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China Slams US Report Saying Its Rights Record Has Worsened

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 04:15 AM
News Story:

China’s human rights record deteriorated in some areas in 2008, according to a State Department assessment released just days after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared to downplay human rights as a priority in Washington’s engagement with Beijing.

“The government’s human rights record remained poor and worsened in some areas,” said the department’s annual report on human rights around the world, released on Wednesday.

“The government continued to monitor, harass, detain, arrest, and imprison journalists, writers, activists, and defense lawyers and their families, many of whom were seeking to exercise their rights under the law,” it said.

Also of concern was continuing coercion in China’s population control programs, “in some cases resulting in forced abortion or forced sterilization,” and the detention and forced repatriation of North Koreans who have fled into China.

CNS News
(See Link For Full Article)

This is particularly disturbing when combined with Hillary Clinton's recent State Visit to China and the undeniable fact of China emerging as the "Prime Player" in the world economy.

I think it is of interest here to acknowledge and examine the correlation between the recent attack by our government on individual rights and what is transpiring in China.

Soon here in the United States doctors and Nurses will be forced to perform abortions regardless of their personal moral objections, if President Obama has his way, and with the Dems in control, there is no reason to assume he will not.

How long will it be before China is releasing news articles about the Human Rights Violations in the United States?



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