looked like floating spaceships or islands high in the air and water was falling from the sides of them like waterfalls.
I remember coming to what looked like city that was built into a hillside. It seemed nice but there was no one there, then people that I knew told me to follow them and I did because I trusted them.
They had me go into what looked a clubhouse but everyone that was in the place was dressed weird. They were all dressed like they were from the 1920's.
apparently in the dream I was wearing a wedding ring too. It was a solid gold band.
A women then came up to me claiming to be my wife. I was confused by this because I had no idea who she was but she was beautiful. She was a brunette with blue eyes and had a slender but athletic build and was about 5'9". I asked her what her name was but she just smiled and the next thing I know I am waking up for school.
It was a weird dream that I still remember vividly to this day

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