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Are they Intelligent or conniving?....

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:05 PM
Where i live if you try to speak out people automatically say conspiracy.

So you cannot get the truth out the public. If you try to speak the truth they go oh what baloney and then say its conspiracy. Why? because they did not research themselves they listen to those intelligent, those who they trust in to tell them stop listening to conspiracies because what they learnt in Uni is the truth. People dont want fear to follow them and dont want to know that evil or bad things go on in this world because its only natural to want to feel safe. But you always need to be prepared of anything. Just like if some thing creeps up on you its too late. But you would have wanted to be warned first would you not?

I also noticed that if a conspiracy plan was to go forward and was at the brink of happening it does not happen and so whoever plans it changes their direction gets people to trust in them again and dont go with their plans.

They will have to change their plans whilst enough people know and they know that but still keep the trust of the public. Be wise as these people who are able to convince you that these plans carried out is not true are those intelligent enough to change your mind. Be on the ball and weary of this. You need the facts but if you dont have the advertising and professionality behind you then you are doomed and even worse if you were a professional in the field we all know that person is called out to be a loon, sacked or liar.

Trust your instincts, get to know your gut feelings and research everything. The longer you study both sides of the argument the more the truth starts coming forward as you learn the tactics of how they convince the public of a lie.

I also believe that conspiracy theories are started by those who want to make it into a lie. To supress even more truth and make it hard to get out. Which has already been done well for so long. But it can only catch up quicker with karma.

Always study both sides to an argument even though you already formed your opinion so that you can call out any thing you suspect to be a lie and then you will really know who may be telling the truth. Write down the pros and cons for eg. this is unbelievable or do i not want to believe it because i fear it and dont want to know etc etc.... You will start to see a pattern of how your mind can be played on and changed simply by listening to an expert who can convince you that his crap is green.

Correlate, see the patterns and form decisions. Learn the tactics they use as you will catch on eventually. One great tactic is that they make you their friend. What a great way to trust them is to be their friend. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.

See above i was not careful with my wording. So be careful what you say as what you say can be used against you and benefit them. The
h i did not think of that" scenario and they use your tactic. The keep your enemies close tactic is an old one and always used. "The book art of war" is a gravely used tactic.

The truth shall set you free..........

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