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A few proposals

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 08:25 PM
Here are a few quick notes, off the top of my head, about what should be happening in the near future. I think anybody who is awake and has eyes can see how reasonable most of them are. This can ease some fears and calm some nerves.

1) People who don't have kids in public schools should not have to pay taxes to support those schools. This is blindingly obvious and only fair. Why should the childless or those whose children attend private schools (I have never been to a public school in my life) be forced to pay for the public schools that are, I'm led to believe, nothing to write home about? It's a matter of fairness.

2) Complete abolition of entitlement programs. Some of these (care for the aged, etc) will be brought back slowly to help bring the people back in line, but at first our best bet is to totally wipe freeloaders (medicare, medicaid, other forms of welfare) off the books. There will be some people hurt by this but again, it's a matter of fairness and after that government assistance can be used more effectively in a carrot and stick approach to getting people to do what is best for themselves.

3)Rescind the ban on "cruel and unusual torture". Any successful Empire must have the right to punish its criminals of all types in any way it sees fit. G.W. Bush took strides in this direction, we only need to go a little further.

4)Family size should be based on income. There will be a sliding scale in place, eventually, to determine how many kids a family can have based on income. Any family having more than the prescribed number of kids will suffer massive, crippling, tax penalties. Yes, I know the effect of this will be to make bad situations worse, and that's the point. People must be made an example of in order that some ideas be inscribed on the hearts of the nation.

When people talk about the "coming changes", these are the kinds of things they are talking about. I just want to make it clear that everything is going to be reasonable. Demystifying the process is the first step toward actualizing it.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 08:45 PM
Welcome to the united socialist republic if things go your way.

While I do agree with some minor points, too much too soon.

#1 It's becoming illegal to home school kids. I think CA just passed that ridiculous law. Also the country as a whole should have a say in the education of their children, as well as share in the responsibility. If we ended our ridiculous foreign policy, we would have enough Monies for education 10 time over.

#2 What you pay into entitlement programs, is what you should be entitled to. No one else gets a piece. Also that's what insurance should be for. In case you can no longer function, you have Ins. to back you up.
No entitlements for illegals.

#3 The punishment should fit the crime. Leave it to the victim's family to decide the fate of the convicted. The vistim was punished in a cruel
and unusual way, Why should we care about the filth that did it?

#4 NO NO NO..

This harkens back to the entitlements. More than enough kids, no more payday. Unless for unusual circumstances.

#5 Just for fun, Let's worry about our Country for once and not everyone else.

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by manganesejolt

As for taxes for schools? I can't help but laugh at this one. I am a few decades out of school, and my parents griped about this one after all of their kids were out of any type of school system. I mean we are talking since the 1970's. What makes you think this one will acutally come to fruition now?

Should everyone who isn't on an entitlement program stock up on guns now? How do you figure there will only be a few people hurt by this? Have you ever been really hungry and desperate to feed yourself or your family?

Hmmm, should all the hungry people who aren't on entitlement programs be subjected to having their hands cut off for stealing a loaf of bread? Would that be torture enough for you?

Family size based on income should be common sense to people in the position of being able to have children, but accidents and other circumstances do happen. So, with that being said, are you suggesting a poor person who might not be able to afford birth control, because they have been cut off from an entitlement program, who has been raped, and then beome pregnant suffer massive, crippling taxes, and be made an example of, because they became pregnant due to rape, but don't believe in abortion?

What planet do you live on where your suggestions are even remotely reasonable?

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by manganesejolt

Not all of it sounds that bad. What about triplets, being born to to a family that is only allowed one child. Tax them for something they couldn't help. agreed on welfare 100%

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 09:33 AM
Well the people in power screw up the first time... why not let them have another go? Those ignorant %#$@s that sit in their towers. Look at how stupid and ignorant our leaders look. To allow those who are rich and pitifully apathetic to breed is a desgin which is prevelant in soceity today and begets failure. Its always been a stereotype givin to hillbillys that they are inbred, but for those in power it is a reality. Their ideas have brought forth putrid fruit and now they hope to cover it in vomit.

Education is key to solving ALL of our problems. The structure of our society as we know it RELYS on the weak to be slaves to build and maintain the world of the wealthy. This is an inherent FLAW. The future of societys lay in zero-point or plasma generators. If energy was cheap and plentifull the world of the rich would cumble apart... and the only things they hold dear(money and power) will evaporate.

To base your economy off of Manipulating or deciving a customer is disgusting and will bring much wrath.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:05 PM
Well...I don't think I agree on any of these "changes".

1) You admit already that the public school system is "nothing to write home about"...and we also know that funding for public schools is pretty tight as it is. So your solution to better the school system is to further cut it's funding??? I'm glad you were able to go to a private school...unfortunately the majority of people in this country go to public school. So the best thing we can do for this country is to try to improve the public school system. And if you or your parents want a better country for your kids and their grandkids then they wouldn't complain about funding the public school system for the improvement of the general publics education.

2) Again this comes down to how nice of a country you want to live in. If you are fine with living in a country where "poor" areas will turn into slums and "middle class" areas will turn into "poor" areas...then this would make sense. Show me one country anywhere, with entitlement programs or not, that has no lower class...I bet you can't. So we have two those in the lower class as much as we can to have an overall better country. OR not help them at all and watch our middle class crumble.

3) Torture is not a way of punishing is using brutal painful techniques on an unconvicted person to extract information. Would you be ok with them torturing you or your family because you may be "suspected" of having some information??? Maybe from something you write on a internet board that you were joking about? Torture does one thing...creates enemies and destroys our credibility when talking about other countries being humane.

4) There are so many problems with this that it isn't funny. For one...what happens when you have your "limit" of children? Do you get "fixed"...are you on mandatory birth control? I guess freedom of any kind is just out the window huh? And what happens if you are on birth control or your "fix" doesn't work (it does happen) and you get pregnant while already over your limit??? Do you get a government mandated abortion...or do you just suffer the massive tax penalty for something that was out of your control??? If you would make an exception in this case...then everyone could just claim that "oops, I guess the birth control failed"...and your plan is done for. So you either punish for honest "mistakes" and honest failure of birth control...or your plan can't work.

The problem here is that it seems that you live in a world where non of these "changes" would apply to you. It is easy to suggest such changes when they would only effect those that, I would assume, you see as beneath you. And I can't tell if you are for more government or less government...or if it doesn't matter as long as it fits your views. Numbers 1 and 2 seem that you would want less government...however numbers 3 and 4 are giving the government huge power.

I'm sure there are things that every individual thinks would make their own situation better...but you have to think about the country as a whole and not just your own situation.

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