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Self Evaluation

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 07:44 AM
Basically I have been looking at my life a little bit more lately mainly the things I believe in and the actions that I take everyday etc. Im the type of person who well I like to think that I would always do what is right or to do what should be done also I like to think I am fair in everyday life well I really do try to be anyway.

Another thing that I have really been l0ooking into lately also is the stuff we get from doctors but im not sure whether I can talk about that really to be honest because of what it is that they give us and what has been going on the past few days on ATS. So the stuff they give us anyway my mum has to have them because of depression and they have basically messed up her life you know totally ruined because of them and I don’t like to think that im the type of person who just sits back and lets stuff happen or I don’t want to be that type of person.

Also the stuff I do in everyday life the stuff you wouldn’t think about like for example your dinner but I’ve just been thinking lately the way that it all happened like the way that what im eating ended up to where it is the suffering that it maybe had to endure to get to where it got. It’s all really getting to me basically everything that w do just seems so wrong I mean look at what you do when you get ill you go straight to the docs for pills when from where I can see nature is the one that we should be going to . It seems as though we have completely turned out backs on nature now aswell and I don’t see why we did oh wait yes I do MONEY!!

It’s all about the pay check when it should be about the patient. Makes me sick it really does now.

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