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How many guns are too many?

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 01:44 PM
Well 300 guns is definitely too many, especially if you keep them in an auto repair shop! It is unfortunate, this guy had guns from the civil war era, but why would he keep them in a repair shop that is easy for anyone to break into?

And now 300 guns are roaming around with new owners.

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Anyone who says they don't need a gun to protect there family and home. Will not be saying that when they peek around there bedroom window and see 2 men with guns going threw there shat. And I do think you only really need one firearm to handle a home invasion. And as far as accidentally shooting someone I will identify the target 1st and shoot only as last resort,because I do have friends that just walk into my house all the time. In most cases just the sound of me pumping my 12g. Will scare off someone. But I also agree in a natural didastor or sitx does come up you also need a rifle and a handgun. which I will be getting as soon as I get more $ and have plenty of ammo. Cause it is always fun to shoot them as practice do Live 2 min from detroit and as the economy get worse. Detroit will just get worse. Specially with the auto industry goin to shat.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by infolurker

Originally posted by Smokin Gun

Originally posted by Ciphor

Shotguns are nice but I wouldn't waste the space on it. Get a sword for close combat and a handgun for mid range combat. Shotguns are for night prowlers and amateur shooters.

With all respect, I couldn't disagree more. Most people without combat experience will act like amateur shooters in the face of a life or death situation. A shotgun for close quarters self protection is almost a gauranteed win, when considering most perps carry handguns. A shotgun is also the most versatile weapon.

Pistol usage is limited to last chances or concealment situations only.

IMO, take what you have and learn to use it well. In reality you will only need one gun.... to shoot someone else and take their gun

When TSHTF the predators will be crawling out from the woodwork.

To those of you who are anti-gun.......................

predator or prey.....

think very hard before you decide because you won't get a second chance.

Interesting for a country which "outlawed" firearms. Seems the criminals kept their guns. I just can't believe it! I would have thought they'd have followed that one law.

Same in the UK, when you outlaw guns only outlaws have guns... doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that ..... some are so naive.

A GUN crime is carried out in Britain every 52 minutes, new figures showed yesterday. Cops dealt with 9,967 last year (that's some pretty good gun crime number in a country with no guns)... LOL

Knife crime claims 60 victims a day
More than 20,000 serious knife crimes were committed last year, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Living in Britain is now more dangerous than the Balkans, report reveals

And best yet, the UK prosecutes those who defend their freeking homes from burglars and suggests that if you see a crime in progress that you don't get involved??? What bizarre behavior... I just do not understand it, you pretty much tell the criminals that they WILL get away with the crime and the victim is not allowed to resist the crime or help someone else getting assaulted for fear of prosecution if you do!

And Don't forget to leave your sheds open for the criminals... might want to pack your stuff in a box to make it easier for them to carry....

Council advises homeowners to leave sheds open for thieves
A council is urging allotment holders not to lock their sheds in case thieves damage the structures while breaking in.

My god.. demand the right to defend yourselves (at least in your own homes) without fear of prosecution!

Shoot the thugs! Blast a few of these pieces of # and most or your problems will go away quickly... thieves don't like deadly force used against THEM you know.. right now they have an open season pass on the public and they prosecute those who defend themselves... unbelievable. I cannot understand it at all.

It amazes me that people actually think that THIS is a good idea for the US.... our thugs are 10 times more numerous and 10x more dangerous... If drugs can come over the border by the TONS what makes anyone think that any criminal who wants a gun wouldn't get one? I cannot imagine what life would be like if you were prosecuted for defending your home. Wait, I can and it is not pretty.

To many so call "civilized" people are Dangerously Naive.

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Here here!

For the UK folk who actually want to start thinking like citizens as opposed to subjects here's 2 petitions that at least try to give us back some teeth and rights...

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by Snooze
I have never quite understood the desire for a handgun. Now, don't get me wrong, we are members of the NRA and would protect a citizen's right to ownership. I just don't understand why so many people think they need them. The jurisdictions I have lived in require that a handgun be locked in one location and the ammunition in a different location. So here we have a home breakin, and what are you going to say? "Wait a minute while I get my gun out of the basement safe and find the ammunition in my closet?" If you leave your gun out and loaded in an easily accessible spot, then the chance of an accidental shooting far outpaces the use for safety purposes. Give me my industrial-strength can of bear spray any day. It shoots 20 feet and covers anything in its path. If it accidentally discharges, the loved one will be cussing up a storm, but not dead. Just a thought.

I think you have interpreted the law incorrectly for your home. The law you speak of is for firearms carried in your car or on your person. In your home they can be fully loaded and ready to fire.

I agree however that a handgun is not the most effective home defense weapon. I chose a pistol grip shotgun with a xenon light. A light shot will clear a room or hallway, but it won't go through into the other rooms. The light will blind and disorient an intruder while allowing you to identify your target.

My shotgun is a little hard to carry though, so I do have pistols for the road.

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