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The ATS Network and Abovetopsecret - Thank You

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 06:25 PM
Hello all,

While looking at this section I notice mostly issues wanting to be dealt with.

So I thought an active thread created by a member(non-mod) should often stay on first page where we pay hommage to ATS.

So let me start off.

I don't completely remember how I got to ATS at first. I remember how I first liked the people whom I respect the most in life/history/politics like the Mahatma Gandhi, MLK Junior, and Congressman Ron Paul. Also I still remember how I came to like my favorite music artists and how I stumbled onto them.

ATS however unfortuntely I do not remember how I first became aware of this site. But i'm sure it was through a google search of some sort. I was initially a soft member only coming here once and a while.
But I often found the board too complicated because of too many sections.
The Board home page can be intimidating.

Then I started getting used to it and then I started liking it even more.
Eventually I started to understand due to the number of threads/topics/members why ATS decided to do this.

So her I am today, i'm somewhat more of an active member now.
I've even, like many, almost got banned a few times. Though I argued alot with mods for what I considered unfair reasons for warning me, I also understand that thought process now too due to many circumstances and posts I saw from other members that could turn ATS into an uncontrollable chaos if not fiercely moderated.

Now, I respect ATS alot and it's members which really makes ATS.
And I think that the mods are doing of fine job and I just want to say WOW at what ATS has become.

What a free speech well-moderated online news/debate web site success story!!! And after all it's greatness Media.ATS gets launched which is also amazing. I'm going to start participating as soon as my desktop gets fixed.(my PSU died, on laptop now).

So congrats to the owners of ATS and I LOVE this place to the ends of my breath.

Thank You for a wonderful well-moderated web site. It would be chaos without you mods and a boring/non-current-event updated life without you ATS.

GO ATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so glad you guys made this site to what it is today.
Thank You


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